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Why Every Forex Company Needs A CRM

Players in the financial sector continue to seek better experiences. Surveys indicate that customer experience is now the primary determinant of success for any brand. This calls for the employment of automation like email marketing and marketing automation. CRM enables Forex companies to collect data to facilitate smooth customer relations management.

To give more context, every Forex Company will have problems with clients complaining about failed payments, payment errors, etc. And because these queries are, in most cases, about people's money, they come with high-flaring tempers.

What you need to know about managing Forex support queries:

  1. Customers use any channels to communicate with your Forex company. Some will use Twitter, and others DM on Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp or email. I understand that internally you may have your preferred channel of communication, but most times, clients may not know that. No matter the channel they use to communicate, their query is essential.

  2. Customers, in most cases, come when they are furious. In most cases, some may even come threatening how you stole their money, especially the new clients. No matter how little money each client is paying, handle them politely. As the old saying goes, don't fight fire with fire.

  3. With a higher volume of transactions, expect more support queries coming in. People are human; expect ignorance, fraud and more. The more you grow, the more support needs you will have. Have that at the back of your mind.

Why would every Forex Company need a CRM?

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  1. To manage the support queries at scale. Imagine getting 50 legitimate queries a day. That would translate into about 1500 queries coming in from several channels. Something is bound to break without a tool to manage all those queries.

  2. For support team management. The easiest way to track how each of your support reps is doing is by simply generating.

  3. To generate trend reports. To help you measure what's working and what's not. Which sales rep is yielding results, and who isn't? This is where analytics come in handy.

  4. Integrate with sales and marketing with ease. Because sales and marketing teams also use CRM software, sales-related queries can easily be assigned to sales reps.


When building a CRM for sales and support staff, the best solution built by founders who were in the same space by far is MonkeyPesa.

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