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The Top Call Center Software Suitable For Your Business

For excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency of your own business, trust me, you would need this service. There is so much software that can actually offer the same service, and in the future, we will be able to look at each of this software.

The world has gone digital, but much as it has gone virtual, you must recognize that customers love it more when they talk to a human being, especially when they have a challenge rather than just being responded to through emails or automated voices and messages. Talking to a human being sounds real and eliminates issues of fraudsters, and also it creates honesty between the customer and the business; however, this kind of thing is a bit stressful, especially with small business organizations that are still growing, and to be more specific it becomes more hectic when it comes to areas of evaluating customers satisfaction, it might not be very effective as compared to meeting customers physically and finding out what they and more so it a bit time-consuming.

The challenges talked about above can only calm down when you have excellent and convenient call center software. Hopefully, this would allow people at the call center to execute their duties effectively without interruptions; this is because the best call center software calls the right agents and also provides employees with extras and also supports management to create an appropriate strategy for execution and this makes choosing the right option vital because there are so many tools on the market. Therefore you need to scrutinize each one of them to have the best out of the many.

You should choose a call center software that you believe has the features that you might need depending on your business needs or the kind of business you are running; although you must bear in mind that different software possesses different features, they have advantages and disadvantages, some can perform certain functions which others can’t do, and of course, each one of them will challenge you in one way or the other, this, therefore, calls for prior knowledge about your business needs.

To highlight more about what we have been talking about and that is the call center software, this helps the teams in the customer service center to manage all communications and any inquires or questions from customers and any other individuals who are part of the business this could include leads/prospects as well.

Today we are bringing you the best call center software that you may need for your business; you need to have a minute off your time and get to know about each one of these software so you can select one of your choices and, of course, without forgetting the fact that it all has to be dependent on your business needs.

The Best Call Center Software For Your Business

1. Freshcaller

This is part of Freshworks, and it is also an offer of software as a service. This does many things like buyer success, information and technology, human resource system. Freshcaller makes your work easy by helping you take control of international and cross-border businesses and also gives you the ability to manage customer support. With Freshcaller, it is possible because you have a chance to put up a multi-level interactive voice response system, be able to pick up and respond to calls on their mobile app and computerize call allocation.

When you take up Freshcaller as your call center software, trust me, you won’t regret it because it one of the best phone systems you can trust with pain-free service to customers and also makes it easy for you to manage international business this, in the end, calls for satisfied customers.

Their prices charges are quite amazing and not so high so that you can subscribe to this software. First of all, there is a free sprout; monthly, you have to pay $15 per month, which is blossom, $29 per month, which is garden, there is also a package of $45, which is an estate $69 monthly which is forest.

2. Hubspot

Are you a businessman or woman looking for a friendly call center software and one that will meet your business needs adequately? Then the best alternative that has always been recommended worldwide is what you should look for, and that is none other than Hubspot software?

There are so many good things related to this, and one of them includes; combining with Aircall, it is one of the leading CRM software, and more so it is linked to marketing and sales, making it easy to capture every other single piece of information from a customer and even if there is an issue it can be solved directly. On quick notice, this gives a customer a good feeling of adequate support and helps employees realize their work to have the best customer experience.

There are a lot of more good things to do with Hubspot call center software, and this includes; excellent automation tools as well as insightful reporting that supports customer service. There is a lot in their service hub box, and one of them includes; live chat software, self-service tools, shared email inbox, and so much more, and most of these tools seamlessly combine with Aircall for support.

Their charge monthly starts from $30 per month; there is also a free package, their starter goes for $45 a month, professional goes for $360 monthly, and $1200 monthly for the enterprise package.

3. Bitrix24

This gives a daily routine of what you do or what has to be done; it has many good things, including having teams collaborate to get their work done. Additionally, they give service channels for customer support, including; telephone lines, live chat, email queues. These channels combine with the Bitrix24 software and the Customer Relationship Management Software.

Their pricing is quite friendly because they have packages that favor businesses of all types. These include; a free offer, then $19 for a month, a starter, $55 per month for CRM plus and project plus, then $79 monthly for a standard business plan, and $159 a month for the professional business plan.

4. CloudTalk

This avails several tools for call center people to work with, and one of the most amazing things about it is that it allows teams to choose where incoming calls will be allocated. Also, inbound calls are routed to agents who are best suited to address customer issues, thus eliminating call transfers, and this would help boost customer experience. Additionally, there are personalized voicemails, and these can be responded to just later either by dropping a message and then wait for your response.

Prices are a bit favorable, starting with $20 monthly, and that is for a starter, $25 monthly, and that’s for an essential package, and then there is also $40 monthly, which is an expert or custom.

5. Zendesk

This is a widened client service platform that gives the best call center answer for all businesses, irrespective of the size. The unique thing about Zendesk is that it can offer help to clients across every channel.

Their price is precise and manageable, ranging from suite team, which goes for $49 a month, suite growth which goes for $79, and the last one is suite professional who goes for a package of $99.

6. TalkDesk

If you have an enterprise business, then Talkdesk is the thing for you because it aids you to manage big teams through the customer support center and helps teams with anything they require to produce a straight-lined and constraint-free customer experience.

To find out about their prices, you have to make a request.

7. Nextiva

The most friendly to use call center software because it aids you to get in touch with several callers in a short time and, of course, with a few agents. Features associated with this software include; call queuing, automatic call routing, and IVR.

Prices are quite bearable that is $18.95 for a month and for the essential package, the professional package, which goes for $22.95 a month, $32.95 monthly for an enterprise package, and lastly, the $57.95 monthly for the ultimate package.

8. LiveAgent

This is a multichannel call center software that gives you a wide range of choices about where to aid customers. This call center software has been trusted by most small, upcoming, and medium-sized companies because it has been found out that it is a bit friendly, especially in terms of the cost. As earlier mentioned, they charge $39 for each user and for per month.

9. HappyFox

This avails very impactful call center capabilities, and as software, it’s beneficial. HappyFox easily combines with Aircall and RingCentral to capture my voice and allocate calls to tickets within the system. A number of its features include; call scripting, custom ticket queues, and service level Agreements. Their prices can only be made available upon request.

10. Five9

This is an all-in-one call center that you might need to have at your service; this brings everything that your business needs to have a complete launch of customer service and sales call center. Five9 bears workforce management tools, predictive dialing CTI screen pops, and a lot more. The prices of Five9 are available upon request.

Final remarks

I trust you have heard quite a several call center software, but trust me, the ones MonkeyPesa has designed for you are the best you can ever go for, and I trust you will like them and appreciate them.

MonkeyPesa is here with a ready-made Business Management Suite that helps streamline everything from Leads to Deals, Tasks, Accounts, and contacts. MonkeyPesa is genuinely built for Sales teams. It is simple but well streamlined and organized. Are you an entrepreneur? Please leave your details here & we will contact you:​ Learn everything you need to know to help empower you to grow your business through the roof. We shall be learning to integrate services like Email Marketing, SMS, Social Media marketing, and customer support, all in a single business system. You can contact us on or by a phone call or WhatsApp at +256757537658

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