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Top CRM Software To Grow Your Business

When we talk about CRM, we are purposely talking about relationship building and engagement with your clients or supporters through data management and frequent contacts.

When you are a small business owner, medium enterprise, or even a large enterprise, all you need to manage your customers’ data efficiently is CRM built on cloud or grounds depending on what you want or what you find convenient. For small startups, it is advisable to choose CRM software that is not costly with all features but with the ability to integrate with other tools, simplicity in regards to use, whether it has all the tools that your company many need and many other things to consider but most importantly it should be cheap and easy to use.

Customer relationship management CRM) refers to software that captures contacts and sales information in one central place: calls, emails, chats, website visits, social connections, and campaigns for a company to review and keep in touch with customers. To grow your number of customers that will help you grow your business, you need to nurture them, and of course, this requires you to have the best CRM software that you will need to use, especially when you are doing the nurturing online example emails.

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Today MonkeyPesa is bringing you the top and the best CRM software to grow your business in 2021.

1. Freshsales

Managed/controlled by Freshworks designed to suit the small, medium, and large enterprise businesses regarding managing, marketing, and nurturing their customers. With fresh sales, you don’t have to struggle to employ many tools to manage your business; it has it all for you; inbuilt phone and email, dashboards, customizable visual reports, and visual deal pipelines, intelligent workflow automation, artificial intelligence-based on lead scoring. More features include; sales sequences, integrations, territory management, deal management, and many others.

Their billing rates; growth is for $29, pro goes for $69, while enterprise goes for $125

2. Zoho CRM

The best of the CRMs that are easy to use and employ, it’s cheap thus suitable for all businesses, it has various apps to help you meet your small business meet its demands and offers excellent customer care to its users, offers various training programs to aid you to get started smoothly, they offer consultation services and this key in running a business especially if you have just adopted a new CRM. Zoho has various features, such as sales force automation, lead management, deal management contact management, workflow automation, journey orchestration, process management, sales process builder, processing rules, the review process, and many others.

Here comes their pricing plan; standard goes for $12 a month, professional goes for $20, enterprise goes for $35, and ultimate goes for $45

3. HubSpot CRM

This offers the best CRM solutions to all small businesses, including a free trial version, free training resources, learning guides, invoice templates, email signature generators, and many other solutions at a free cost. Features offered freely are; reporting dashboards, company insights, deal tracking and pipeline management, email tracking and notifications, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and live chat.

Looking at prices, starter goes for $45 a month, professional goes for $800 a month but comes with amazing features. Lastly, enterprise goes for $3200 but comes with very many features and all that your company would probably need.

4. Salesforce

Today we are presenting an all-in-one sales solution with everything suited for your large business enterprises. However, salesforce has an edition for small and medium businesses as well offering them a products robust set of CRM tools and resources at a price that is quite friendly and bearable; it is easy to use and has several features that can be used by small businesses as well however the majority of the features are set for large businesses and enterprises.

While pricing, essential goes for $25 a month, professional goes for $75; enterprise goes for $$150 whereas unlimited goes for $300.

5. Pipedrive

One of the CRM software that is easy to use and aims at aiding salespeople to make sales, it is flexible and offers sales-related add-ons like; Leadbooster, which offers chatbots, forms, and prospecting capabilities and live chats, which are essential in trying to connect with customers while the web visitors gives real-time data about organizations/businesses or companies which visit your website and allows to know which pages were visited and also notifies you about those specific people who are visiting your page for more than one times and those that you already have in the database. Price ranges from $12.50 a month.

6. Bitrix24

This is good and designed to suit those who work remotely to share information, Keeping in contact, collaborating, and having a joint team together as one. You are free to message teammates individually or send a group message or messages for specific departments’ thus easing communication. Besides having the best communication features, Bitrix24 has other features, such as marketing automation, project management, and website designs. It has a free version for unlimited users though it also has very few features but paid package goes for $16.80 a month.

7. Insightly

This was founded in 2009 in San Francisco; it’s a unique and well-suited small, large and medium business enterprise. It covers almost all industries, for example; manufacturing, consulting, professional services, media, and advertising, nonprofit companies, and technology companies as well; it has several features, for example; workflow automation, 3rd party integration, reporting, and project management, marketing, sales, and integrations thus helping you follow up with your customers and also strengthening relationships.

Here are their pricing plans; plus is for $29 per month, professional is for $49, enterprise goes for $99; however, there is a free version for trial.

8. Microsoft dynamics 365

Suitable for business intelligence, this offers software as a service (SaaS) for sales, marketing, and service functionality. Microsoft can help you win more deals by building strong relationships between you and your customers; this can increase productivity due to increased customer support thus more revenue coming in. Microsoft has worked for several companies in a good number of enterprises, for example; those in the manufacturing industry, those in the financial industry, retail businesses, those in health care, automotive, government entities and many more. Microsoft's services include; customer data platform, sales, service, marketing, commerce, supply chain, human resource services, finance, project management, and many more.

Let us take a look at their pricing; customer insights range from $1,000 to 1,500 per month, customer's voice goes for $200 monthly, sales professionals range from $20 to $65, sales enterprises range from $20 to $95 per month, sales premium goes for $135. In contrast, Microsoft relationship sales go for $162.

9. Keap

Designed to address small businesses' problems, such as sales and marketing, It combines marketing automation, e-commerce, CRM, and contact management under one central system. To help entrepreneurs develop, keap has decided to offer the right technology with the right tools for your small business to flourish in marketing. Features offered by keap include; CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, payments, reporting and analytics, appointments, email marketing, and sales pipeline. Here are their price charges; lite goes for $56, pro goes for $105, and max goes for $140; all the first purchase packages you make expire after three months from the first date of payment.

10. Monday.com

This works for all business types and handles all work concepts, including; marketing campaigns, CRMs, sales pipelines, and project tracking. This handles all its information in a single central platform, and this what highly effective teams use to get their work on board; so far, over 100,000 teams accomplish their work with Monday.com because it makes it easy to plan, track and deliver work in time and on the spot and this is what makes Monday.com unique from the rest of CRM software. Setting it up takes place so fast and can easily integrate with other tools, and they offer full-time customer support.

Monday.com offers a free trial for starters with unlimited boards and workflows; however, they have packages to pay, for example, basic goes for $8 per seat, standard goes for $10 per seat, and pro goes for 416 seats.

MonkeyPesa is here with a ready-made Business Management Suite that helps streamline everything from Leads to Deals, Tasks, Accounts, and contacts.

MonkeyPesa is genuinely built for Sales teams. It is simple but well streamlined and organized.

This Software allows for the integration of services like Email Marketing, SMS, and Social Media marketing, and customer support, all in a single business system.

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