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MonkeyPesa Partners with Tripesa to expand the marketing software to the Tourism space

Tripesa is a no code website builder that provides a simple plug and play website for the Tourism industry players. The platform integrates online payments, ability to take and manage bookings and sev

eral editable templates that tours and travel agencies, hotels, airlines and other players in the Tourism space can use to manage their businesses online.

Tripesa is currently being used by over 500 businesses across Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, UAE and Germany

Monkeypesa is partnering with Tripesa to fill the marketing gap that the tourism based companies need. The MonkeyPesa platform provides a CRM and a powerful marketing engine that integrates email marketing, SMS marketing, Webinars, Social media marketing platform, joint inbox and more tools companies in the Tours and travel space need to grow.

For businesses using Tripesa, they will also be able to get a discounted rate to the MonkeyPesa platform.

We are excited to see how the partnership evolves

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