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Questions to ask a prospect to help you validate if they will purchase your product/service or not.

Not every lead you get will convert into a sale. In fact most leads will not turn into sales at the end of the day.

It becomes important that you validate if a prospect will convert or not early enough so you do not waste time or money in holding several meetings if the customer won't convert in the first place.

These are some of the top questions you can ask prospects early enough to validate if they will purchase from you or not:

1) The budget question:

Verifying if the person or company has the budget to purchase your product or service early enough will save you a lot of time and resources. Even large corporations work within a budget so knowing if the funds are available or not goes a long way toward helping you understand whether a sale will close or not.

Pause the question to the company or person you are selling to asking them

Question: "Is the budget even available in the first place or what budget had you factored in to purchase this product/service"

Knowing this gives you a go-ahead or a pause in chasing that deal.

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2) The Authority question:

Verify early enough if the person you are talking to is the decision maker. The worst thing that could happen to you as a salesperson is spending 7 weeks talking to a secretary (thinking she is the person to help close the deal) yet the decision to buy your product or service is made between the finance manager and the general manager.

Right from the first conversation you have especially, you have ask the person you are talking to this question: "is there anyone else we need to involve in this conversation to make the decision to buy our product or service"

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3) The need question:

Quite often, many salespeople go straight to selling their product or service. Spend the first few minutes of the first call validating if the person you are selling to even has the problem which you are providing a solution for.

4) The Timing question:

Usually, this question comes after getting responses to questions 1,2 & 3 Ask your prospect something as simple as:

"Since you think this is relevant to you, when should we close this so you can begin solving the product?"

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