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Top FinTechs In Ghana

What else do you know that has gone viral around the world except for fintech? Fintech stands for financial technology, which refers to a digitalized way of sending and receiving money, saving, lending, and borrowing. So basically, Fintech companies deliver all your financial demands and solutions you may need at your comfort.

The world has gone digital with everything almost being done on computers and phones; it’s for this reason that fintech does exist, fintech has utilized the presence of technology, and they are taking up the traditional banks because they are quick and offer financial solutions to all people and businesses both small and medium enterprises.

Since 1997, when the first fintech was introduced in Ghana, life has been awesome for Ghanaians since they can easily perform cashless transactions.


1. Cube Robotic Limited

A problem-solver like no other except Cube Robotics Limited uses artificial intelligence and robotics to create financial solutions for people in Ghana. CUBE’s mission is” to Unravel talents for future innovations through technology in Ghana, Africa and beyond; CUBE ROBOTICS would push to empower young ones to achieve their potentials and dreams.”

Cube's vision is “to create the ultimate brilliant experiences in the world of technology. CUBE ROBOTICS is here to lead innovation in Africa and beyond”. CUBE offers quite a several services inclusive of; robotics, finances, WeLect, Susu. Kelvin Osei Poku founded the cube in 2019.

2. PaySwitch

This provides the best alternative banking solutions to banks, money lending institutions, financial institutions, businesses, organizations, and individuals. This doesn’t not only operate in Ghana but also across the entire world.

PaySwicth allows financial transactions (sending and receiving money) taking place between individuals, then also between individuals and organizations, and also between organizations and individuals as well as between organizations themselves. Payswitch has expanded its operating system, and now they are covering commercial banks, nonbanking institutions, and telecom companies in Ghana and across West Africa. Payswitch does not only support large organizations and businesses but also startups. Ever since its establishment in 2015, PaySwictch has been and still offers financial solutions to the people of Ghana like; cards management and issuing, digital banking, fraud and risk management, loyalty schemes, ATM, smartPOS, momoPOS, ecommerce, Paylink, pay QR, mPower solutions, Automated fare collection, market place, agency banking, and finally merchant management and acquiring.

3. BezoMoney Technologies Limited

Mubarak Sumaila established this in 2019 to serve Ghana’s unbanked population to have riches by saving. Bezomoney envisions to become Africa’s largest community based digital financial institution by empowering people financially through their way of life to facilitate upward social mobility using digital financial technologies.”

Products and services offered by Bezomoney under Bezo Susu include; personal savings, group savings, deposits and withdrawals, value-added packages, and pay as you go services. Bezomoney values members' accountability, the security of people’s money, transparency of transactions, and building online record history.

4. iPay solutions

This brings comfort to your door by giving up to date and modern online payments. Their payments are fast, simple, and secure, and this is what they champion, considering that it’s what people want currently.

Because of the simplicity of iPay solutions online payments, it has helped them maintain many clients. The good working relationship has kept them operating with over 4000 financial institutions and other online banking platforms. iPay solutions have confident solutions for their clients and other collaborating agencies in the same financial line, for example, iPay consumer bill pay, JHA resource center, iPay business bill pay, autobooks, iPay card Pay, iPay eBill, iPay person to person, and iPay QuickPay.

5. Zeepay Ghana Limited

This is one of the most flexible fintech in Ghana that helps you get your remittance into your mobile money phone wallet and cash out at any point, anytime, and anywhere. Zeepay aims at closing a financial and payment gap between different financial institutions through digitalization by allowing quick and easy access to finances through the use of mobile money wallets, cards, ATMs, Bank accounts, digital tokens to international money transfer operators, payments, subscriptions, international airtime, and refugee payments.

Zeepay has offices, but the main ones are in London in the United Kingdom, Accra in Ghana; however, it operates in about 23 countries across the globe and has had over 1 million transactions. Services and payments offered by zeepay are; mobile money transactions, remittance, visa direct termination, domestic transfers, micro-insurance, international airtime, payments, cash payout, termination-Bank, card, and mobile wallet. Zeepay has worked with several clients like; clear junction, taptap send, mama money, MoneyGram, Ria, shell, small world, SIC, Republic bank limited, Bank of Africa, ACE money transfer, GTBank, Ecobank, MT, Airtel, Tigo, Vodafone, and Vodacom.

6. ExpressPay

Yes, all fintech in Ghana offer good online payment services, but ExpressPay offers perfect services; just like the name sounds “ExpressPay,” its services are also express they are there, and then, that’s how we define ExpressPay. ExpressPay delivers express airtime across all mobile networks in microseconds regardless of the network you use, whether MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, or Tigo; Expresspay helps you access airtime instantly.

With ExpressPay, you can deliver your DStv, internet, and BoxOffice, and GOtv payments all the time, irrespective of where you are. ExpressPay was founded in 2012, and for more information about ExpressPay, you can email them at;, and located at 12 Senchi Street, Airport, Ghana.

7. Kwidex

This is a one in a million fintech that supports agriculture in Ghana and offers farmers to own part in agriculture's value. Kwidex aims at reducing poverty, increasing food security, and helping farmers earn extra income. Kwidex has several projects that are ongoing like; egg distribution, Brodoyedu rice plantation, Trustee farms maize, all seasons vegetable production, the goat project, paddy rice aggregation, aggregation of shea nuts-2, maize grain aggregation from smallholder farmers 5 and aggregation of shea nuts. Kwidex is a privately owned company founded in 2018 with three executive heads: Seyram Manteny, Eugene Asiedu, and Prince Asamoah.

This is how Kwidex works

It gathers funds from users or contributors for farmers and other practitioners in agriculture to support their work /projects financially; Then, in the end, the contributors get a share of the profits earned from the project they raised money for.

8. Nvoicia

After realizing that most small businesses collapse because of lack of working capital, Nvoicia came up with a solution in 2018 under Kelvin Tyron and Ndifreke Anwanakak to help small businesses get access to cash to keep their businesses running through the use of unpaid invoices. Nvoicia has been able to process over 2,086,458.71 invoices worth of millions of Ghanaian shillings and works along with 4 other industries.

Nvoicia values bills paid on time, salaries paid on time, never to let you run out of cash, health cash flow, increasing your turn over and expanding your business. The process of getting payments from your cash is simple: submitting your invoice first, then invoice verification, early payment, and finally invoice repay if your customer pays just like that and as simple as that.

9. Hubtel

When you talk about shopping and are in Ghana, please talk about Hubtel; it gets all the stores closer to you; it is fast and trusted. Hubtel does shopping and delivery for its customers for all industries, for example, electronics, babies, fashion accessories, health and fitness, clothing, food, home appliances and improvements, auto, and beauty. Hubtel also facilitates you pay-TV bills, sports betting, internet data, airtime, send money to the bank, and also does mobile money services. Hubtel was privately founded by Alex Bram in 2005 and currently employs about 100 people with over 100,868 customers.

10. BitSika

Africa’s number cash app that aligns all your financial demands in one place and gets you cleared at once; of course, we are talking about none other than BitSika. It covers a lot of things, and thus it’s the only app you need to have yourself sorted; it does small daily transactions, you can deposit and withdraw money anytime in any currency, you can send and receive money, they offer a free transaction that is up to $300 at the beginning of every month, BitSika as a wallet (allows you to deposit Cedis, Naira, Dollars, CFA), accepts social payments, crafts instant virtual visa cards, allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Buy and sell BUSD, you can also use BitSika app to buy airtime in Ghana and Nigeria, it does customer verification, customer referral and finally customer service.

BitSika was privately founded in 2017 by Atsu Davos, the Chief Executive officer; currently, it employs about 10 people with over 33.165 clients and is growing far better than most fintech in Ghana.

Wow, it’s quite interesting how fintech is growing so fast in Ghana; I hope Ghanaians utilize them for their own benefit and building a future they wish to see ahead.

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