• Ssemujju Lewis E

How To Increase Sales With YouTube

The success of video is currently unprecedented. Content marketers are cracking their minds in every boardroom with the best video content for their marketing strategies. If the content is king, then the video is the kingmaker. Video is a great sales tool.

There is a reason the number of marketers using video content is up to 81% from 63% in just the past year.

The existence of YouTube is purely perceptible, which means that it resonates with the largest video content consumers shared on, but not limited to, social media. Visual content is currently a world preference.

The world has slowly but surely assimilated to the video platform, and this is evident with the fact that 79% of internet users have a YouTube account, which accounts for about 2 Billion people, according to Oberlo.

If your target audience is young adults, you have to look into advertising on Youtube as millennials are the most dominant YouTube users.

The State of Video Marketing in 2018 reported that 81% of consumers buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Plus, 76 percent of businesses say video helped them increase sales.

Since Google acquired the service in 2006, just a year after it was launched, the medium has grown by leaps and bounds from the amateur video site to the biggest online video platform worldwide. To reap heavily from the YouTube advertising efforts, marketers ought to seek out concepts that would be apt for the audience.

If you are not as convinced to get into YouTube advertising, the fact that YouTube on mobile reaches more 18-45-year-olds more than any other network should be an eye-opener. The age of video marketing is here, and let this article spell to you how.

Advertising On YouTube For More Sales

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is owned by Google; therefore, it should not surprise you that YouTube advertising is done through Google Ads.

There is no set-in-stone manual followed to the letter, as regards advertising your business on YouTube. Depending on your intended objective, there are many ways to go about it. The objectives include the following:

  • Build brand awareness

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Increase sales

YouTube Advertising Campaign

First things first. YouTube is a video platform that means you need to create your video first before going through any other processes.

To advertise on YouTube, you must have accounts set up on YouTube and Google Ads. These come with the Google account.

Upload your video

Log into your YouTube account and click on the camera-like icon on the top right of your YouTube layout. And, click ‘Upload Video.’ From here, you will be redirected to the upload dashboard, where you will select that video that you are going to upload. You should add your video title and meta description.

Create your campaign

Head over to your Google Ads account and select a new campaign. From here, Google will give you the option of choosing your goal, but you could as well skip it. When you select a goal, Google Ads will automatically suggest campaign settings that will be optimal for your ads.