• Ssemujju Lewis E

A Broad Look Into Sales

For every business to grow and earn much higher returns on investment, it must have made sales; if no sales are being made, then it automatically means the business is falling out and making losses. Sales make a business thrive.

if you want your business to grow and scale heights, you must respect sales because 90% of your success lies here. Nothing happens until someone sells something. Selling involves two people: a prospective buyer and the salesman or personnel communicating and exchanging with each other until they reach the end while closing the sale or not closing the deal.

Selling involves the customer communicating to the salesperson what their needs are! Or simply visiting a shop and pressing an order by a customer in exchange for money or something else and to the salesman is a deal closed. Then salesperson listens to the customer's orders and responds accordingly by offering the required goods or services; therefore, this transaction involved between a prospective buyer and a salesperson is what we term as making a sale, and in the end, both a customer and the salesperson benefit. A customer benefits from the satisfaction they get from the provided goods and services, while the salesperson gains from the monetary transaction.

Before a customer thinks about purchasing a product, they always give priority to what they are benefiting from the product; salespeople should therefore be in place to communicate the beauty of their products to customers so that they are convinced to buy their products; this means that the salesmen should stop the assumption that buyers will like their products out of the blue after the roll we are in a competitive economy where are so many producers and suppliers of the same product, the power of sales must therefore be portrayed here. Either way, when a customer is interested in a certain sale’s main product and is making decisions of purchasing it, the salesman can never give out his product to a buyer unless he or she is satisfied with the price being offered by a customer.

For a salesperson who wants to win a client's heart, you must clearly communicate the benefits of using your product, possibly in a language that the customer understands best; this is the first source of building trust and earning credibility for yourself.

But do we even know what sales mean in simples terms? Allow me to highlight it so that it is clearer to you, the reader?

Sales refer to commercial activities where products or services are given away in exchange for money or something else. A salesman gives away the products and services and receives money in return, while the buyer gives away money and receives products or services.

Making a sale is a process, and it involves marketing, advertising, at times photography and educating people about your product or service to turn into real buyers.

Types of making a sale

Inside sales

This involves maintaining relationships with the existing clients to generate new sales orders. The client's primary contact is the sales representative, who is expected to maintain the business by building strong relationships with the client and this effective way of making continued sales.

Outside sales

This involves the salesman interacting face to face with the client in the field; that is, it can be in the customer's o