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Understanding Online Marketing

Online marketing has evolved over the years though not very many, and it so happens that it is actually replacing traditional marketing methods.

Now let us get to know what online marketing means exactly! Online marketing refers to the methodology of spreading information about a company’s products, goods, and services going out directly to its potential customers and buyers.

Online marketing employs so many performing actions and skillfulness. Some of these include; social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization, google ads, using websites, and so much more. This has helped companies reach out to customers in a way that is more effective, efficient, and timely giving customers convenient time to read through the companies products, searching about them, check them out, making choices and dropping into shopping carts, and familiarizing with the company’s products and services.

There are so many good things associated with online marketing. One of them is the fact that it has given space for the creation of new forms of marketing and also continued evolution of social media; this evolution happens overly because the owners of social media platforms are trying as much as they can to meet the needs and the standards of online marketers and also fulfilling the expectations of their customers.

Online marketing has been made such an easy, cheap and efficient technique of fetching customers. So it has replaced most traditional forms of marketing, including billboards, radios, televisions, and fliers/paper leaflets.

To highlight more about the benefits of online marketing, let us take a quick look;

  • This form of marketing allows you to determine the power and influence of the marketing channels used at the moment; this is possible because companies are able or can keep track of the activities being done at their website just right from the time customers start interacting with the website for the very first time.

  • Nurturing the visiting leads and turning them into paying customers.

  • Online marketing can also help companies determine which media platforms are getting them more customers and how best they can utilize them further to get the best sales results.

  • Helps sales reps to determine hot leads (those with high interest), warm leads( those with intermediate interest), and cold leads (those who have little or no interest).

  • It uses simple electronic devices to promote the products and services of a company, making it easy for companies to get profits at the least expense making profit maximization realistic, which is the key aspect for every other business.

Online marketing uses quite a several tools, and some of these tools and methods include;

  1. Search engine marketing

  2. Search engine optimization

  3. Social media advertising

  4. Social media marketing

  5. Email marketing

  6. Virtual events

  7. Blogging

  8. Content marketing

  9. Video marketing

  10. Pay per click advertising

  11. Social media ads

Getting started with online marketing requires you to set achievable, measurable, and valuable goals. This would require you to have platforms to contact and keep connections with these customers, such as email subscriber platforms like e-commerce websites help create and have a 24/7 online presence. It doesn't just end there but also aids you in crafting a strategy to advertise to drive more traffic to your website.


Online marketing uses quite a several online, digital, and electronic methods to deliver their marketing messages, products, and services to their target customers; these messages could be delivered in different formats, for example, videos, pictures/images, text chats, animations, and gifs and these could be sent out to various social media platforms of your company, for example, you can have them on your website, social media pages and other platforms like YouTube, emails, and other various means that a company deploys, however, the kind of marketing mostly depends on the nature of one's business and the people you target to sell too.

Before you go into online marketing, you may need first to establish a strategy through which you will have to sell, and this can only be done when a business/market research is conducted to find out what your customers want, where to find them, what age groups you are targeting.

As a business owner, you currently need online marketing because times have changed, preferences and habits of customers have changed. More so, several customers have resorted to researching and buying goods online. Currently, online marketing is important in the 21st century and can is avoided thus;, it's inevitable to make or transact sales without employing online marketing; online marketing is vital for the success of your business.

Online marketing involves having the ability to capture customers' attention online, especially when you suspect that a certain customer needs your product urgently.

Online marketing uses different types of media to help marketers meet their goals and also help customers be able to get the goods they want or expect from suppliers; some of these different media used include;

  1. Earned media; this involves gaining organic traffic from followers obtained organically. These can be obtained by posting on your social media pages organically and gaining likes without investing in them financially. These pages could be your Facebook pages, Instagram pages, linked-In, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

  2. Paid Media; this involves paying for ads, for example, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and Linked-In ads. Once payment is made, the rest of the activities, including running ads, are done by the responsible actors or those paid to do that.

  3. Owned media; these are platforms that a company could own, such as company website, company email logs, and software employed by a company, such as click-up, Wix, and so many others. With these, the company can post and update its content upon these platforms where customers can go and read content about a company.

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