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All the different ways to get leads to sell to.

Getting leads is crucial to your team being able to make any sales every month. As a sales team, it is crucial that you streamline your process of how to consistently get leads for your company. In this blog post, I will share what these different ways of leads acquisition are based on how your team is selling:

If you would like to know the different ways to get customers for your business, you can reference this video:


Running Ads:

One of the easiest ways to get leads is to run adverts. You can run ads on different platforms including:

Online/offline Ads platforms like:

  • Google Leads ads: You can get leads by interested people submitting forms with information like their Names, Emails, Phone numbers and companies they work for. You can learn more about these ads here!/

  • Facebook Leads Ads: You can easily set up leads ads where people can submit their information as leads.

  • Radio/ TV and other website ads

Using Artificial intelligence

Several AI tools are now available to acquire leads among the most notable are:

  1. MonkeyPesa sales AI: This tool enables you prospect (get leads) from several sources. Through the MonkeyPesa Ai, the system can not only get you the leads but also engage and follow up with them on your behalf

Prospecting Data Platforms:
  1. MonkeyPesa Prospecting Platform: This platform is ideal for businesses that are looking for customers in Africa. It provides the most updated database with contacts from all over Africa.

  2. Zoominfo

  3. This is ideal for email contacts. They have a database with 200m+ contacts from all over the world.

Through Friends, Family and connections

Friends, Family and connections are a good source of leads. Just from your phone contacts alone more than likely you will have at least 1,000 contacts and from these contacts you can get up to 3 referrals from at least 10% of these contacts. Even before you explore any of the options above, explore the friends and family option as it is free.

Through Google Maps data (google search)

Google is a great source for business contacts. With a simple search any business industry and google will bring you several companies that are in that industry accompanied with their phone numbers. You can even get access to the business owners contact if the company is still small.


Social Media:

Social media is a great place to also get information of both individuals and companies.

How to use Linkedin:

Several people leave their contact information on their profile. As example if you went to any profile and selected contact info, in some scenarios you would find emails or both emails and phone numbers just like this individual randomly selected on linkedin

Events, drives and physical meetings

This is one of the oldest yet still most relied on method of getting leads. Attend industry events and get business cards of individuals you would want to sell to.

In a nutshell, these are the different ways you can leads to sell to.

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