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Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Have you embraced the use of social media marketing for your business! If not yet, then what are you still waiting for? Social media is currently the thing worldwide for news updates, business information, and all trending around the globe.

According to a report from social media statistics by NICK G, current active social media users are over 3.5 billion, more than 50 million small businesses use Facebook for advertising their products, 90% 0f the marketers say that the businesses have been widely exposed with 75% increased traffic, 71% of the clients recommend brands found on social media to their colleagues, 74% of the clients share videos posted by brands while 80% of the social media marketers have their goal as increasing client engagement across all their social media pages.

The above statistics should secretly communicate how important marketing your products or services is of great importance. If you have started marketing your business on social media, please start today.

Social media marketing refers to social media platforms' exercise to bond with clients to put your product, boost sales, and increase website traffic. Social media marketing involves posting relevant content like live videos, texts, prerecorded videos, images, GIFs, and animations on all your social media engagement platforms, talking to your audience, giving an ear to their complaints, and addressing their concerns.

Currently, marketers are using various social media platforms to advertise their products, and these include; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Currently, Facebook is the most commonly used platform, with over 50 million small businesses advertising their brands on this platform, which gives it a priority over all the other social media platforms.

Different business brands use social media for different purposes; for example, some business brands use social media to get traffic to their websites, to generate sales, to get people’s views about a product and its performance, to get to a target number of audience and engage with them and also to engage with potential consumers of the product or service.

Tips for social media marketing

Create a plan; this involves having a goal and knowing what you want to achieve. Different business brands have different goals and plans; therefore, before you plan your social media marketing journey, make sure you have a plan/goal of what you want to achieve. For example, your goal could be brand awareness, generating more sales, attracting more traffic. Having a goal to achieve helps you to know the kind of audience you should target and where to find them as well as knowing who they are, which social media platforms to use whether to use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn, helps you know what content to post and when for example whether to use videos or images.

Consistency in posting, especially for businessmen or women starting to use social media for marketing the brand's consistency, is a must. Being consistent helps you gain traffic fast and trustworthy, especially if your posts and their information branded on them are the same. The world currently has over 3 billion active users who check their social media platforms averagely for 2 hours and 22 minutes. Guess what? Your luck could land in here if you are prepared enough and seriously wanting to grow your social media business brand. You can share your posts on social media by using manual means, or you can choose to use social media scheduling tools so that your post is uploaded at your most convenient time where most of your audience is engaging with their platforms.

Consistent engagement with your audience, giving your audience time is equally important, especially when these specific people are more engaged with your product; for example, when they are giving feedback performance about your product, commenting about the good or the bad, you should be able to engage with them and reply to them consistently without ignoring anyone’s comment, this not creates engagement but also helps you to know where you need to improve, what to add and what not add thus helping make the best of your delivery. Engagement also helps you to know what people are thinking about your product and where to adjust accordingly.

Monitor your performance, monitoring your performance is vital for your business because it helps you know where you need to improve. Monitoring performance also helps you know whether you are soon reaching your audience's target number and whether they are the right people. You can choose to do it manually or use social media analytic tools like Buffer to achieve this.

Making use of social media Ads, using social media ads is one of the most effective and simplest ways to reach out to more audience in the shortest time possible, social media ads not only reach out to those who you follow or following you but even those that are not following you this creates higher engagement. You may even get likes and followings, thus building your brand. Social media ads can also target your preferred audience that is likely to get more interested in your products or services, thus saving your time and getting the right people.

Benefits of social media marketing

According to a CoSchedule post by Brady Dukart, 97% of marketers are using social media. In comparison, 78% of salespeople outsell their peers by using social media for their business. He further says that the benefits of using social media to market go further beyond increasing sales and making more purchases. Let us tackle the benefits of using social media for marketing one by one.

Promotes brand awareness because you are likely to reach more audiences virtually than physically; social media is the way to go since it helps you get more people visiting your page, finding your posts in the newsfeed, or even through the shared stories. Social media helps you reach a bigger crowd without incurring so many expenses, and this is ideal for anyone who aims at reaching a bigger number of people. Additionally, social media gets your brand close to people and much more easily for as long as your business social media platforms can be accessed through a desktop, laptop, or even a mobile phone. This gives the audience a chance to look at your brand even when they never knew about it or even thinking about it.

To get your brand known to people, you need to build your brand recognition. Your product must be successfully recognized by people, start conversations with your audience about your brand to see what views people hold about your brand and connect with your clients through social listening. This helps you to exactly know what they from your brand, emphasize loyalty to your customers, and finally offer the best customer care to keep your audience excited. They are likely to recommend their friends for your product.

Drives traffic to your website. Using social media helps business brands to reach more people online, thus driving more traffic to your website; getting more traffic involves constant sharing of your product’s posts, engaging with your audience online to address their queries and concerns, thanking them for appreciating your product, this doesn’t only bring permanent traffic but also potential clients who are likely to grow your business to the heights. In addition to the above brings crazy traffic to your website through direct referrals, sharing links on your social media pages, reposting the previous posts such that those who missed previously can be able to catch up as well as adding call to action to your posts.

It helps grow your product brands and services; the more you post your products and services online, the more people get to know about them, like commenting and sharing to their pages, which helps you get more new followers if your brand is preferred. Promoting content about your product is also another powerful way to market your products online; however, your content should be relevant to the product and should be more visual as compared to mere texts because visuals attract more attention than texts; communicate with your clients to know what they love so that if you are to promote a product, it is in line with what your audience wants otherwise it would be a waste of time if you promoted something that is contracted to their wishes and interests thus you won’t enjoy the benefits of social media marketing.

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