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How to Generate App specific passwords for Gmail, Outlook, Zoho and More email services

MonkeyPesa relies on SMTP to send emails through automations, email blasts and in the CRM. In order to get approval from your email and this is configured via the app password. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to generate app passwords from the different email services available. But before we get started, this is what is needed from you in order to generate an app password:

a) You need to have enabled 2FA for you to be able to create an app password.

To generate app specific password for Gmail

  • Select 'Other (Custom Name)' option from 'Select App' drop down and then enter 'MonkeyPesa' as the app name and click Generate. 

  • Copy and paste this password into the Password text box for configuration in MonkeyPesa.

  • Enter the password in the email sender section on MonkeyPesa

To generate app specific password for Microsoft 365

If you wish to configure your Microsoft 365 account in MonkeyPesa, and you have the Multi-factor authentication service enabled for it, follow the instructions below to generate the app-specific password for your Microsoft 365 account.


To generate app-specific password for Microsoft 365

  • Click the app passwords option.

  • In the Create app password popup, enter id for the password. This is for you to remember why you created it.

To generate app specific password for Zoho Mail

  • Copy and paste the unique app-specific password generated into the Password text box for configuration on MonkeyPesa

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