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Safe Boda Not So Safe

The hits just keep coming!

Safe Boda has been under the microscope over the allegation that they sell customer data, and after they were vindicated, they have responded with updated terms on privacy.

In July 2020, Unwanted Witness Uganda, a civil society organization — published a report that exposed Uganda’s leading ride-hailing company SafeBoda – for sharing user’s data with 3rd-parties without their permission.

Today, NITA released a report absolving Safeboda of any wrongdoing, saying the company did not sell any customer data.

"We would like to thank NITA-U and Unwanted Witness for their recommendations to improve our privacy policies to protect Users’ rights. We have now improved the wording of our policies, and we are proud to be a role model in the ecosystem, and paving the way for Ugandan start-ups," a statement from Safe Boda read.

In response to the NITA-U report, Safe Boda has updated their privacy terms in a fashion that throws the client off the rails.

In many users' nature, it is not to read the terms and conditions of the services they use, but this particular incident has raised eyebrows. In hindsight, the customer is on their own.

Courtesy Photo - Nuwaha Godwin

Let us look into the contentiousTerms and Conditions” that Safe Boda is fronting:

  1. We do not provide the supply of goods, food, or transportation services, and we are not a transportation carrier or food vendor.

  2. It is up to the driver or supplier to decide whether to offer a ride or provide any service to a User contacted through the SafeBoda Application, and it is up to the User to decide whether or not to accept any goods or services from any goods or service provider contacted through the SafeBoda Application.

  3. Any decision by a user to accept any goods or services once such User is matched through the SafeBoda Application is a decision made at such User’s sole discretion. SafeBoda offers information and a method to connect SafeBoda and Users with each other, but does not provide or intend to provide any services or act in a manner as a food supplier or transportation carrier, and bears no responsibility or liability for any services provided to any User by any service provider using the SafeBoda application.

  4. We will not be liable for any damages, direct, incidental, and or consequential, arising out of the use of SafeBoda, including, without limitation, damages arising out of communicating and or meeting with other participants of SafeBoda, or introduced to you via SafeBoda. Such damages include and are not limited to physical damages, bodily injuries, death, and emotional distress and discomfort.

  5. We have no responsibility whatsoever for the actions or conduct of any service providers or Users. We have no obligation to intervene in any way in disputes that may arise between drivers, riders, or third parties. Responsibility for the decisions made regarding providing or accepting transportation rests solely with the User.

  6. By using the SafeBoda App, the User consents to SafeBoda collecting, using, and processing of my data for analytical and marketing purposes and acknowledges that the data may be transferred out any data processing.

To sum the 6 pointers up, if anything happens to you or your order in transit, Safe Boda does not owe you any explanations whatsoever. It is between you and the rider or third-party service provider.

What was your first reaction to the new terms? Leave a comment and tell us your reaction.

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