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Sales Tips You Need In 2021

Change is a factor of life. The determinants of a customer to make a purchase vary from time to time, and as a salesperson, you ought to acclimatize yourself with what's relevant. Trends are a turbulent game.

And if there has been a time to reflect and restrategize, there has not a year like the past, in recent history. COVID19 took the world from the public to a remote "Work From Home" setting.

Projections indicate that over 90% of brands out there will miss their revenue targets in Q1 of 2021 because they failed to adjust to the new sales world, inadequate sales talent, archaic sales processes, and time.

Here are some important selling tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your next sales outing. Hopefully, these insights can help you as you embark on uncharted territory.

Sales Tips You Need

1. Ask About COVID19

How's been COVID19?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a world problem, and we are all trying to wake and salvage what is left of this life finally. Talk to your prospect like any other human being; rather than a sale, you have to tick off your to-do list.

This will improve your chances of closing the sale. Politeness goes a long way.

2. Automate Your Sales Process

Definitely, there are parts of your rigorous sales process that can be made simpler when automated with software. This will give your sales team more time to focus on other issues like getting you more leads.

Investing in software can be quite the headache, but the end result can also save the day. If you automate mundane sales processes, it creates more time for reps to focus on what’s important: building a relationship with the customer.

Mary Clare Novak, Sales Content Writer at G2

3. Embrace Virtual Selling

Today's buyer is hard to get physically. Today, the buyer is trying a much as possible to avoid meeting with salespeople and channeling that time into doing other developmental work. Traditional methods like calling, email blasting, and attending networking events are highly ineffective.

The buyer is always looking out for something tailored personally for them, on top of it being educative. Engaging your content towards the prospective buyer could be what separates from your competition and what would propel you over the line.

4. Embrace Social Media

Today's buyer is a consumer of information before they even think about making a purchase. There are no better places to have your information and data useful in swaying the prospect into making a purchase.

In 2020, according to eMarketer, 30% of people interacted with augmented reality (AR) social media content on a monthly basis. In 2021, that number is expected to grow by a further 7.2%, reaching a total of 46.9 millions users

These are numbers you can leverage in more than one way. You can look at it as a ready-made sample space for you to get more clients in a less tenuous way. Also, social media could be where prospects search for and find information about you and your product or service hustle-free.

Social Media Marketing is essential, and make sure to have a social selling strategy. There are at least 4 billion social media accounts worldwide, and chances are high for those searching for your products are on social media (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Respond to their queries and share information relevant to their searches.

5. Ask for referrals

Ask for those referrals. Referrals are often overlooked despite being a reliable source of high-quality lead generation, and as part of your sales process, they can help salespeople establish trust. You can use CRM Metrics to help you determine the rate at which referrals for your services and product are being made. A happy customer can easily refer others to you for business.

6. Qualify Your Leads

It is prudent to qualify your leads early in the sales process. Studies show that prospects contacted within the first few minutes are much more likely to convert than ones you waited hours to call.

Those who won't convert easily have their identifiers ready while floating information that could sway them into converting.

7. Listen

Many a time, salespeople are all about the close and this acts as a repellant for prospects. Sales Prospecting is supposed to lead to a closed sale, but this stage is best for sourcing for leads. While at it, build relationships with various prospects, and avoid rushing in for sale. That will cause unnecessary pressure.

8. Be Interactive

Seeing as we are advocating for virtual and less one-on-one, switch up your engagement mode. There are points in your presentation where you are going to opt for stats from a pdf. Well, don't. Ask the prospect a question. Find out what they want and tailor your sale about exactly that.

9. Follow Up

Following up is equal to keeping the customer informed with relevant data every step of the sales process. It cultivates a relationship between seller and prospect and builds trust between the two. It’s vital to keep your prospects updated by sending follow-up emails, making as many phone calls as necessary, and relaying required information.

Get ready for your next sale. Much as today's buyer prefers less person-on-person interaction, this opens many possibilities for salespeople to reinvent themselves.

MonkeyPesa is here with a ready-made Business Management Suite that helps streamline everything from Leads to Deals, Tasks, Accounts, and contacts.

MonkeyPesa is genuinely built for Sales teams. It is simple but well streamlined and organized.

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