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List of the top CRM software you can choose from globally, their prices, and advantages

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The primary objective of a business is to make sales, generate income, and remain operational. Therefore, the sales process is not supposed to be herculean. But we all need a little help. A few sales software and tools can make it so easy.

The recruitment agents at all sports teams use data generated by various tools and software to make informed decisions on who to bring into their organizations. This information is derived by software.

Sales software refers to digital tools used by sales professionals to make their work easier. Sales tool categories include customer relationship management (CRM), sales intelligence, sales acceleration, gamification, sales analytics, video conferencing, e-signature, account-based marketing, marketing automation, and customer service software.

What makes a top sales tool?

Not every sales tool or software on the market will work out as you hope. There are a few factors to consider that determine the usability of every tool. The more data you can collect, the better. It results in better reports and analysis, giving you new insights and ways to improve your sales team's efficiency.

1. Conversion rate

At the start of this writing, we mentioned something like sales keeps you in business. The ability of a tool to convert prospect data into sales

The conversion rate is the percentage of prospects you end up turning into sales, which can help you determine many things about your sales process, from whether you should be spending more time on lead management to whether you need to focus on your team’s sales pitch.

2. Sales by lead source

The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, states that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event. In business, the 80-20 rule goal is to identify the most productive inputs and prioritize them potentially.

The aim is to identify those prospects driving the most of your sales and optimize to reap the best benefits.

3. Revenue per sale

A reasonable conversion rate does not necessarily translate to high revenue. However, this metric can help you address the bottlenecks in your sales process responsible for low sales revenue.

Top Sales Software You Need To Use

1. MonkeyPesa

MonkeyPesa is an all-in-one sales, marketing and customer software for fast-growing companies in Africa. It provides all the sales and marketing tools your business needs under one roof. The MonkeyPesa CRM aids businesses in getting prospects, and insights, converting more leads to become customers and managing customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

Monkeypesa pricing starts from $14.99 per user billed monthly. It integrates Email, SMS, social, and push notifications all together under one powerful CRM to ease automation marketing and sales for small and medium enterprises.

The best bit about the platform is that Marketing automation is available even on the smallest package.

The platform is used mostly by businesses in Africa and is one of the dominant players on the African continent. It is ideal for scaling mid-sized fast growing companies.

Advantages of MonkeyPesa
  • All features are available on all packages.

  • Marketing and sales Automation available with all packages.

  • Ideal for small and medium enterprises.

  • Integrates with local African SMS providers, allowing you to send SMS messages to clients in your country, the rest of Africa and the world.

  • Integrates with Africa's local voice call providers. Dial directly from the browser.

  • Flexible integration with several Ecommerce platform providers in Africa and beyond.

  • It has a native CRM integration that unifies sales, marketing and customer support data in one place.

Other MonkeyPesa Features:
  • Team collaboration

  • Contact management

  • Pipeline management

  • Data security

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resources and payroll

  • Inventory and stores

  • Bulk SMS and emailing

Automate your workflows with Monkeypesa to increase your team's efficiency, reduce the errors in repetitive tasks and boost your team's productivity. MonkeyPesa possesses an email marketing service for SMEs that helps you build an email list. You can use your email marketing service to manage your email list in one place. It will also allow you to create email campaigns and send them to your email list at once.

2. Hubspot

This is a free-up that you would need to connect with your customers while on the go; it’s free, and therefore, it’s affordable; if your company uses HubSpot CRM, then finding an associated app would help you catch updates would be the best. With this, you can still add information and any other updates as you go; you specifically don’t need to have a computer to do it, or in case you traveled, but without a computer, you can still add up the updates to a company platform using your phone, and this is quite flexible to any salesperson. You can download the app and get started today while you are on the move.

HubSpot stands out by going beyond sales with its marketing hub, which provides an all-in-one solution to run complete inbound marketing campaigns and improve the leads you provide your sales team. HubSpot CRM has a powerful dashboard that shows sales statistics in real time, keeping your sales team abreast of the status of every lead in the sales pipeline. In addition, you can track deal flow based on performance, so it is clear how the team performs according to their quotas.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the CRM software that is easy to use and aims at aiding salespeople to make sales. It is flexible and offers sales-related add-ons like; Leadbooster, which offers chatbots, forms, and prospecting capabilities. Furthermore, it offers live chats, essential in connecting with customers, while web visitors give real-time data about organizations/businesses or companies which visit your website. This allows you to know which pages were visited and notifies you about those specific people visiting your page more than once and those that you already have in the database. The price ranges from $12.50 a month.

Pipedrive also offers a unique sales reporting dashboard that breaks down key performance indicators. It allows you to spot your top performers quickly and which sales team members need to up their game. The general features of Pipedrive include; monitoring communication through calls and emails, scheduling meetings, saving time, activity reminders like open API and webhooks, and features offering security reports and insights. In addition, Pipedrive easily integrates with other tools, for example, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

4. Insightly

This was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, a unique and well-suited small, large and medium business enterprise. Insightly covers almost all industries likeand and manufacturing, consulting, professional services, media, and advertising, nonprofit companies, and technology companies as well.;

  • workflow automation

  • 3rd party integration

  • reporting

  • project management

  • marketing, sales, and integrations thus helping you follow up with your customers and also strengthening relationships.

Their pricing plans are for $29 per month, professional is for $49, enterprise goes for $99; however, there is a free version for trial.

5. Bitrix24

One CRM manages its timeline and pipeline activities in kanban view, perfect for small, medium, and large businesses. The cloud-based sales management software offers complimentary sales, promotion, and customer management tools, from being a lead to closing a deal. Its best productivity is buried in lead management, sales performance and tracking, pipeline management. Bitrix24 has several features: invoices, telemarketing, sales automation, free documentary management, inbound and outbound calls, automated email marketing, and communication history reservation. This software has an aversion for Android devices, and therefore you can have it on your phone.

For the first 12 users, Bitrix24 is free of charge; however, it also has payable packages for example; starting is for $19 a month, CRM+ is for $55 a month, project +is for $55 a month as well while the business plan has two unique packages that are standard goes for $79 a month. Finally, professional goes for $159 a month.

6. Freshworks

All your prospects/leads’ information is reserved in one central place to accelerate the rate of performance and the sales process by following up on conversations, demographic information attachments, tasks, and appointments; only fresh sales do that for you entirely. This is all done in a bid to restore your teams’ work and make it simpler, enable communication with prospects, check out and chat with leads, understand customer behavior, close deals.

Freshworks has collated all functions of legacy CRM systems but found its own way to optimize sales and prioritize pipeline opportunities. That’s how Freshsales came to have all important sales performance capabilities and is used worldwide, particularly by active Freshdesk users.

7. Agile CRM

Agile CRM closely tracks customer support metrics such as tickets closed and the average time to resolve issues, and you can configure the sales dashboard to show important metrics.

You can use this data to create a strategy to improve response times, increasing customer satisfaction and retention. This can lead to upselling opportunities and even new customers.

Agile CRM's contact management feature puts all of your contacts in one place, and all actionable data is updated in real time so you can see where you stand with all your potential clients at any time.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign caters to all businesses with mega automation that integrates email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text. Over 70% of ActiveCampaign's customers use its 300+ integrations, including Shopify, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce. Pricing starts at $49 a month.

Why should you use ActiveCampaign?

  • Customizes sends based on parameters.

  • Automates individualized experiences across all your customer touchpoints

  • Uses customer lifecycle to choose content, send time and delivery channel for each customer.

  • Keeps track of client's interests and behavior

  • Creates customized campaigns with minimal effort

ActiveCampaign Prices: Get started at just $49 per month for the Plus plan (unlocks CRM features, advanced integrations), $129 per month for Pro, and $229 per month for Enterprise Plan.

ActiveCampaign effortlessly combines and integrates with other software, applications and tools. These include; Microsoft, Shopify, Facebook, Salesforce and more. ActiveCampaign provides a perfect customer service experience that surpasses the traditional touchpoints, for instance, emails. Instead, the service software offers a personalized, high-touch experience for businesses.

ActiveCampaign eliminates silos between data sources, communication channels and teams. This aids businesses in scaling their customer relationships via connected experiences that span the customer lifecycle. In addition, ActiveCampaigns’ customized expertise helps companies to computerize a truly personalized experience that is real so that clients can widen their relationships.

ActiveCampaign features include;

  • unlimited sending

  • sending newsletters

  • subscription forms

  • marketing automation

  • landing pages

  • Facebook custom audiences

  • lead and contact scoring

  • conversation

  • attribution reporting

  • predictive content with machine learning

  • custom domain

  • dedicated account rep and more.

9. Freshsales

This software is run by Freshworks and is best meant for small, medium and large enterprise businesses. Freshsales has inbuilt tools you need to manage your business, for instance, in-built phone and email, dashboards, customizable visual reports, visual deal pipelines, intelligent workflow automation, and artificial intelligence based on lead scoring. Some of the features of Freshsales include; sales sequences, integrations, territory management, deal management and many others.

Freshsales puts all your prospects/leads’ information in one central place to accelerate performance and sales by following up on conversations, demographic information attachments, tasks, and appointments. In addition, Freshworks employs AI automation to boost teamwork, enable communication, chat with leads, know your customers’ behavior and close deals.

Freshsales integrates with; Pure360, LeadsBridge, MSB, Docs, 3CX, Microsoft dynamics 365, Hubspot CRM, Mailchimp, Freshdesk and many more.

Their billing rates are; growth is for $15 per user per month, pro goes for $39 for each user per month, while enterprise goes for $69 for each user per month, but there is also a free version for trial.

It would help if you boosted your email marketing campaigns to improve your revenue through marketing and sales. In addition, email marketing promotes customer service, which enhances retention. This comes along with continuous support.

Fresh sales email marketing software improves a company's revenue through context-driven sales. The tools help you manage customer relationships better. In addition, the email marketing software allows customization of client engagements which eases the sales cycle and promotes the growth of the business.

Freshsales include; sales sequences, integrations, territory management, deal management, bulk emails, formula fields, mobile app, email integration, sales analytics, sales sequences, workflow automation, sales activity management, multiple sales pipeline, and web forms.

The software gives you a complete view of customers' interactions to deliver a personalized experience. This lets you close deals faster with a 360-degree view of your customers. In addition, the software promotes efficiency by aligning the sales process since most time-consuming activities are automated and more time is spent on selling.

Freshsales, email marketing software, reduces business costs due to automation, boosts adoption, is more straightforward to use, is easy to implement, and boosts employee morale to deliver.

Freshsales gathers all the essential customer information and details under a single depository to make it accessible. In addition, Freshsales email marketing software uses AI automation to boost teamwork, enable communication, chat with leads, understand customers’ behavior and close deals. tool is suitable software for email marketing automation. With, it's easy to create flows that trigger at different times of the day/week or whenever a user performs a particular action.

With access to your real-time behavioral data, create personalized and relevant messages that engage and retain your customers. Send an email, push notifications, text messages, and more through an intuitive and powerful visual building experience. Built for scale, is used by over 4,100 companies, sending over 8 billion messages annually. It is made for developers. Integrate their API to your application to deliver SMS (to the USA and Europe) and email. The basic package starts at $150 per user monthly.

11. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a full-featured email marketing solution with capabilities such as social media integration, drag-and-drop editing, and real-time reporting. It is a bulk email tool designed for SMB customers. While it is most widely known for its email marketing capabilities, it also provides services for website management, such as a website builder, ecommerce tools, and logo design assistance.

Key Email Marketing Features

  • Email templates

  • Marketing Automation

  • Facebook & Instagram ads

  • Google ads

  • Ecommerce integrations

  • Email campaign ideas


  • Great feature set for event-based email marketing

  • Easy to use drag and drop email builder

  • Extensive template library with premade email forms and designs

  • Consistently among the highest email deliverability rates that we’ve tested

Constant Contact Prices: Constant Contact offers an essential service starting at 20/month for up to 500 contacts (and then scaling up) OR their new Email Plus option, which starts at $45/month for up to 5oo contacts (then scaling up).

12. Streak CRM

This is inbuilt G-mail software that helps you manage your clients from Gmail, hence helping your pipeline keep moving.

Streak turns Gmail into a CRM powerhouse. Additionally, Streak CRM accepts integrations and sharing of contacts to files with a single click like; G suite, Zapier and API. Furthermore, streak allows handling deals, supporting queues and setting up task reminders using Google Calendar.

Streak CRM features include;

  • Sales

  • Business development

  • Real estate

  • Support

  • Project management

  • Fundraising

  • Hiring and customization to unique needs

About pricing; there is a free version for the trial, and other packages include; basic for $500, which is unlimited in terms of time, solo for $15 per user per month, pro for $49 for each user per month and enterprise goes for $129 for each user per month.

13. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a customer service software commonly known as “the gold standard for great customer relationships.” The software helps businesses get prospects, follow up with customers, generate more sales, increase profits and earn more revenue. This is the sole aim for the majority of businesses.

Zoho customer service software collects information regarding sales, marketing, and customer service activities and centralizes it in one place, which helps to align business activities. Furthermore, the software captures and records critical customer information, which may be helpful while doing a follow-up or for any other engagement reasons.

Zoho customer service software can be personalized to meet the demands of every business irrespective of the nature and the size of the company. Both startups and large companies use Zoho CRM. The software caters to all modern industries, including; real estate, healthcare, insurance, media, legal, restaurants, banking, travel, tax, freelancers, profit and non-profit companies.

Zoho service software features include;

  • lead management

  • deal management

  • contact management,

  • workflow automation, and more.

The software integrates with other applications and tools like; Evernote, MailChimp, Google Apps, Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.

Zoho service software pricing: Zoho has a free version that lasts for the first 15 days, but paid packages go for; a standard package is for $12 a month, Zoho Begin is for $7, professional goes for $20 a month, enterprise goes for $35, Zoho ultimate goes for $45 while the unlimited edition goes for $100 every month.

Benefits of Zoho customer service software:
  • Its products and functions are easy to use

  • Suitable for sales organizations, primarily those with a complicated B2C sales cycle.

  • Refunds customers who are not satisfied with their services

14. Sage CRM

Over the years, Sage has gained trust, and so far, over 15,000 companies worldwide are trusting sage as one of their stand-alone business solutions. Sage CRM helps businesses improve productivity and visibility, aiding businesses to make informed decisions.

Sage CRM is a cloud-based CRM that gives flexibility to teams to work from anywhere, which improves performance and productivity. Additionally, Sage CRM gathers all the customer data into a single platform; this makes monitoring easy and turns a business into a customer-centric company.

Sage CRM supports several industries, and these include;

  • Financial industries

  • Hospitality and hotel management

  • Agriculture

  • Maintenance and field service

  • Manufacturing, retail and distribution

SAGE CRM features are categorized into sales, marketing, usability and customer service, these include;

  • Email and SMS communications

  • Lead, opportunity and close tracking

  • Customizable workflow

  • Insight and trend-tracking with charts, dashboards and reports

  • Campaign progress and result reports

  • Automated case logging

  • Escalation of cases

  • Customer self-service

  • Document library

  • Easy to use and adaptable

15. Engagebay

EngageBay CRM, at a glance, is a rich software that can combine a sophisticated CRM/contact management system alongside email and newsletters. As a result, it enables you to manage your customer relationships better.

It is equipped with Marketing, Sales, and Service automation features to scale your business. The exhaustive list of features allows you to capture leads, nurture and engage with them, convert them to happy customers and provide a superior customer experience using the unified platform.

One of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use sales and email marketing automation Software is EngageBay. Engagebay sales and email marketing software is an integrated sales, marketing and customer service software that provides solutions for small and medium businesses.

Engagebay sales and email marketing software easily integrates with other tools and applications such as; office 365, WordPress, Google calendars and contacts and many others. In addition, Engagebay has exclusive features: landing pages, marketing automation, contact management software, sales CRM, and email marketing.

Engagebay sales and email marketing software mainly have three stacks that can support your business to grow: marketing, sales, and service. In addition, Engagebay marketing software has features like; form builders, automation, scheduling and landing pages, all of which support the growth of your business.

Engagebay email marketing software's outstanding features include; canned responses, support groups and auto-responders. These help to solve ticket issues in a friendly way that comforts a customer. The service bay has a live chat feature that allows business managers or sales reps to communicate with customers in real time.

The sales email marketing software has features and tools that allow third-party integration to make up appointments with clients, which gives you a holistic view of sales progress through visual charts and metrics from Engagebay’s dashboard. In addition, Engagebay's email marketing software is fit for small businesses since it has a free trial. The free trial version has features that help build landing pages, and also it makes it easy to track and analyze results.

Engagebay sales and email marketing software have a free trial version; however, other pricing packages range from$8.99 per month. Engagebay is recommended for small businesses and startups wanting a lasting solution to address marketing, sales and customer service support.

16. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is marketing automation software that tracks and monitors customer service, commerce, service, IT, sales and marketing activities in a business or company, helping teams work from anywhere and keep in touch with customers.

Salesforce helps to engage with customers anywhere, sell smarter, offer good customer service, and allow teams to work from anywhere. Salesforce believes that in bringing people together, there is power, and so they help build bridges between companies and customers. Salesforce values trust, innovation, and equality.

Salesforce sales cloud is a popular CRM solution for insurance companies. It offers a full package of sales, marketing and customer service, and these are some of the critical things treasured and most needed by insurance companies.

Salesforce prioritizes businesses of all forms and sizes with editions for small and medium businesses and offers products such as a robust set of CRM tools and resources.

Salesforce aids in making follow-ups and monitoring customer service, commerce, service, IT, sales and marketing activities in a company and keeps teams intact while collaborating.

Salesforce engages clients, offers good customer service, and allows mobile work. Salesforce has built its client relationship based on trust, innovation, and equality. Salesforce offers its services to a range of industries, for example, manufacturing, engineering, health care, education, and construction.

The features of salesforce include;

  • Reports and dashboards

  • Pipeline and forecast management

  • Mobile features

  • Process automation

  • Opportunity management

  • Account and contact management

  • Lead management

Salesforce Pricing
  • There is a free trial version for 30 days with a few features

  • Small business's CRM of about ten users are charged $25 for each user per month

  • Complete CRM for any team size goes for $75 for each user per month

  • A profoundly customizable sales CRM goes for $150 for each user per month

  • Unlimited CRM power and support package goes for $300 per user per month

17. Dynamics 365

Suitable for business intelligence, Microsoft dynamics offers software as a service (SaaS) for sales, marketing, and service functionality. Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an alternative to EngageBay can help you win more deals by building strong relationships between you and your customers.

This can increase productivity due to increased customer support, thus more revenue coming in. Microsoft has worked for several companies in a good number of enterprises, for example; those in the manufacturing industry, the financial industry, retail businesses, in health care, automotive, government entities and many more. Dynamics 365 include; customer data platform, sales, service, marketing, commerce, supply chain, human resource services, finance, project management, and many more.

It gives a free trial lasting for 30 days, and thereafter, you have to start paying for their monthly or yearly packages. Microsoft offers many features, and the only limitation could be money; the free trial has a few features, but paid versions have many features; some of its features include; customer insights, web API enhancements, activity sorting control, editable grids, and editable grids and so many other features.

To take a deeper look at their pricing, customer insights range from $1,000 to 1,500 per month. Customer's voice goes for $200 monthly; sales professionals range from $20 to $65; sales enterprises plan ranges from $20 to $95 per month, sales premium goes for $135, while Microsoft relationship sales plan goes for $162.

18. SharpSpring

This is the best marketing automation software good for lead nurturing, generation, contact and sales organization, and analytics. In addition, SharpSpring gives shopping cart combinations for ecommerce companies like Shopify or Magento, thus a chance to tailor content based on the particular interests of a buyer. Of course, this takes place with the help of dynamic emails and landing pages.

SharpSpring allows integration with Google Adwords and salesforce while API and Zapier combination supports clients in connecting with other available solutions. Their prices range from $400 to $800 monthly with a package that starts at $550 monthly, and you expect unlimited support, unlimited users, and many other features. A package of $850,000 monthly serves 10,000 contacts while $1,250 monthly goes for 20,000 contacts. SharpSpring uniquely offers packages for Enterprise companies and marketing agencies.

Sharpspring is an easy choice for the EngageBay alternative because; it is cheap. In addition, they offer a month-to-month contract, which gives more elasticity, has packages for both enterprises and marketing agencies, is easy to use, and has good CRM functionality.

19. Getresponse

This has a good number of years in serving businesses, and, interestingly, most of them have been able to flourish, and that is what Getresponse does for your business. It aids you in getting started with email automation and offers tons of templates. In addition, it has landing pages to help get in touch with customers as well as funnels to do the nurturing and marketing. Getresponse can combine with the already used online tools like WordPress, PayPal, and WooCommerce and has a wide variety of marketing analytics and reporting features.

Why would we recommend Getresponse?

· Wide range of marketing and automation tools

· Good lead nurturing

· Eye-catching landing pages

· Combining with the leading apps

· Good and favorable for all kinds of companies

Getresponse prices are affordable, starting from $15 monthly, depending on your business needs. If your business needs are many, for example, wanting to reach out to 3000 customers, you will be required to have around $45 monthly; essential needs go for $69 monthly. Professional goes for $139 monthly, while advanced needs, inclusive of enterprise campaigns, go for $1199 monthly. Thus, Getresponse is price/pocket friendly and favors those with a small pocket but with several customers' needs and can help you find many more email marketing solutions, automation options, sales funnel, and landing pages.


This works for all business types and handles all work concepts, including; marketing campaigns, CRMs, sales pipelines, and project tracking. This handles all its information in a single central platform, and this is what highly effective teams use to get their work on board; so far, over 100,000 teams accomplish their work with because it makes it easy to plan, track and deliver work in time and on the spot and this is what makes unique from the rest of CRM software. Setting it up takes place so fast and can easily integrate with other tools, and they offer full-time customer support. offers a free trial for starters with unlimited boards and workflows; however, they have packages to pay for example; basic goes for $8 per seat, the standard goes for $10 per seat, pro goes for 416 per seat, and there is also an enterprise package that is billed yearly.

21. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one customer service platform that combines both sales, marketing and customer service activities under one central location. Mailchimp customer service software promotes the growth of small and upcoming business enterprises through adverts and intelligent marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp has easy tools to use and strengthens customer relationships with the business through full-time messaging. Mailchimp is customer-centric software. Thus, most of the attention is directed toward customers. The most valuable asset for any business is the customers. Therefore, they have to be given firsthand consideration.

Mailchimp customer service software allows users and subscribers to sell online, send marketing emails, and automated messages, construct ad campaigns, send postcards, aid reporting and analytics, and create landing pages. Mailchimp prices range from $9.99 monthly, but there is a free trial version.

Features of Mailchimps include;

  • Customizable Templates,

  • Drag & Drop, form Builders,

  • Real-Time editing,

  • Responsiveness and analytics

  • Tracking and reporting

  • Contact management

  • Social media monitoring

  • Live chat

  • Automation

  • Landing pages and email design tools

Mailchimp has many features, categorized according to functions performed, such as; email tracking, marketing automation, retargeting, small business CRM, social media management and social media marketing.

22. Sendinblue

From France, Sendinblue is a marketing-first CRM software. The company thrives on automation as its core advantage:

Pricing: $25 - $100 with a custom package for large enterprise users.

Launched in 2012, it has been one of the most powerful tools you can lean on for all your marketing needs.

It comes with SMS marketing tools to autoresponders to aid you in linking up or speaking to new clients and crafting new relationships. In addition, Sendinblue attends to email marketing while nurturing leads and conversions.

Sendinblue has a free version, unlimited contacts, and a free CRM service. Still, a paid version can help you send transactional emails, such as order notifications and invoices, which are unavailable with HubSpot.

Sendinblue prices are as follows; there is a lite version of Sendinblue that costs $25 monthly and comes with the ability to send out 100,000 emails daily while premium costs $65 monthly with more exciting features like 1 million emails, marketing automation, and very many other packages depending on what your business needs are.

Here is what makes Sendinblue a strong contender:

  • Good customer support and marketing holdup

  • A good range of emails and SMS

  • A/B testing functionality

  • Landing page support

  • Equal partition of functions

23. Keap

Designed to address problems small businesses face, such as sales and marketing, It combines marketing automation, e-commerce, CRM and contacts management under one central system. To help entrepreneurs develop, Keep offers the right technology with the right tools for your small business to flourish in marketing.

Features of Keap

  • Email marketing

  • B2b capabilities

  • Invoices

  • Appointments

  • Mobile apps

  • Reminders and reports

  • Landing pages

  • Sales pipelines

  • Analytics

  • Lead scoring

Prices for Keap

  • There is a free version for trial, but there are also paid packages;

  • Lite goes for $56,

  • Pro goes for $105 and

  • Max goes for $140; all the first purchase packages you make expire after three months from the first payment date.

24. Insightly

This was founded in 2009 in San Francisco; it’s a unique and well-suited small, large and medium business enterprise. Insightly covers almost all industries, for example; manufacturing, consulting, professional services, media, and advertising, nonprofit companies, and technology companies as well; it has several features, for example; workflow automation, 3rd party integration, reporting, and project management, marketing, sales, and integrations thus helping you follow up with your customers and also strengthening relationships.

Their pricing plans are $29 per month; a professional is for $49, enterprise goes for $99; however, there is a free version for trial.

25. Aweber

Aweber was founded in 1998 and is a provider of small business email marketing and landing page solutions. AWeber aims to deliver the ability to load and manage contacts quickly, send unique emails, build landing pages, send instant web push notifications, and analyze results without having to be a tech whiz. AWeber works with more than 1,000 partner software solutions, allowing customers to integrate with the apps and services they rely on. A privately-held company, AWeber is a remote-first team.


  • Integrates with many third-party platforms, including the leading ecommerce tools

  • Many prebuilt campaigns for straightforward start marketing campaigns

  • 800+ templates to choose from (no need to custom design any emails from scratch)

  • Easy double opt-in functionality for new email list signups


  • Not great for moving lists (to or from), so ensure you scope this out before signing up

  • Unsubscribers can still be counted against your monthly subscription allotment.

  • Not the market leader (but a close follower now) when it comes to automation

Aweber Prices: Basic plan starts at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers, then $29/month for up to 2,500 subscribers, $49/month for up to 5,000 subs, $69/month for up to 10,000 subs, and finally $149/month for up to 25,000 subs. More extensive lists can get a custom quote from Aweber.

Aweber features;

  • AB testing

  • API

  • Activity dashboard

  • Activity tracking

  • Notifications

  • ROI tracking

  • auto-responders

  • automated scheduling

  • CAN-SPAM Compliance

  • CRM

  • customizable forms

  • customizable fields

  • customizable CTAs

  • customizable branding

  • customer surveys

  • customer segmentation

  • content management

  • contact management

  • Click tracking

  • campaign segmentation

  • campaign scheduling

  • campaign management

  • campaign analytics and more.

26. MailerLite

MailerLite is an email marketing software designed to help people of all skill levels create professional and personalized marketing campaigns independently.

It is the affordable, easier-to-use twin of Sendinblue.

It was designed to help users connect with audiences and grow business using tools like automation, website builder, landing pages, templates, surveys, and an always-growing list of integrations, including WordPress, Zapier, Magento, Shopify, Stripe, and more.

MailerLite offers 24/7 customer support and a forever free account that includes a 14-day trial of premium features.


  • Click maps and heatmap tracking for email reads

  • Fully functional free version (similar to Sendinblue)

  • Among the top tier in terms of email deliverability rates


  • MailerLite pays a LOT of attention to low delivery rates and reserves the right to suspend your account if it falls too low.

MailerLite Prices: Free version basic up to 1,ooo subscribers, $10/month for up to 1000 (fully featured), $15/month up to 2,500 subscribers, $30/month up to 5,000 subs, $50/month up to 10,000 subs.

27. Ontraport

Ontraport is a trouble-free email marketing software and CRM solution that allows you to track emails and craft drip campaigns. Ontraport allows you to create automated funnels, thus making it easy to get a holistic insight into your efforts. Ontraport puts the data you want about leads and clients in one central place and offers many landing pages to choose from. Ontraport offers a great range of prices ranging from a basic package that goes for $79, plus plan goes for $179; the pro plan goes for $279, while enterprise and marketing agencies packages go for $497 all monthly.

Here's why we recommend Ontraport:

· Offers all-in-one email marketing and CRM

· Good support toward customer

· Accuracy in regards to reporting for campaign performance

· Highly scalable CRM

· Congregation of ecommerce enhancement features

28. Drip

Having been launched 10 years ago, it has been effective in the world of marketing and sales; it is one of the most excellent email marketing software and offers the best solutions to those companies that sell online courses and webinars. Drip offers friendly onboarding, a flexible and friendly environment for users, with everything well-designed. You can choose to connect with your audience in any way you want, for example, the use of abandoned cart options, push notifications, and many others.

Drip has a free trial version that lasts for a fortnight for SMS marketing and detailed e-mail analytics. Prices depend on the contacts you have to reach out too for example; if you want to reach out to about 500 contacts for unlimited e-mails, you can pay $19 monthly; this is quite cheap and friendly.

Why do we recommend Drip CRM?
  • It's cheap and thus affordable for small businesses

  • Friendly environment, thus making it easy to use

  • There is a free trial version that lasts for a fortnight

  • Demonstrates routine CTAs to website guests

29. Solastis CRM

Small, medium and enterprises have adopted Solastis CRM. This is because Solastis is the only perfect solution for entrepreneurial businesses. Solastis helps business employees to find more time to engage in more productive and revenue-generating work.

Additionally, it is digital and cloud-based software that stores all the information in a single database that can be accessed by any employee virtually using mobile devices and also uses simple visual pipelines to track all stages of your work process.

Solastis is one of the most trusted CRM solutions in South Africa. The most outstanding feature about Solastis is that it answers customer queries in real-time and has an integrated email system. Additionally, it sets clear goals with an aligned central system and handles long processes easily with a sequential pipeline.

Other features include;

  • Assignment rules

  • CRM tasks

  • CRM analytics

  • Ticketing system

  • Email integration

  • CRM security

  • CRM reports

  • Email integration and authorization.

30. BluWave software

BluWave is a cloud-based CRM that is friendly to use, contemptible and quicker. Additionally, BluWave helps generate profits for the business fast since it reduces administrative work and gives more time to employees to focus on company activities that can bring more sales and revenue.

BluWave CRM software has amazing features, and include;

  • Opportunity tracking

  • Complete customer connectivity

  • Accounting integration

  • Jobs and ticketing

  • Faster and easier sales

  • Workflow automated selling

  • New Bluewave BI

  • Sage one integration

Bluwave serves several industries, for example;
  • Automotive accessories

  • Automotive services

  • Capital equipment

  • Construction equipment, distribution and business chambers

  • Engineering companies

  • Human resource services

  • IT and telecoms

  • Process control management and publishing

Why BluWave CRM is recommendable software;
  • Allows payment flexibility

  • Absolute CRM

  • Valuable and affordable

  • Provides payment plan options, and it’s a proven software currently with over 1850 clients.

31. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is a Vector Digital Vector Kenya product focused on offering CRM solutions to many companies for many years.

Vtiger helps companies customize client experiences with the business, thus building long-lasting relationships with the industry. Vtiger allows companies to achieve continued support, repeat purchases, and referrals from satisfied customers.

Vector CRM Kenya analyses business goals and needs to help you select the right CRM solution that can best fit your business needs. Several companies using vector Kenya have achieved their business goals due to the benefits of the CRM solution.

These benefits include;

  • A flexible CRM that can help to boost the growth of your business

  • CRM reduces costs, increases the quality of data and enhances cooperation between functions

  • A single and centralized database platform

  • Manages from the business's marketing and sales departments, which helps to make guided decisions.

  • Overflow of leads

  • Measures customers and their loyalty

  • Great customer retention rate

  • Maintains customer loyalty

  • Automates sales

Other services offered by Vector Kenya include;

  • ERP solutions

  • ERP software

  • Odoo ERP solutions

  • Odoo ERP CRM

  • Vtiger CRM customization

  • Vtiger CRM customization

  • Vtiger CRM integration

  • Computer telephony integrations

  • CRM phone integrations and others

  • Custom CRM development

  • Web solutions

  • IT services and more.

32. Domains Africa Technologies

This cloud-based software offers both CRM and ERP services to businesses. This software allows one to work from anywhere while controlling all the business processes. DomainsAfrica Technologies is software good for small and medium enterprises and helps them become innovative.

Domains Africa Technologies CRM has many applications that help capture and maintain client data, manage customer conversations, sales automation, control marketing and customer service functions, handle business information access, and manage employee relationships.

DomainsAfrica Technologies CRM collects and centralizes customer information in one platform, hence constructing a customer-centric business across all departments: marketing, sales, customer service, and analysis. This helps you measure the contribution of CRM toward the excellence of your company.

33. MoveCRM

MoveCRM is currently one of the most commonly used CRM in Kenya. Aside from delivering functionality, MoveCRM is free and open, making access by multi-national corporations, NGOs, and small enterprises easy.

MoveCRM focuses on client management, sales and communication. Additionally, MoveCRM supports marketing and sales through customizations, third-party integrations and packages, which result in sales, conversions, sales forecasts, successful marketing campaigns, making informed decisions, consistent communication and better client management.

Services offered by MoveCRM include; customization, training, integrations, migration, and assurance.

These features support services provided by MoveCRM;

  • Contact management

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Mass email campaigns

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Leads and opportunities

  • Document management

  • Workflow automation

  • Quote builder

  • Sales forecasting

  • Twitter integration

  • Payment processing, project management and inventory management.

34. Oracle CRM solution Kenya

Oracle CRM solution aids in directing how customers relate with the business, that is, analyzing, administering, and civilizing customer relationships. Oracle CRM is a cloud solution that follows up on customer journeys from a lead-up to purchase.

Oracle CRM is preferred due to the associated benefits that are;

  • Analyst reports

  • Cloud economics

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Security practices and Gartner MQ for ERP cloud.

Oracle products include; infrastructure, oracle cloud infrastructure, software, hardware and featured products.

Industries served by oracle CRM include; automotive, communications, construction and engineering, consumer goods, education and research, financial services, hospitality, media and entertainment, professional services and more.

Oracle CRM has features to support the products they offer, and some of these features include;

  • Social CRM

  • Customer data integration

  • Price management

  • Self-service and e-billing

  • Quote and order capture

  • CRM gadgets

  • Business intelligence applications and partner relationship management.

Oracle pricing; there is a free trial, but Oracle CRM pricing starts from $75 per month, the standard version goes for $90 for each user per month, the enterprise version goes for $125 for each user per month, and the self-deployed version goes for $110 for each user per month.

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