Marketing automation software for fast growing companies

Intelligent customer engagement to help you grow meaningful relationships and generate more sales

Launching Sept 2022

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Send exactly what your customers/ leads need to see when they need to see it

Create custom journeys to nurture every lead from the time they are cold up to when they are ready to be converted by the sales team

Trigger the most relevant action to be taken based on how people are interacting with your brand 

Automation Features

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Integrate with several tools you use every day

We are building MonkeyPesa's Automation Hub to play well with the tools you use every day. 

We plan to continuously integrate more tools each quarter as the internet evolves



MonkeyPesa is an all in one software for sales, marketing & customer support. The Automation hub will be available starting Sept 2022 in Beta. In the meantime, you can access a ton of other features intended to grow your business