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Canary Hotel made over 500X Return on Investment (ROI) the first month the deployed the MonkeyPesa Sales AI. Here is how:

Updated: Jan 31

Canary Hotel is a Boutique hotel attracting mid range and high end customers from all over the world that want a premium stay in Kampala. The Hotel has 30+ rooms ranging from $80 to $1500 per night that you can book through their website

The Problem:

Canary hotel was looking for new customers to either book their rooms, their space for conferences or their gardens located in Kyanja for weddings and parties. They were looking to attract either companies (both locally and from all over Africa) and individuals the stayed around Kyanja.

They had already explored running facebook ads and by they time they approached MonkeyPesa to try out the MonkeyPesa sales AI.

How they used MonkeyPesa:

In MonkeyPesa they ran automations targeting different groups of individuals and companies:

When it came to companies, they targeted Manufacturing companies, NGO's, banks, churches and telecoms. They were communicating that the Canary hotel was available for end of year events.

Results (Month 1):

With MonkeyPesa AI, Canary Hotel got 880 leads that fit their criteria. From the 880 leads they were able to close sales totaling $2580 in their first month. This may not seem like a big deal until you find out that they got all this after subscribing for the smallest package of $69.99

Results (Month 2)

In month 2, some of the companies they got from Month 1 still sent them new business. It was an even better month for them as they made $8200.

In just 2 months, they have made almost $11,000 from leads directly from the MonkeyPesa AI


We are exploring how much more of an impact MonkeyPesa AI will have to the hospitality space. Subscribe to stay up to date with MonkeyPesa.

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