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Telegram Surpasses TikTok and Signal To Be The Most Downloaded App

It seems like every week; there’s a new leader in the app leaderboard when it comes to downloads. A few months ago, when everything was silent and wanted home entertainment, TikTok took the show. Now that everyone is talking about security, apps like Signal are taking the cake. In a shocking turn of events, Telegram is now the number one most downloaded app in the world.

Notebook Check, citing data from mobile analyst firm Sensor Tower, reports Telegram is now number 1 on a list of most downloaded non-gaming apps globally. It’s also number 1 on Google Play and number 4 on the App Store.

According to Sensor Tower's report, the telegram has become the most downloaded non-gaming app overall in January 2021, leaving TikTok behind. Compared with last year, the messaging platform recorded 6.3 million installs, 3.8 times more than January 2020. As WhatsApp’s new privacy policies caused a stir among users, it appears to have definitely benefited Telegram, which has gained further acceptance, earlier being seen somewhat as a niche app or one for below-the-radar activities.

In December 2020, Sensor Tower placed Telegram at #9 on the same list, with WhatsApp and Instagram holding steady at #3 and #4. They’ve since fallen to #5 and #6, with Signal rising to #3. For the time being, it looks like Telegram is king.

However, not only Telegram but Signal is another messaging platform that experienced a massive boost in downloads. After Facebook-owned WhatsApp updated its terms of service user agreement seeking permission from customers to share their data with Facebook, the users started looking for alternatives. “Use Signal,” the Tesla Inc. and SpaceX chief executive officer (CEO) Elon Musk wrote on Twitter on Jan. 7, which prompted thousands of users to switch their accounts from WhatsApp to Signal over privacy concerns.

On January 16, messaging app Signal appeared to be down just a day after millions of users downloaded it. Over 2,000 reports were received by the users experiencing the issues as they were unable to send messages on both the mobile and desktop apps. According to the estimates in India, Signal was downloaded by 3 million people. Signal posted a series of tweets and acknowledged the issue. The company was experiencing technical difficulties and working hard to restore the service as quickly as possible.

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