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Guide To The Best Sales Results On Twitter

Twitter is not just home for what's trending but also a good sales and marketing platform. Whereas many brands tweet today, it is unfortunate that many of them don’t know how to use Twitter effectively to grow their business and achieve their best sales results.

Twitter has over 330 monthly active users, and it has been found out that over 75% of B2B brands use Twitter to market their products. 77% of Twitter users get a better impression of a business brand when they respond to a tweet, and an average Twitter user follows about or over 5 brands. This is excellent news to marketers, salespeople, and business people to utilize this chance to get their best sales out of Twitter.

Irrespective of the numbers in place, many marketers and sales personnel keep questioning how they can grow their brand using Twitter.

Here are your actionable tips on how to use Twitter effectively to achieve the best sales results.

1. Start with a strong sales Twitter strategy

A comprehensive sales strategy is crucial for the success of any business selling through social media platforms. With the right plan, you make sure that you’re investing your time and money into activities that accomplish your goals and drive results. Start by figuring out what you want to do with your Twitter account. You might want to generate new leads and sales, improve customer loyalty, enhance product awareness and decrease customer service costs. When you know your business goals, you will begin to develop more actionable targets for your social strategy. Ensure your goals are specific and measurable if you’re going to get better sales results on Twitter.

2. Create a strong Twitter profile

A strategic Twitter profile is a powerful tool in your social media marketing and selling strategy. Create the right image for your brand, and you will build trust with your audience, enhance your ability to appear in the right social streams, and more. Before learning how to use Twitter effectively, make sure you complete and optimize your Twitter profile. Choose a branded image for your Twitter profile picture and use your bio to describe what you do; if you want your customers to trust that you are a credible company, getting the blue “verified” badge on Twitter is an excellent place to start.

3. Understand how to use #hashtags

Twitter has all the important social media hashtags. Make sure you use this resource to your advantage. Hashtags group your content into categories and make your brand easier to find online. Twitter’s research discovered that tweets with hashtags improve engagement by 50% for brands. While there are many different ways to boost your hashtag strategy on Twitter, here are a few basic tips to follow; don’t use too many hashtags in each post, don’t use spaces in hashtags, make sure everything links together, and avoid using punctuation too, find trending hashtags on Twitter.