• Ssemujju Lewis E

Tips On How To Manage A Sales Team Remotely

The Corona Virus pandemic is indeed holding the world hostage and now more than ever, sales managers need to adapt to ways of how to manage sales teams remotely.

Just because the physical meeting is minimal, it does not mean people do not want services. Therefore, if you can manage sales teams remotely and have them going about their activities, there will be next to no difference to when the world was open to movement and not in COVID-19 Quarantine and lockdown.

Say bye to the office cubicles because you won’t need them in a minute and get to manage your sales team remotely. The numbers are in favor of this change:

“As of 2019, the amount of companies with a remote workforce is getting larger. 66% of companies allow remote work, and 16% are fully remote.”

With the advancement of technology, sales teams working remotely is possible. You can have your sales teams happier and more motivated when working around spaces they consider private – with only one goal, deliverables.

“A Stanford University research study found that employees are 13% more productive when working remotely. “

The big advantage of having remote teams is savings. Office overhead is a massive expense to cover; office space becomes ostentatious and you can do away with it.

Tips To Help You Manage Sales Teams Remotely

It is no walk in the park. Like assimilating to a new habitat, it takes time to get comfortable with the surroundings but hey, it can be done. As sales managers, you can employ these tools and manage sales teams remotely, and reap hugely.

1. Embrace Technology

The first thing you and your sales team need to understand is Technology is going to come into play more often than not.

And yes, even salespeople need technology. Many parts of the sales process are becoming automated, thus quicker and easier for your salespeople to complete.

One quick realization is that Salespeople need CRM. As a sales manager, you will be able to keep up with the steps taken by your team, without necessarily physically being in the same room.

The key to bringing technology into your sales team’s efforts is to ensure it works seamlessly with the tools and systems your team already has set in place.

Also key is to always be on the lookout for the latest developments to ensure your team continues to be as productive and efficient as possible.

When time is money, your sales team must find effective CRM strategies to work more efficiently and boost productivity.

Enter Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Fortunately, CRM performs data analytics to map patterns and predicament trends, line up leads, improve efficiency, and track customers. And given that salespeople have been collecting information about their clients, it helps streamline the entire sales cycle.

CRM is an amazing tool to help you manage sales teams remotely  and the most difficult part of integrating sales with CRM is deciding to adopt CRM. Going forth, it is a smooth ride. Salespeople often see CRM as another tool, as more work and just another way for their bosses to keep track of their work.

Most companies work in the cloud. Storage providers, like Google or Box, allow your employees to log in securely and view any data. It seems cloud computing has diminished the need to have remote workers on a virtual private network (VPN) but they can still be set up for additional access, security, and control.