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Top FinTech Companies In Egypt

There is so much evolution taking place around the world almost in every sector, this evolution has not left the financial sector behind its moving along with it, and that is why we are seeing so many financial technology companies coming up, evolving day by day we, therefore, call this financial evolution.

Financial evolution is taking place in so many countries across the globe. It’s quite amazing that this has not left Egypt behind. There are so many upcoming financial technology companies in Egypt, and these are the ones supporting Egypt’s most unbanked population.

Financial technology companies have grown and expanded in Egypt because the country has quite a large population. The majority does not use banks; their support systems are Fintechs; it’s wise to say that Fintechs is one of Egypt's fastest-growing sectors.



This is Egypt’s number one Cairo based micro saving tool for the youth to support them reach their dreams; it aids people construct a habit of saving and keeps them committed. 7Aweshly has branches all over, and therefore you can deposit your money at an ATM anytime. Their ATM locations are usually in Pharmacies, supermarkets, and many more places. There is 100% safety of your money, and you can use your phone anytime to check it out. It is one of the best players in maintaining your deposits in that it does not put any charges on your money, whether monthly maintenance or any other costs.

Their features are simple; Download the 7Aweshly app, pick an item to save for and then start saving.


This is Egypt’s chief digital transformation and E-payments platform giving financial support services to people involved in businesses. You can use ATMs, mobile wallets, retail points, and online systems to clear bills and do other financial transaction services.

Their location points are usually groceries, pharmacies, stationeries, and post offices; they have about 194,000 locations and carry out about 3 million transactions per day. Services offered to businesses include; collection services, customer acquisition, electronic cash, payment facilitation, and business to business collection centers.


This offers the easiest way to shop and pay online, makes your shopping experience simple and friendly. This works with Business 2 Business companies making it easy for organizations to accept payments, availing access to various customer acquisition and loyalty tools. Their main goal is to “give consumers and organizations greater financial freedom and more choice.”

Vapulus’s vision is “organizations of every size choose vapulus to accept consumer payments, manage loyalty programs, and administer customer acquisition projects. Provide superior services and functionality while improving everyday life globally through innovations and technology.” Payment systems and services available for their customers include credit cards, bank transfers, payment vouchers, and digital wallets.