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Top FinTechs In Ghana

What else do you know that has gone viral around the world except for fintech? Fintech stands for financial technology, which refers to a digitalized way of sending and receiving money, saving, lending, and borrowing. So basically, Fintech companies deliver all your financial demands and solutions you may need at your comfort.

The world has gone digital with everything almost being done on computers and phones; it’s for this reason that fintech does exist, fintech has utilized the presence of technology, and they are taking up the traditional banks because they are quick and offer financial solutions to all people and businesses both small and medium enterprises.

Since 1997, when the first fintech was introduced in Ghana, life has been awesome for Ghanaians since they can easily perform cashless transactions.


1. Cube Robotic Limited

A problem-solver like no other except Cube Robotics Limited uses artificial intelligence and robotics to create financial solutions for people in Ghana. CUBE’s mission is” to Unravel talents for future innovations through technology in Ghana, Africa and beyond; CUBE ROBOTICS would push to empower young ones to achieve their potentials and dreams.”

Cube's vision is “to create the ultimate brilliant experiences in the world of technology. CUBE ROBOTICS is here to lead innovation in Africa and beyond”. CUBE offers quite a several services inclusive of; robotics, finances, WeLect, Susu. Kelvin Osei Poku founded the cube in 2019.

2. PaySwitch

This provides the best alternative banking solutions to banks, money lending institutions, financial institutions, businesses, organizations, and individuals. This doesn’t not only operate in Ghana but also across the entire world.

PaySwicth allows financial transactions (sending and receiving money) taking place between individuals, then also between individuals and organizations, and also between organizations and individuals as well as between organizations themselves. Payswitch has expanded its operating system, and now they are covering commercial banks, nonbanking institutions, and telecom companies in Ghana and across West Africa. Payswitch does not only support large organizations and businesses but also startups. Ever since its establishment in 2015, PaySwictch has been and still offers financial solutions to the people of Ghana like; cards management and issuing, digital banking, fraud and risk management, loyalty schemes, ATM, smartPOS, momoPOS, ecommerce, Paylink, pay QR, mPower solutions, Automated fare collection, market place, agency banking, and finally merchant management and acquiring.