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TikTok Has Now been Made Available For Android TV

One of the most popular apps, TikTok, has now been made available on the Play Store for the Chromecast with Google TV. Currently, the app is available not only on google’s devices but also in specific regions. However, it would take some time before you find it on other streaming devices that support Chromecast.

This was reported by Android Police, who claim that one can jump in to watch videos or sign in to your account to watch your curated list. Luckily, the sign-in process is pretty easy. All one has to do is press the up navigation button to bring up the sign-in option and enter a code or scan a QR code.

The controls on the TV app are also quite straight forward. The right and left buttons will let you swipe between videos, with the “More” button revealing other options.

However, the videos will look quite familiar as they are in portrait mode like they are on smartphones. It would be interesting to see whether this opens up a chance for the app to start supporting videos taken in landscape mode.

So, it is pretty clear that TikTok is trying to compete for your attention on not just your phone but also other bigger screens. If you cannot find it on your device currently, you might want to give sideloading a go since there is a version of it on APK Mirror.

Source: Gadget Africa

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