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Guide To The Best Sales Results On Twitter

Twitter is not just home for what's trending but also a good sales and marketing platform. Whereas many brands tweet today, it is unfortunate that many of them don’t know how to use Twitter effectively to grow their business and achieve their best sales results.

Twitter has over 330 monthly active users, and it has been found out that over 75% of B2B brands use Twitter to market their products. 77% of Twitter users get a better impression of a business brand when they respond to a tweet, and an average Twitter user follows about or over 5 brands. This is excellent news to marketers, salespeople, and business people to utilize this chance to get their best sales out of Twitter.

Irrespective of the numbers in place, many marketers and sales personnel keep questioning how they can grow their brand using Twitter.

Here are your actionable tips on how to use Twitter effectively to achieve the best sales results.

1. Start with a strong sales Twitter strategy

A comprehensive sales strategy is crucial for the success of any business selling through social media platforms. With the right plan, you make sure that you’re investing your time and money into activities that accomplish your goals and drive results. Start by figuring out what you want to do with your Twitter account. You might want to generate new leads and sales, improve customer loyalty, enhance product awareness and decrease customer service costs. When you know your business goals, you will begin to develop more actionable targets for your social strategy. Ensure your goals are specific and measurable if you’re going to get better sales results on Twitter.

2. Create a strong Twitter profile

A strategic Twitter profile is a powerful tool in your social media marketing and selling strategy. Create the right image for your brand, and you will build trust with your audience, enhance your ability to appear in the right social streams, and more. Before learning how to use Twitter effectively, make sure you complete and optimize your Twitter profile. Choose a branded image for your Twitter profile picture and use your bio to describe what you do; if you want your customers to trust that you are a credible company, getting the blue “verified” badge on Twitter is an excellent place to start.

3. Understand how to use #hashtags

Twitter has all the important social media hashtags. Make sure you use this resource to your advantage. Hashtags group your content into categories and make your brand easier to find online. Twitter’s research discovered that tweets with hashtags improve engagement by 50% for brands. While there are many different ways to boost your hashtag strategy on Twitter, here are a few basic tips to follow; don’t use too many hashtags in each post, don’t use spaces in hashtags, make sure everything links together, and avoid using punctuation too, find trending hashtags on Twitter.

4. Know when to post on Twitter so that you don't have to miss out on your best clients

Figuring out how to use Twitter effectively often means knowing when to post to best reach your audience and potential clients who will help you close sales. Friday is the best day to post on Twitter, the best time to post on Twitter is between 9 am, and 10 am, the safest times to post on Twitter every day are between 10 am and 12 pm, Sunday mornings are the worst for engagement on Twitter. Of course, every audience is different therefore to make sure you get the best results tweet at least once a day to maintain a high level of engagement with your followers. Remember to experiment with posting more frequently, use Twitter analytics data to adjust your timing as you learn more about your audience and their preferences, schedule your Tweets with Sprout Social to be sure you consistently engage at the best times or use Sprout ViralPost to determine those times for you.

5. Remember to engage your audience

While figuring out how to use Twitter effectively, remember to engage your audience. The truth is that the most important thing to track on Twitter is your engagement levels. Without engagement, all you have is a number, not a real follower list. To engage with your audience; Keep track of your network, read your followers’ tweets and use them to learn more about your customers’ preferences, emerging trends in the industry, and more, respond fast; people expect brands to be responsive on Twitter. One study shows that 42% of customers plan is to get a response from a brand within 60 minutes. Let your customers know you care by getting back to them fast. Retweet, interact and follow; Show your audience you value them by retweeting their content, following them on Twitter, and more, ask questions, and get interactive. Have conversations with your audience by asking them about relevant topics about your brand.

6. Develop a human side

It’s important to develop a human tone of voice for your brand; this means that social media is all about encouraging conversations between people. If you want to thrive on Twitter or any other channel, don’t just bombard your followers with marketing and sales content. Representing what’s unique about your company is essential, but the key to success is finding a way to resonate with your audience. Posting too much of your marketing and sales content might annoy some audience and might end up unfollowing you; for example, out of 9 posts, 2 should be promotional, marketing, or sales. The rest should be general to keep your audience engaged.

7. Use multimedia to boost engagement

Multimedia continues to be a valuable and useful way to engage on social media. One survey into Twitter users revealed that 82% of all users view video content on Twitter. These respondents even said that they would prefer to see more videos from the people they follow. To drive engagement from your followers, you could share a behind-the-scenes video of your organization to help build your credibility and authenticity as a brand. Post pictures on your Twitter feed. If you want to know how to use Twitter effectively, don’t ignore the value of visual content; make sure the images you share are designed to spark a conversation and relevant to your brand. Remember that you can tag up to 10 people per image if necessary. Try considering the use of your own GIFs – they can be a quick way to show the fun side of your business.

8. Monitor your performance

The most important thing to do when learning how to use Twitter effectively is remembering to monitor your brand. Monitoring your brand means both watching what people are saying about you online and paying attention to your Twitter performance. This includes; following your competitors; this gives you inspiration for your own Twitter posts and activity; it lets you know what other people are saying about competing brands and how they compare to you. Listen to your followers; use a tool like a sprout social to listen to what your audience is saying about you in hashtags and keywords important to your brand. The more you know about your brand reputation, the easier it will be to make a positive change. Measure your marketing and selling with Twitter analytics provides you with a basic overview of your social media marketing strategy. Combined with a tool like Sprout Social, you will get a more in-depth overview of customer engagement, translating into making sales in either the short run or long run.

9. Experiment with new tactics

Try experimenting with some advanced content formats that the platform is capable of as new tactics. Explore the paid advertising options on Twitter to directly promote specific posts and target specific audiences. Alternatively, try setting up Twitter cards for your website; this ensures that they stand out among your target audience when you share your blog posts on social media. Broadcasting live video, pre-recorded video, and other visual content have become more popular; live video is an excellent addition to any Twitter strategy. Provide customer service: If you have enough people to manage your Twitter account, consider providing an additional avenue for customer service. This activity on Twitter helps to show your audience that you are always there for them. Use Twitter Fleets too.

In conclusion, there is a lot more you can do to increases your sales and improve your marketing efforts on Twitter; however, the above-highligted points could help you realize your sales dreams in the shortest time possible if they were all applied accordingly.

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