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How To Use Twitter Fleets

Born on Snapchat in 2011, stories have morphed into different forms and taking on various names, and have now made it to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, and are called Twitter Fleets.

Unlike normal tweets, fleets disappear after 24 hours, and Twitter says they want to encourage people to be public but private conversations. Twitter Fleets appear at the top of the timeline, and one can only view fleets from those they follow.

Further, you can a user’s fleets once you load their profile. A line will appear around and over the user’s avatar. Twitter fleets can’t be retweeted or liked, or quoted. Rather, you can respond and react to Fleets by tapping on one and sending a direct message or emoji to the creator, which will start a DM conversation.

Fleets can be comprised of text, reactions to Tweets, photos, or videos, and you customize your Fleets with various background and text options.

Twitter started testing the fleets earlier in the year, in March with Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea, before going global in November.

How to post your Twitter Fleets

Post your fleets on Twitter and tap on the “+” in the top left corner of your timeline. You will be redirected to an interface where you can type your 280 characters of the message you want to flee, photos, videos, or Gifs.

Once you hit “post,” the fleet will appear as the Instagram stories appear on top of your timeline. To share a Tweet in a Fleet, tap the “Share” icon at the bottom of the Tweet and then tap “Share in Fleet.”

How To Use Twitter Fleets

Twitter’s main inspiration behind fleets is a personal conversation between two parties.

“Twitter says it's aiming to see if its ephemeral content will promote deeper and more personal conversations on the platform.”

1. Sell out on quick offers

The nature of fleets is that they disappear. That’s the same style with offers and promotions. They last for a limited time, after which they are gone. Fleets can be used to share these, with clients going to reach you directly in the DM to show their commitment and interest.

2. Big On Daily Giveaways

Fleets last 24 hours and are therefore adept at showing the urgent nature of a giveaway. This same urgency will extend to the clients who will be urged to approach this particular engagement with urgency.

3. Live events updates

Twitter is big on live updates from events. Twitter fleets can help take the coverage even further.

The fleets can be used as the channel to follow and look out for regarding the live events, after which your following will now check out your timeline for general interaction with your entire brand and what you have to offer.

4. Behind the scenes content

The customer of today demands a lot more than the product or service. Twitter fleets are a great avenue to let the customers interact with what happens behind the scenes and in the making of the brand, which they have come to love dearly and follow around.

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