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Success story: How Ecopharm Pharmacies is using the MonkeyPesa CRM to retain its customers

Ecopharm Pharmacies is a leading private chain of pharmacies in Uganda, with 19 branches in Kampala, Entebbe and Wakiso. Ecopharm prides itself on offering superior service and knowledge to its customers, as well as a wide range of quality medicines, healthcare and beauty products.

However, Ecopharm faced a challenge of maintaining customer loyalty and repeat purchases in a competitive market. The pharmacy chain needed a way to communicate effectively with its customers and provide them with personalized offers and reminders based on their needs and preferences.

Ecopharm Pharmacies team meeting MonkeyPesa
Ecopharm team meeting MonkeyPesa

That's why Ecopharm decided to use the MonkeyPesa CRM, a powerful software that helps sales teams to strengthen relationships and close more sales with ease. MonkeyPesa CRM allows Ecopharm to manage its contacts, leads and companies from one place, as well as to send automated SMS and email campaigns to its customers.

One of the key features that Ecopharm uses is the marketing automation tool, which enables them to create custom workflows and triggers for different scenarios. For example, Ecopharm has set up an SMS strategy where each customer that comes in receives a chain of SMS messages, the first being a thank you message and others based on what condition is being treated. This way, Ecopharm can provide relevant information and tips to its customers, as well as remind them of their next refill or appointment.

The results have been impressive. Ecopharm has seen an increase in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, as well as a boost in sales and revenue. According to a survey conducted by Ecopharm, 90% of their customers reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the SMS service, 80% said they would recommend Ecopharm to their friends and family, and 70% said they made more purchases from Ecopharm after receiving the SMS messages. By using the MonkeyPesa CRM, Ecopharm has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors and create phenomenal customer experiences.

MonkeyPesa CEO at Ecopharm Pharmacies Headquarters

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