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Shared Mailbox; Definition And Benefits

If you look closely at most of the websites, companies have left these contact@, info@, addresses for their customers to contact and reach out to them.

These companies are still operating these inboxes traditionally. The traffic is deteriorating because people/clients have found out that they rarely get responses from the emails sent to these addresses.

What is a shared mailbox?

A shared mailbox is an inbox that allows multiple people to send and receive emails from the same address.

For example, a shared mailbox is great for a company that might want to share the load of responding to customer inquiries. With access to the shared mailbox, any customer support team member can respond to an email sent to the shared address. The responses appear to have been sent from the shared inbox rather than individual support staff.

A shared mailbox allows members with access to manage and collaborate on incoming emails from their respective inboxes.

Why could the shared mailboxes be failing?

The quick answer to this question is disorganization, and it can be broken down into two parts, as explained below.

1. There is too much clutter

With all the conversations between the backend team and the clients, many conversations are left unattended and hanging. The traffic gets overwhelming and the result is leaving conversations incomplete or unattended.

2. Poor job description

Many companies do not define who is to be dealing with which emails and conversations. Some get to the extent of transferring these messages to their inboxes. It is not clear which personnel will be handling which clients querries in all this. This breeds confusion and could also lead to some emails not getting answered, with the personnel assuming that the other took care of said emails. (or clients getting more than one reply.)

Benefits of using shared mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are designed to enable collaborative and transparent communication. Regardless of departments or even locations, shared mailboxes perform the same way.

1. Offer accountability and transparency

You can easily share and delegate email conversations and queries with the entire team and would be able to track the progress of these conversations.

With software like Gmelius, you won’t have to worry about two team members responding at once. Instead, team members will see each other’s avatars if they are viewing an email, and the red ellipsis will pulse in real-time if they are replying.

2. Appropriate for one-to-many and many-to-one conversations

Businesses today have a multitude of interactions. Interactions are either from one source to many clients or the many clients to the customer support inbox. You can easily ask for guidance when these queries come in rather than have a nonstop forwarding or cc-ing loop.

3. Promote visibility and transparency

Making your email available for the teams means you will share all necessary information with the team so they can ably guide the clients and attend to the queries.

4. Easy to monitor

A Shared Inbox guarantees clear accountability and helps teams collaboratively manage projects directly from their inboxes. Frequently a project can consist of tens if not hundreds of moving pieces. By turning your inbox into a visual project board, you can fully account for where each piece is within the progression of a project and thus guarantee its success.

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