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How To Automate Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Marketing automation helps analyze leads and determine the best strategies to categorize and nurture them. Next, marketing teams nurture leads and hand them to the sales teams. A high conversion rate is an indicator that the nurturing process is working. Lead magnets are essential to enable you to count your automated marketing procedures as successful while closing deals.

In addition, automation provides an omnichannel for improved customer service. Omnichannel is a lead nurturing and client engagement strategy where a company avails all its products, offers, and support services to customers or prospects on all channels, platforms, and devices. Lead nurturing turns leads into customers through engagement and relationship building.

The Benefits of Lead Nurture Campaigns

The days of the in-your-face sales push are limited. Some would say they are done entirely, but let’s settle on putting a shelf life on their influence. Most customers don’t want to deal with a salesperson if they can avoid it. Purchases are made when a customer has taken the time to feel confident, making it a buyer’s market. This is an incredibly encouraging trend because savvy buyers are motivated by quality, value, and substance. This predisposes them to action or even purchase when you can offer them curated offerings that meet these requirements.

Targeting Leads with Customized Content

Effective lead nurture campaigns use contact data and behavior information to target leads and get them your most relevant content – content that meets them where they live and breathe authentically. A single email has little to no effect on sales conversions, so you must think long-term. A basic lead nurture campaign runs for about two months (again, sometimes more). Over that time, we recommend sending an email every week or two. Don’t badger your audience and overstay your welcome, or they’ll unsubscribe or may mark you as spam.

Segmenting Your Contacts

When you write a well-prepared copy for your audience, the chances are high that you will have an email copy that converts. This makes it relevant to segment your contacts, so they receive regular, highly personalized, and relevant content.

Strategies To Automate Lead Nurturing

1. Nurture Using Welcome Messages

Everyone loves a good welcome message. Customers want to feel valued when they come into contact with your business. So on top of that welcome email, escort it with a warm, welcoming text. Text marketing works wonders because SMSes and texts boast a high message open rate.

Did You Know? - The average open rate of a text message sits at about 99%, with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery.

A bright welcome and goodwill you portray to customers to help them find services to make them reconsider shopping with you. Excellent service makes the customer happy, satisfied and amazed at how they were handled.

Here’s an example of a simple-yet-powerful welcome campaign that accomplishes this, reader'salready built into Keap’s Easy Automations.

2. Create Relationships For Long Term Nurture

Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and reduce business expenses. To accomplish this, you need to look at nurture channels, like email, as vital and living constants in your business plans.

Email marketing all comes down to your audience. Always keep something in your readers minds about your business, whether it's educational information about your industry, operational messages about your service, or marketing messages about the products you offer.

Offering value includes using language like “download our exclusive e-book." This must be having a link one can follow to access and download the material they want. This attaches a much more meaningful impact to your business's products and services.

3. Using Targeted Promotions

This is where the best brands show their quality. They share informational — and even entertaining — content with the customers they know would welcome it. This transforms your company from one that sometimes sends you emails to a coveted “love brand” status.

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