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Marketing Freebies To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

An email newsletter list is a robust list of people you send emails. Developing an email newsletter list is a good marketing strategy to get you heavy conversions are once done as annual practice.

Freebies can excite people about the prospect of being part of your subscribers and what more goodies they will receive.

Marketing Freebies To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

1. Online Classes

We're in the era of digital migration. Everything can be done online, even classes. Your company can add subscribers to its email list by offering online masterclasses. Take MonkeyPesa, for example. MonkeyPesa has many classes under the MonkeyPesa Academy that can provide you with sales, marketing and customer support knowledge.

2. Audio Files

The era of podcasting and audio learning is upon us. Audio files are so convenient that you can listen to that content while on the go.

3. Free subscription

No matter what you’re selling, offering your users a free trial would make them feel more confident about purchasing with you. If you provided a free subscription to your product or paid content, when users sign up for your blog with their email, you could win their trust. It brings these users onto your email list and makes them understand your product better.

Most content-based subscription companies, including Spotify, have used this tactic of giving a free trial to their services, letting them communicate with their customers via email, further solidifying the relationship.

4. Case studies

This is proof that everything you are saying is true and works. Your future customers love real evidence that your products and services are effective. A case study is a great way to communicate the substance behind your offering while attracting people to sign up for your email list.

Make it downloadable and format-adjustable. There should be multiple formats of these case studies to cater to all forms your audience seeks,. This can be an infographic or an ebook.

5. Live interaction

Don't be too busy for your clients. Make yourself available to chat, discuss your products and be ready to provide real-time information on what the clients may be looking for. Users can leave their email addresses and sign up for the newsletter to register and confirm a timeline for their interactions with you.

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