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Top Joint Inbox Software For Your Business In Ghana

Joint inbox software provides structures and systems that permit teams to provide better services more coordinated. This helps to reduce confusion, inefficiency and frustration imposed against both employees and customers.

If you are facing ineffectiveness issues, working over each other while collaborating or when you require reporting, you need to upgrade to a joint inbox. If you are wondering what joint inbox software you should think about, this article has some of the best joint inbox software that you need to consider.

1. MonkeyPesa

MonkeyPesa CRM is an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales marketing, automation or customer support. With the devotion to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you.

At MonkeyPesa, we believe that your team should work together to deliver an exceptional customer experience to your clients. Today, customers can reach you from various channels like email or social media channels. These customers expect to find help and answers throughout the day. Various customer support teams find this strenuous because they canvass all the different solutions to clients.

It is important to note that clients do not want to be stranded for long replies. Therefore, employ a large team or use multiple software such as chatbots to automate chat interactions. Live chat software enables agents to solve customer issues in real-time and from wherever they already are. Furthermore, it makes the process comfortable as it is instant and doesn't need a physical meeting. Here, the reps can catch issues instantly during the conversation.

Email management is another crucial aspect of MonkeyPesa customer support software. Email interactions are notorious for being slow, especially if there are few monitoring agents and a high volume of emails daily. As a result, customers may need a response faster than some email service strategies can provide, especially when the conversation requires more than an initial email and a reply.

Any capable customer service team should possess a central and accessible knowledge base to simplify simple inquiries. MonkeyPesa lets you build a knowledge base backed up by well-written articles for customers to peruse through searching for answers. Without the articles, there is no knowledge base. A knowledge base is the end product of collecting and organizing that information into a usable form. This feeds directly into the self-service portal. This is the ultimate test for your customer support. This section is filled with an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) database and a knowledge base that contains other information like product specs and case studies. Customers can easily comb through these and find answers from queries of those before them.

MonkeyPesa Features:
  • Team collaboration

  • 360-degree view of customers

  • Livechat software

  • Ticket routing

  • Joint inbox

  • API

  • Automation

  • Community forums

  • Self-service portal

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Live Chat

  • Bulk SMS and email management

2. Mailor

Mailor is a free joint inbox and team portal software that helps teams, projects, companies’ and departments manage workspaces. The software has dashboards which ease the process of finding information. More to this, the software allows users to personalize dashboards and also provides value for free tools. You can as well attach files to email client interactions.

Mailor is a joint inbox software with smart notifications, easy-to-find information and limited longer email lists. The software allows you to build a shared and common working space and invite members. With the shared space you can freely receive emails, share content, and send messages, documents and images.

Mailor allows users to set up notifications depending on what they prefer, keeps you up to date with what you love given the variety of information at hand with less messages. In addition, Mailor allows you to set up a team portal based on team communication. This helps to maintain an overview of what is happening within teams. Finally, with mailor’s single click, you can reply to messages of your email clients through the dashboard.

Why should you use Mailor?
  • Solves missing information

  • Solves unnecessary emails in the copy

  • Frequently updates the project portal

Features of mailor software
  • Creates groups and teams for projects to consolidate communication

  • Dashboards and feeds with links to important information

  • Notifications

  • Shared inbox

  • Conversions

  • Sorts Files, documents and albums

3. NetHunt

NetHunt is an excellent alternative to joint inbox. However, the software is just more than a joint inbox; it solves issues of lost conversation, missing data and improves your customer experience. The software provides a platform to help you manage your sales pipeline and customer details. Given the inbuilt Gmail and intuitive user interface, the software allows you to transfer data and put up team permissions in just a few clicks which eases the transition process.

NetHunt features include;
  • Customizable folders, user permissions and pipelines

  • Generating and delivering bulk email campaigns

  • Automatic File uploads in the Google Drive folders

NetHunt joint software allows you to have access to customer data and correspondence in several clicks with CRM for inbox, and you can also add notes to conversations and logs. The software also allows you to conduct a quick search via the CRM data so that you can find the correct information and respond immediately from your inbox without using several other tools.

NetHunt automates repetitive tasks by linking customer conversations to their profiles, take note of incoming emails, build leads and tickets and allocate them to specific team members. Additionally, NetHunt provides a Gmail CRM system with several automation options. With NetHunt, you can boost teamwork by improving transparency and accountability around team emails, get insights about team performance, share accounts among teammates to set up delegation in the shortest possible time. This helps to ensure that activities are done on time which improves deliverability and performance as overall.

The software helps businesses with real estate CRM, small business marketing teams and sales teams. In addition, the software allows integrations and is CRM for Gmail, Goggle workspace and LinkedIn.

NetHunt features include;
  • customers, leads and pipelines management

  • reports

  • security

  • sales automation and more.

NetHunt price details; the general cost is $24-48 per month. There are also packages namely; a basic costs $24, a business costs $48 while advanced costs $96. The packages are charged for each user per month and are billed annually.

4. Qonvo

Qonvo is an omnichannel application that is meant for managing customer communication. The software provides teams with the capability to converse and exchange with clients’ through live web chat, SMS messaging, email and social channels within a shared team inbox. In addition, the software has a feature known as Qonvo assistant bot, which learns from team interactions with customers and offers automation suggestions.

The software keeps small businesses connected with their clients through business class, SMS text messaging and Web chat. With this software you can make sales, book appointments and launch outbound marketing campaigns.

Features of Qonvo;
  • Applets and automation

  • Campaign manager

  • Customer invitation manager

  • Business-class SMS

  • Mobile apps, that is; IOS and Android

  • WebChat for your site

Qonvo pricing details; professional costs $49 per month while enterprise costs $459.

5. Front

For teams that would like to scale their customer experience humanly, Front is a software you need to consider first. Front is a multi-channel customer communication hub that is good for enterprise teams and teams that require complex advanced functionality. The software operates for many use cases and is packed with functionality.

Front integrates with other tools and can see emails, SMS, live chat and messages in a single tool. However, the software is quite expensive since each user is charged to acquire full functionality. In addition, the interface is complicated to set up and hence might not be easy for teams to use.

Front pricing; starter goes for $19, prime for $49 while enterprise cost is delivered upon request.

6. Helpwise

Helpwise is a shared inbox for emails, SMS messaging, WhatsApp, LiveChat and Social media. Each user of the shared inbox is allowed to have a private password, which helps improve security. In addition, the software will enable you to work together with other teammates in real-time with chat functionality and assign messages to the right teammates.

The software has an inbuilt collision detection which reduces the cases of email duplication. In addition, the software collaborates with social media channels like; email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Other tools include; Pipedrive, stripe, Trello, Twilio, WhatsApp Business and Zapier.

Integration features include;

  • retrieve customer information

  • manage deals associated with your customer

  • track and create engagements

  • retrieve associated company, and more.

Helpwise pricing; standard plan is for $12 per month, additional inboxes for $49, additional help center for $19, additional automation rules for $19, twitter inbox for $19, chatbot add-on for $60 and WhatsApp inbox for $15. The packages are for small teams of about 10 people. For big teams of over 10 people, premium is $20; advanced goes for $40 with the premium features while enterprise is availed upon request.

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