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Twitter Statistics For Uganda

The 14-year-old year app has turned to be one of the most interesting apps used and liked by Ugandans, and from a survey conducted in Uganda, it is believed that most of the people who overuse the app are addicted to it and check it out quite often a day. Twitter is another good marketing channel that can drive crazy traffic to your website compared to politics, entertainment, and other news updates. Twitter and social media at large is something that has intensively occupied the world and has become very addictive to most people in that an average user spends at least 2 hours and 22 minutes on a daily this shows that the usage of social media is thus increasing at a high rate.

500 million people visit Twitter each month without logging in with a total of 1.3 billion accounts and over 330 million monthly active users globally. Research has it that 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses. This clearly shows you that brands or companies that advertise with Twitter are actually achieving growth in sales and leads plus followers. The average Twitter user has 707 followers, while 500 million tweets are sent each day, approximately 6,000 Tweets every second. More interesting is that 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to. Looking at Africa alone as a continent, internet users are now 754 million, with Seychelles, Tunisia, Morocco, and Ghana being among the leading countries with good internet connections. At the same time, Nigeria and Kenya are the countries where Twitter is being used the most in Africa. Glancing in East Africa alone as a region, the estimated number of Twitter users is about 35% of the country’s population, making Kenya the leading country. In Uganda alone, it is estimated that Twitter users are now about 14.23%. According to a report compiled by David Girling and Collins Mugume in 2014 from a study entitled Twitter usage in Uganda, most of the respondents were youth aged between 16-35, making 86% of this whole percentage 64.8% were males while females were 35.2%. The participants had different professional backgrounds, thus making the information-rich with various views from different disciplines. In Uganda, it is estimated that most people (87%) of people have one or two Twitter accounts, with 69.6% having one account, while 17.4% have two accounts and 5% of Twitter users have more than five accounts. It was estimated that 79% of respondents had had their Twitter account for over 2 years and 43% over 4 years, 85% of respondents access Twitter through their mobile phone while some people access their accounts through the internet café, and that is 7% while other Twitter users access their accounts through their work desktop, home desktop, laptop, and others use tablets. It is said that most Ugandans who use Twitter seem to find Twitter quite addictive, as indicated that 7.6% of users check Twitter more than 5 times a day while 32.1% checking over 10 times a day while about 50% check the app 2-3 times a week. Some Ugandans are quite popular on Twitter as well, with 10.8% of Twitter users having over 5000 followers, about 30% of Ugandan Twitter users have 0-200 followers, 33.8% of the users have 201-500 followers, while 18.5% of the Twitter Ugandan users have 1001-2000 followers and 10.8% of the Ugandan users have over 5000 followers. Ugandans use Twitter for various reasons, including news updates, debate, politics, and entertainment, meet new brands and promote business, self-promotion. It is said that 91% use Twitter for news updates, 78% use Twitter for politics, and 78% of other users use the app for social networking, while 46% use the app for self-promotion. Tackling the aspect of networking, it’s said that most people talk to their friends on Twitter, with females having the highest percentage of 87%. In comparison, males have 81%. Most people also talk to their co-workers through Twitter, with females having 40% and do it quite often, while males have 53%. Additionally, 68% of both males and females speak or communicate with brands through Twitter. 77.8% of people who use Twitter in Uganda follow up to 0- 100 brands on Twitter, 9.5% of the people who use Twitter follow 101-200 brands, while 4% following over 500 brands. Most people assume that brands should be managed over the weekend, with 93% of the females and 87% of the males agreeing to this while 7% of the males and 13% of the females disagree with the previous statement of brands being managed weekend. Most Ugandans who use twitter mind so much about customer service are 67%, while other uses of the app have quick access to information, which is 63%. It is said that most Ugandans who follow brands have no interest in discounts or being in touch with the business that is 20% and 26%, respectively. It is also said that most people complain to brands on Twitter, with 86% of the users. Among these men are more likely to complain about Twitter, with 87%. In comparison, women who complain are about 80%. After a complaint, most users expect a reply within 30 minutes, 67%, while 50% expect a reply within 10 minutes. Additionally, 28% expect a reply within 5 minutes, 21% expect a reply within 10 minutes, 5% expect a reply within an hour, and 20% expect a reply within the same day, while 8% expect a reply after 2-3 days. However, with a delayed replayed, some clients expect compensation or an apology that’s 25.7% and 71.1%, respectively. MORE ABOUT TWITTER STATISTICS FOR UGANDA Twitter personalities with the largest audience. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni- 2,050,600 total fans NVT Uganda- 1100890 total fans Bobi wine- 933954 total fans Twitter fastest growing profiles in Uganda Bobiwine- +2079 followers Yoweri K.Museveni -+1589 followers NBS Television- +940 followers NTV Television-+657 followers #CanaryReports- +637 followers Ugandan Brands with the largest audience. MTN Uganda -332464 total followers Crucial memory- 277333 total followers Airtel Uganda- 254946 total followers Twitter fastest-growing brands profiles in Uganda MTN Uganda +143 fans Airtel Uganda +133 fans Crucial memory +127 fans Umeme limited Uganda +65 fans Bank of Uganda +63 fans Ugandan celebrities with the largest Twitter audience Charles Onyango obbo -438557 total followers Andrew M.Mwenda - 369110 total followers Irene Ntale – 280390 total followers Fastest growing celebrities’ profiles in Uganda Irene Ntale +416 fans Muhoozi Keinerugaba +369 fans Pallaso +254 fans Andrew Mwenda +219 fans Martha Kay +132 fans Community with the largest Twitter audience Big Eye -209142 total followers Alex Muhangi- 94827 total followers Hurricanes PR-55592 total followers Fastest growing community twitter pages in Uganda Alex Muhangi +87 followers Mazen Mroue +43 followers Big Eye +29 followers Danze Deejahn +10 followers Nasa Tushabe +6 followers Entertainment with the largest audience #CanaryReports -174958 total followers Dstv -16295 total followers Another Round Uganda -13077 total followers Fastest growing entertainment profiles in Uganda CanaryReports +637 followers Dstv +28 followers NTV Omumuli +7 followers Another Round +6 followers Brooke and Jeffrey +3 followers Media with the largest audience NTV UGANDA -1100890 total followers Daily Monitor- 839226 total followers The New vision – 710329 total followers Fastest growing media profiles in Uganda Daily monitor +1006 followers NBS television +940 followers NTU Uganda +657 followers The New Vision +564 followers 100.2 Galaxy Fm +227 followers Places with the largest Twitter audience Legends -6476 total followers PunchlineClub -725 total followers Ranchers SF&SH-79 total followers A society with the largest audience Yoweri K Museveni-2050600 total followers Bobi wine- 933954 total followers Kizza Besigye- 613833 total followers Fastest growing society profiles in Uganda Bobi wine +2079 followers Yoweri K Museveni + 1589 followers Kizza Besigye +555 followers NRM party +212 followers FDC +202 followers MonkeyPesa is here with a ready-made Business Management Suite that helps streamline everything from Leads to Deals, Tasks, Accounts, and contacts. 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