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The Best Sales Management Software

Updated: Jan 7

Time isn’t the main thing; it’s the only thing. Time flies fast, but it’s good you are the pilot. Just control your time well away from hijackers. Save time profitably; spend time productively! How about saving your sales team time profitably by initiating the use of sales management software tools and investing it productively in other activities! Don’t you think this would be a great profit for your business? Ohh, yes, it would be!

According to Meredith Hart, 27% of salespeople spend a lot of time on data entry daily. Yet, they would productively use that time to engage leads and prospects to attract more of their attention and convert them into buyers/customers.

Get started today, use sales management software and save your team’s time up to 80%, invest that time in other sales-generating activities, and earn more revenue for your business. Sales management software is worn by salespeople to trace their daily activities, maintain track of pipelines and deals, manage contacts, monitor prospects and customers, manage tiresome managerial tasks, and make the sales process more straightforward. In addition, the software provides updated sales tools for data entrance and management. Managers also use it to find out about trends, opportunities, and team wins and check out valuable insights that could have a huge blow.

Using sales management software has several goodies, for example, having customers’ data in one central place, reduced managerial tasks, more attention to leads, detailed customer data, automated workflow, well-managed forecasting, analytics, and reports. Therefore, it is surprising that more people and companies are investing in it because of the numerous benefits; according to statistics, the global CRM software market size will reach $29.77 billion by 2022.

Today, MonkeyPesa brings you the best sales software options you can trust in 2021.

These software tools have so many unique features; some are paid for while others are free. As a marketer, you can choose to base on what you want or your business needs.

1. HubSpot Free CRM

Built for the modern world and the current business transactions, easy to use, cares for your customer details inclusive of managing your data like emails, recording calls and meetings, managing a sales pipeline and also aids sales personnel to keep monitoring the contacts with customers and deals, helps managers to get an insight into the sales activities and finally it combines with other sales and marketing tools thus making it a trustable one and suitable for use.

The prices are suitable for your small business, there a provision for a free version as they watch your business grow, and of course, this is a big deal for startups; however, there are also paid options like a starter package is for $40 a month, the professional package goes for $400 a month while a package for big enterprises goes for $1200. HubSpot CRM has been ranked as CRM software for small businesses and startups; however, significant and growing enterprises also cater to it.

2. MonkeyPesa Marketing

You want to keep updated with whatever is going around the world and in Africa, then subscribe and ask MonkeyPesa; it delivers that to you at your comfort Zone a place like no other except MonkeyPesa. MonkeyPesa provides quality news, documentaries, content, events, and software solutions anytime, anywhere. They are here to empower you as an entrepreneur and support your business to grow. You can follow MonkeyPesa through their media platforms; LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


One of a kind for small and large businesses, it offers sales management software to aid teams close deals, functionalities for running leads, client associations, and sales pipelines; this is available for 5 annual users. In addition, has several features like; security features, an onboarding plan for new employees, a calendar view, a map view, an activity log, a visual representation of the sales process and representatives, and many more features.

Additionally, provides a visual sales management tool, a detailed knowledge base, and easily accessible, high-quality content to aid sales reps in monitoring their leads.

Their prices are affordable; however, there is a free trial version with unlimited users and boards. The basic package goes for $39 monthly, the standard goes for $49 monthly, pro goes for $79 monthly, and for enterprises, it's got a quote.

4. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot CRM wishes to grow with you, and it’s for this reason that it provides you with other alternative tools that you can use, for example, the sales Hub, this has a free version to make your marketing and selling activities effectively, allows you to follow up with your contacts and supervision of deals, can schedule meetings, monitor the flow of emails and effortlessly combines with other tools.

Apart from the free version that is provided, there are also other options you can pay for, and of course, they again come along with very many remarkable features; starter plan goes for $40 a month, a professional list goes for $400 a month, and a method for enterprises and other large businesses goes for $1200 a month.

5. Pipedrive

Designed to suit small and medium businesses, it provides several features to help you manage your business, such as those in line with sales pipelines, chatbots, and web forms to monitor and drive leads. Looking at the general features provided by Pipedrive include; monitoring communication through calls and emails, scheduling meetings, saving time, activity reminders like open API and webhooks, and features offering security reports and insights. In addition, Pipedrive easily integrates with other tools, for example, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

Prices for Pipedrive are standard; you can choose to do a monthly or yearly subscription depending on what you can afford or what your business marketing and sales goals are; an essential package goes for $12.50, an advanced package goes for $24.90 monthly, a professional package goes for $49.90 monthly while an enterprise package goes for $99 per month; however, there is a free version for trial as well.

6. Bitrix24

One CRM manages its timeline and pipeline activities in kanban view, perfect for small, medium, and large businesses. The cloud-based sales management software offers complimentary sales, promotion, and customer management tools, from being a lead to closing a deal. Its best productivity is buried in lead management, sales performance and tracking, pipeline management. Bitrix24 has several features: invoices, telemarketing, sales automation, free documentary management, inbound and outbound calls, automated email marketing, and reservation of communication history. This software has an aversion for

Android devices, and therefore you can have it on your phone.

For the first 12 users, Bitrix24 is free of charge; however, it also has payable packages for example; starting is for $19 a month, CRM+ is for $55 a month, project +is for $55 a month as well while the business plan has two unique packages that are standard goes for $79 a month. Finally, professional goes for $159 a month.

7. Freshsales

All your prospects/leads’ information is reserved in one central place to accelerate the rate of performance and the sales process by following up on conversations, demographic information attachments, tasks, and appointments; only fresh sales do that for you entirely. In a bid to restore your teams’ work and make it simpler, enable communication with prospects, check out and chat with leads, understand customer behavior. Close deals, fresh sales employ AI, automation.

They have a free version for a startup plan with unlimited features, and their monthly price starts at; $12 monthly; this is good and would be sufficient for small businesses to take up the advantage as they grow.

8. Zoho CRM

Monitoring your leads becomes effective only when you have Zoho CRM as a solution; Zoho provides the best client service, updates its customers, and offers user-friendly services. They always struggle to keep a tight relationship between themselves and their customers, and thus anyone would consider it the best CRM to use. Zoho has unique and affordable features, such as email marketing, lead generation, customer service, and reporting. Additionally, it combines with other apps very well, such as; EverNote, MailChimp, Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks.


Zoho CRM is suitable for all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large businesses; it offers a free version for the first 15 days and has payable packages as well that is; standard package goes for $12 a month, professional goes for $20 a month, enterprise goes for $35 while the unlimited edition goes for $100 every month.

9. InfusionSoft by Keap

One of the most stretchy and authoritative CRM that you can trust your small startup with is Infusion by Keap because it supports the growth of pipelines, check-up leads to see if they meet the criteria, does email marketing campaigns and automates tiresome tasks, for example, monitoring selling and marketing activities, putting customer conversations in one central place, keeps you updated and many more others. It is, therefore, worth your investment. In addition, it has several marketing automation features, sends automated emails, stores client information, organizes leads, and keeps track of them.

InfusionSoft favors both small and large businesses, it offers a free trial version for Keap grow and pro; however, it has other packages to pay for; Keap Grow goes for $49 a month, Keap Pro gores for $99 a month, InfusionSoft goes for $199 a month.

10. Freshworks CRM

For the best features and top functionalities like lead monitoring, contact management, deal supervision, and closing, as well as email administration, Freshworks is the best CRM to consider. Its event tracking features include; lead scoring and email monitoring, deploys sales territory management, super workflow automation, and supports web forms like blog subscription forms.

Freshsales is suitable for all kinds of firms that are small, large, and medium; in regards to prices, there is a free trial that lasts for 21 days while other packages include; Blossom for $12 a month, garden for $25 a month, estate for $49 a month and forest for $79 a month.

In conclusion, there are so many other sales management software tools out there, and you can choose any depending on your business goals, also the amount of capital planned to invest in that particular product; however, for startups, it would be good to consider free CRM software tools to save even the little they have while growing their businesses.


The world of marketing is in a crazy revolution. Every passing day, there is new software on the market. The software makes the work easier with automation.

MonkeyPesa CRM is in the bracket of an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales automation, CRM, marketing automation, accounting, project management or customer response.

With the devotion to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you.

Check Out MonkeyPesa’s Sales And Marketing Hub

MonkeyPesa’s primary platforms are:

With the advancement of technology, making a sale is supposed to be too easy. The reverse is true. Marketers find themselves scheduling calls on one platform. Then, they go forth to respond to social media requests and queries on various sites. To add insult to injury, you will have to exit all these to go user another toll to align your calendar with your activities.

Owing to that hustle, MonkeyPesa has developed a tool that centralizes all these aspects into one tool to accomplice all these tasks.

It is a catch for small and medium enterprises, from social networking tools, project management to CRM, document management, calendars, team management, email marketing, phone management, flawless lead management and HR controls. You get it all.

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