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Top Software And Apps Every Salesperson Needs

Doing your best in sales offers you success, but you must work for it; you need to be vibrant, aggressive, patient, calm, approachable, have self-drive, and know how to handle/ approach situations people as well.

The need to have an analytical eye shouldn’t be undermined; yes, you need to because you must study and understand your client(s) and know what they want before they even tell you, you must be able to face rejection in case of any, you must be able to know what to say at a specific time and when to keep silent, that’s all about sales.

Sales are part of human life, and more so in our everyday life, we face sales; it is a challenging activity; however, currently, it has been made easy for each sales representatives with the provision of sales tools/software apps to make your life easy, especially those making sales as a profession or selling company products. Technology is here to help you kick away the old ways of doing things manually; this improves the sales process and helps you close deals in the shortest time period.

We move with sales all over, then it's good you have sales tools/apps or software with you on the go because they are a necessity. Let us take a look at sales tools/apps that you need to have one by one;

1. HubSpot Mobile App

This is a free up that you would need to connect with your customers while on the go; it’s free, and therefore, it’s affordable; if your company uses HubSpot CRM, then finding an associated app would help you catch updates would be the best. With this, you can still add information and any other updates as you go; you specifically don’t need to have a computer to do it, or in case you traveled, but without a computer, you can still add up the updates to a company platform using your phone, and this is quite flexible to any salesperson. You can download the app and get started today while you are on the move.

2. DocuSign

You can get your prospects or clients to sign documents anywhere and everywhere, even when you are on a journey, drop the manual and traditional means of carrying receipt books and registers for clients to sign that’s too expensive and costly in terms of resources and time. If you are a sales representative, get to the drawing board and revise your working habits; if you still go traditional, then it's high time you adopted the e-system of signing documents. This is so simple and flexible; it doesn’t waste time; therefore, if a client is ready to take up the contract, you can get them to sign anytime by simply sending them a DocuSign email and then getting it done there then. You can down the doc sign app free and get started.

3. Evernote

This is specifically meant for taking notes; it works more like a manual notebook, though, for it automatically adds certain features that are quite good enough, for example, location, time, and many others. You can use it to take notes during conferences, meetings, appointments with clients, and other things you would like to write down.

Price ranges are quite affordable: Evernote premium goes for $7.99 a month, Evernote business goes for $14.99 a month, while basic Evernote is for free, making it easy for all sales representatives.

4. Doc Scan

Very flexible than you could ever think, you don’t need to go to stationeries to get your document scanned; you only need to have the doc scan app downloaded and fully installed on your phone. To use it, you can snap a picture of the document you want to scan, edit, and crop, then save it as either a PDF or JPG, then send it out to a client or a person you are meant to send it out to. You can download the Doc scan app from the Google play store, and it’s free of charge.

5. Zoom