• Ntende Kenneth

Facebook User Statistics You Need To Know About Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries that are slowly embracing high usage of internet and social media in Africa and the globe, with its fastest growing social media platform used by the majority as Facebook.

In Uganda, social media is currently one of the most trending things that keep Ugandans busy and occupies most of their time. In Uganda, the most commonly used social media platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn but still facebook leads or heads.

Facebook has turned out to be one of the most interesting media platforms to Ugandans because of the posts that are uploaded of which some of them are fun thus tend to be liked by the majority, and therefore Ugandans currently use Facebook in a bid to reduce boredom, for news, for business, politics, and promotions.

Facebook is a commonly used and followed social networking site popular in Uganda and is mostly used by the young generation. It calls them teenagers and millennials, especially those still in school, university students, and the young working-class below 50 years.

A deeper understanding of Facebook statistics in Uganda

As years go by, the number of internet users, as well as social media users, also keeps increasing; for example, it is estimated that;

· In Uganda, as of August 2012, the number of Facebook users was 438,360 with over 5 million internet users and

· The number had risen to 562,240 Facebook subscribers by December 31, 2012, with1.7% penetration rate, while internet users were 5 292,488 by December 31, 2013.

The number of Facebook users and internet users in Uganda keeps on growing for every year that goes by

· By august 2015, Uganda had over 1,100,000 facebook user accounts representing 3% of its total population of 35 million.

According to the Africa Internet Users, Facebook and 2016 Population Statistics;

· There were 2.2 million Facebook users in Uganda. Of whom, 1.5 million are active users, but most of the Facebook users log in using a mobile device.

· There were 2,379 000 Facebook users in Uganda by January 2019, which accounted for 5.1% of its entire population.

The majority of them were men