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Sales Training Courses In Nigeria

Just like the same way life is a continuous journey, so do education and learning. These never stop because you don’t know everything that exists on planet earth, and thus you are bound to learn every day that passes by.

Selling is fun, and before you know it all, you are already closing business deals and making heavy money transactions. That is what sales are all about. The more you invest in your sales team, the more you should expect to have good results because good sales training is equal to know-how and know-how attracts good performance and excellence in sales.

Sales training refers to the journey of growing skills, knowledge, professionalism, and expertise to understand the art of selling and how to close more profitable sales deals.

Do you want your team to get results, meet targets, land your budget estimates, earn profits, get to double your revenues, and achieve business growth and expansion in just minutes? Then, focus your eyes on this article to choose what you should study and enroll in the best sales training programs.

Nigeria has got several sales training organizations with the best sales courses, today we are going to explore some of them with some details around them to help you make an appropriate decision in case you are interested in sales as a carrier and if at all you feel like you want to advance and grow more skills in the field of selling.

The best sales training institutes with the most accredited sales training programs in Nigeria to enroll in 2021.

1. Sales Training Nigeria

This offers a wide range of sales training courses to help you develop a wide range of knowledge about sales and how to drive crazy sales to make your business grow in just a short period of time. It just doesn’t end there, but also, you are assured of a successful sales training period, acquiring certificates, meeting, and having deep interactions with trainers to help you gain more insights, knowledge, and skills in the field of selling.

They offer a wide range of sales training courses, and one of them is “Bid and tender management skills,” this set of a learning course has a lot of information both course units and subjects or topics to be covered under each unit, and these units include;

• Intro to bids

• Decisions and moving forward

• Effective bidding and response.

These are not the only sales training skills that the institute offers, but there are many more; the package is big and good enough it can accommodate everyone’s needs; here is what is included in the package; sales boot camp, meeting skills, essentials of innovative thinking, telephone sales training, BCS specialist certificate in Business relationship management and how to develop the key accounts.

This whole package of courses is offered by the Knowledge Academy, which is one of the biggest and fully recognized sales training institutes around the world; they don’t just stop at being one of the most recognized institutes, but they also offer guidance upon what you should take on in regards to the kind of course for your sales career, more so they offer on-site/classroom training lessons and also online lessons.

You might want to find out more about Knowledge Academy; here is how you can get to them by phone contact or by email, depending on what is easier for; +441344203999 or Alternatively, you can follow them through their social media pages that are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as The Knowledge Academy.

2. Neuro linguistic programming

Championing the success of your business requires an investment; this may not be necessarily adding capital into your business but rather investing in those who generate capital for the business, and here I mean sales reps, sales officers, managers, and marketers. If you are still wondering how best you can invest in them, the solution is here “enroll them for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.” this is the best investment you can ever do for your sales team if you want them to reap the best for you.

Why investing enrolling in a Neuro-Linguistic program is a big deal?

• Assured of achieving your sales targets

• An increase in the conversion rate

• Getting the expected results

• Meeting your budget goals

• Learning the science of selling, the best tools, and techniques to use.

• Amazing sales margins

• And also growing your sales accounts.

Your business performance depends on sales, and if you want to impact your business’s success, you must make sales behavior, and trust me, you will be able to realize potential business growth in just a fortnight.

Neuro-linguistic programming is one of Nigeria's best sales training courses; they offer highly impactive training to your sales team, which leads to increased growth of revenue, profits, and business expansion. This course is not specifically limited or tied to certain organizations but rather to all business entity, organizations, companies, and enterprises where sales activities are involved, for example; banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, pharmaceutical companies, information and technology service providers, automobile sellers, manufacturers, petrochemical, those in the energy sector, basically, the list is endless.

When you enroll for the Neuro-linguistic programming, here is what you should expect to learn;

• Sales assessment and constructive feedback.

• Content program for your products

• Customized sales approach

• Filling the pipeline and virtual prospecting

• Virtual selling and how to succeed

• Virtual rapport building and developing relationships

Robust reinforcement and many other techniques and tools to help you achieve your sales and business goals. Neuro-Linguistic programming offers a variety of sales content, and they have so much more for you in-store; therefore, to get to the details, you can contact them at; +2348075606378, +918091168813 or through their email at; / Alternatively, you can visit their social media pages to find out more about their details, that is, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

3. MonkeyPesa sales course

You are looking up to improving your sales volume, training your sales team, the marketing team, heads of sales departments? MonkeyPesa has got you covered with the best physical and online sales course. Join their weekly classes, and trust me, you reap back more than what you invested, that small investment will earn you millions of money, and I can’t wait for you to testify about it after enrolling in these classes.

You can attend classes physically with professional sales experts or enroll in online learning; with online classes, you can get videos of a full course and then train your team on how to close more deals consistently and what skills they need to have those potential deals closed. You can book for your training early enough, and the training can be done physically, on Skype, or through Zoom.

4. Sales Boot camp Nigeria

Currently Nigeria’s leading institution in training sales, with their training sessions, you are assured of boosting your sales revenue growth because they help derive customers who will offer continuous business support, thus increasing sales and revenue in the long run. They also host annual sales conference training to give you more knowledge about sales, if you ain’t enrolling for this sales training, you are missing out on a lot of sales information. It has a wide range of information that caters to both sales professionals from lower-level positions to upper-level positions, meaning everyone is catered for.

Sales boot camp intends to ensure that your business achieves the following;

• Crafting real and sound professional within your sales team

• Building skills to increase productivity

• Builds competence and confidence

• Assured of your return on investment

Sales boot camp training is attended by so many business brands for example;

• Honda

• Spectrum

• Voda paints

• Gil automation

• 10 furniture

• Jireh technologies Limited

Sales boot camp offers lots of sales knowledge, and thus I would argue each one of the salespeople who wish to grow their career in sales to enroll for this and pick more information that will help you grow and develop your sales profession. For more information about sales Bootcamp, you can contact them through their social media pages that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

5. The institute of sales and marketing management of Nigeria

The world has gone digital and is still going more digital. However, this evolution of working smart should not leave behind your sales team; sales can as well be done online and even reach the extent of closing a deal; however, you might have some training and learning to catch up with the new system.

With the mission of creating a result-oriented integrated sales and marketing management profession with international certification and global acceptance, the institute of sales and marketing management of Nigeria has put in place quite several sales courses for salespeople who wish to grow it as professionalism, and some of these courses include;

• Professional graduate diploma on sales and marketing management

• Certificate course on sales and marketing

• Diploma certificate on sales and marketing management

• Professional advanced certificate on sales and marketing management

• Advanced diploma in sales and marketing management.

There is a lot you might want to find out about the Institute of sales and marketing management Nigeria; if you are in Nigeria, you can visit their branch at their Lagos offices;1-23 Ojuelegba Road, Surulere, Lagos Abuja office; plot 1-31-cadastral zone, sector A. Jahi district, off Mabushi modern market road, Jahi. Abuja, FCT . to make it simpler for you can contact them by email; or by phone call at; +234-0703-574-7972.

In conclusion, Nigeria has several sales training institutes with the best sales training programs; however, you can rely on those few mentioned above for your sales career and professionalism for the best results.

MonkeyPesa is here with a ready-made Business Management Suite that helps streamline everything from Leads to Deals, Tasks, Accounts, and contacts. MonkeyPesa is genuinely built for Sales teams. It is simple but well streamlined and organized. Are you an entrepreneur? Please leave your details here & we will contact you:​ Learn everything you need to know to help empower your grow your business through the roof. We shall be learning to integrate services like Email Marketing, SMS, Social Media marketing, and customer support, all in a single business system. You can contact us on or by a phone call or WhatsApp at +256757537658.

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