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MonkeyPesa Academy

Free innovative online courses, webinars & resources to increase your

marketing and sales, customer support and automation skills.

Join the booming community & exclusive content

Why the MonkeyPesa Academy

100+ Resources

Video, PDF, Webinars and software tools available for you to use to learn in one place for your entire team

4550+ Students

Over 4500 happy

corporate students 

Learning everything sales, marketing & support

20,000+ Video Plays

Over 20000 video plays from the launch of the program

Learn in Minutes

Learn in Minutes not days.

Get what you need when you need it. 

Avoid unnecessary clutter

Working at Outdoor Cafe

MonkeyPesa and MonkeyPesa Academy, is there a difference?

The MonkeyPesa Academy and the MonkeyPesa software are two independent platforms. This means that in order to log in to the Academy, you need to create new logins.

Don't have a MonkeyPesa account yet?

You don't need to have one to attend the MonkeyPesa Academy courses. However, we strongly recommend it. This will make it easier to follow our theoretical courses and, above all, our tutorials, created using MonkeyPesa.

What the Academy will cover

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