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Everything You Need To Know About Inbound Sales Matrix

It takes extra effort to turn a prospect into a buying customer; it’s never easy; it’s a long process that you have to navigate to have that prospect as a buying customer. Sometimes they refuse to buy at the very last end. Don’t you think this is so frustrating? Ohm, yes, it is.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time on one prospect convincing them to buy, and you leave out many other opportunities which would even be far way better; well, that’s done! The sales matrix is here to help you take advantage of different options, promote your prospecting efforts, save your time and resources.

Sales matrix refers to an instrument designed to aid you in measuring the need and the feasibility of sales opportunities or prospects who are very much likely to be turned into feasible customers. The sales matrix helps you by highlighting a little about whether the prospect will be a buying customer or not by showing you their interest and the capability to buy the product or service. This is very good for sales representatives because it helps you not spend a lot of time on people who are not interested in your business and won’t support you.

Matrices allow you to discover the whole concern and potential of prospects regarding purchasing your products /services so that you can be able to divide the time accordingly, where to put what resources, and in which amounts? Inbound prospecting matrix considers the potential fit and concern as key regarding choosing prospects by looking at specifics like company size, twelve-monthly revenue, industry/sector, and purchasing ability. In contrast, the company might have the potential to purchase, but the interest/concern and desirability of what you have to offer means a lot. For example, if the products you offer are not necessary to the company, they might not support you. That mainly means that you have to do a lot to convince and nurture the company/lead /prospect to buy your product.

This can help categorize who to go with and who to leave behind, who give your attention, and who to remove while choosing prospects.

· Prospects who are a good fit but not interest you can continue to nurture them

· Those who are neutral but not interested continue to nurture them

· Then those who are a bad fit and not interested remove immediately

· Prospects that are neutral and a good fit contact them

· Those with the neutral fit and neutral interest you can continue to nurture them

· Those with neutral interest but a bad fit remove them immediately

· Those showing interest and a good fit contact them immediately

· Then those who are interested but still in a neutral fit you can continue to nurture them

· Then a prospect who is interested but a bad fit you can also continue to nurture them slowly by slowly

Importance of sales matrix

A sales matrix is an important core tool that every sales representative should not waste time on prospects that are not worth it. Here a few highlights about the importance of the sales matrix.

· Aids a sales representative to know which leads to being reached out to first and made number one priority.

· Helps a sales rep point out prospects that are not worth their time, and those are friendly and more likely to appreciate the sales representative's efforts.

· Also helps sales reps know which prospects need a little nurturing and which ones need a lot of time and attention to be convinced.

Here is how you can figure out whether a company/prospect is a good fit for your products/services.

All that is required of you here is knowing which companies or businesses can benefit your product, ask yourself whether your product can really help a prospect? What problem can it address, and in how long? Where can I find my real wanting and a must support customers, and who are they? After finding out about all that, you will know which companies or businesses you have to target to sell your products in a blink of an eye.

We are figuring out whether a company has an interest in your product/service. Here is how you can do it?

The whole view of interest gives you a clue whether the company/business or prospect will be a feasible customer or not, and this is how you can measure part;

Website and landing page visits are some of the aspects that show the interest of a company/prospect in your product; filling and leaving behind their details on that email subscription form too shows interest and would be quite useful if you also showed how much you are interested in them as well by following up with the prospect and continuing to advertise to them.

Getting started with an inbound sales matrix, here is what you can do to get the best and a perfect fit prospect (s) who are interested in your business.

1. Unveil companies that are checking upon on your website/ landing page

To figure out companies or individuals that have been visiting your website, you can check in your prospects settings to find those who made recent visits and checkups with your website or landing page (if at all you have one), those records are always captured for you to review and know what activities were taking place or what has been done on your website.

2. Find out companies that are a good fit

After perusing through and checking out all companies/individuals (prospects) that have visited your website, I assume that now you know what each of them and now the task left is choosing one that is a good fit for your products. There are different concepts you can consider to analyze critically which company/prospect would be a good fit for your products, for example; what the company does, where it is located, how big or small is the company, how many times /often has this company visited my website or landing page, what was it looking for and when did they last check my website and more other things to consider. Such can help you figure out whether the prospect is interested in your products or not. Still, additionally, you can go ahead to contact them directly either by phone call, text message, social media, or even emails and finally, you can add them to your inbound prospecting matrix cart as your immediate contacts if you are sure that you are likely to close a deal with them.

3. Get alerted when those specific prospects visit your website/landing page

Depending on the management software tool you are using, you can always receive alerts when those interested in your products visit your website. You can check out the pages they reached out to, what they were specifically looking for, how much time they spent checking out the website, and where they spent a reasonable amount of time while on your website. This whole information will help you measure their level of interest, what the prospect wants and guide you on how accurately and when to reach out to each of them.

In conclusion, bear in mind that the inbound sales prospecting matrix is not just about the number of how many prospects you have reached out to, but it’s about the number of prospects who you turned into practical customers; I, therefore, recommend all sales reps to embrace the use of this tool since helps you sieve out and differentiate those who are a good fit with interest and ready to buy your products from those who are just there without interest or neutral, this is very good because it helps you save time as well as resources.

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