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The Best Sales Management Software

Updated: Jan 26

Time isn’t the main thing; it’s the only thing. Time flies fast, but it’s good you are the pilot. Just control your time well away from hijackers. Save time profitably; spend time productively! How about saving your sales team time profitably by initiating the use of sales management software tools and investing it productively in other activities! Don’t you think this would be a great profit for your business? Ohh, yes, it would be!

According to Meredith Hart, 27% of salespeople spend a lot of time on data entry daily. Yet, they would productively use that time to engage leads and prospects to attract more of their attention and convert them into buyers/customers.

Get started today, use sales management software and save your team’s time up to 80%, invest that time in other sales-generating activities, and earn more revenue for your business. Sales management software is worn by salespeople to trace their daily activities, maintain track of pipelines and deals, manage contacts, monitor prospects and customers, manage tiresome managerial tasks, and make the sales process more straightforward. In addition, the software provides updated sales tools for data entrance and management. Managers also use it to find out about trends, opportunities, and team wins and check out valuable insights that could have a huge blow.

Using sales management software has several goodies, for example, having customers’ data in one central place, reduced managerial tasks, more attention to leads, detailed customer data, automated workflow, well-managed forecasting, analytics, and reports. Therefore, it is surprising that more people and companies are investing in it because of the numerous benefits; according to statistics, the global CRM software market size will reach $29.77 billion by 2022.

Today, MonkeyPesa brings you the best sales software options you can trust in 2021.

These software tools have so many unique features; some are paid for while others are free. As a marketer, you can choose to base on what you want or your business needs.

1. HubSpot Free CRM

Built for the modern world and the current business transactions, easy to use, cares for your customer details inclusive of managing your data like emails, recording calls and meetings, managing a sales pipeline and also aids sales personnel to keep monitoring the contacts with customers and deals, helps managers to get an insight into the sales activities and finally it combines with other sales and marketing tools thus making it a trustable one and suitable for use.

The prices are suitable for your small business, there a provision for a free version as they watch your business grow, and of course, this is a big deal for startups; however, there are also paid options like a starter package is for $40 a month, the professional package goes for $400 a month while a package for big enterprises goes for $1200. HubSpot CRM has been ranked as CRM software for small businesses and startups; however, significant and growing enterprises also cater to it.

2. MonkeyPesa Marketing

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