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What Is Inbound Marketing?

With the current sales trend, you have got to be part of a solution rather than a problem.

An innovative and creative entrepreneur usually associates him or herself with the solution and stays far away from the problems. This is what customers want. A customer wants a business person who will help them generate a reliable and sustainable solution rather than the one who brings havoc.

Inbound marketing is all about creating relevant information to the client’s needs, what they expect from you, what they actually want, and what you have to deliver—this kind of marketing roll around aiding clients to locate your business. Most clients who purchase goods from suppliers who use inbound marketing means have not had the first initial contact with the product but rather get to know about the products through different means, such as social media.

It’s been proven that most customers make decisions to purchase goods due to brand preference, and this might come as a result of inbound marketing; such purchase decisions is what every other company would wish to have since it increases sales deals, more profits, and more revenue earned for the company in the long run. Inbound marketing is the way to go if you are looking at making more revenue and profits; this is because it is made easy by the fact that your products and services are made available everywhere, and they are just right before your clients or target populations.

With Inbound marketing, leads and prospects come organically; there is little or no spending while advertising. This is one of the core things that make it more profitable, more revenue carrying than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing pulls customers closer, thus bringing the right people to your desk; this could be your present and future customers who will continue supporting your business.

With robust inbound marketing, customers, leads, or prospects are free to continue engaging with your business brand, and this is more likely to increase social media shares, brand awareness, search engine optimization, more leads and prospects, conversion of leads into purchasing buyers, and customer retention as well. A combination of the few things makes inbound marketing more preferable and more flexible currently than outbound marketing. For that reason, outbound marketing is slowly fading out.

What renders inbound marketing a preferable method to outbound marketing is that customers have all details about a species before they go for it or make a purchase decision. Inbound marketing provides information about the product virtually, for example, the product's price, reviews from the people who had used the product before, and their experiences, and this information is key for inbound marketing.

In simple terms, inbound marketing involves creating an online presence for your business. Inbound marketing helps promote business growth through marketing tools and processes that help you pull more leads, prospects, and clients to be part of your business, connect with it through purchasing and buying, grow more profits. In the long run, it will grow your business as well.

Additionally, inbound marketing majorly looks at crafting content that attracts customers towards the services and products of your business. Most likely, customers want to be especially if the content you put outmatches their interests, where content goes along with what customers wish to see or attract traffic, which might be later turned into supporting customers. Prospects become supportive customers only when trust, credibility, brand awareness, and value are earned.

What is unique about inbound marketing and what sets it apart from outbound marketing is that you have to start and follow the initial steps right from the start to closing the deal with inbound marketing. These follow each other like;

  • Attracting the public or strangers to products and services and then converting them into prospects.

  • Engaging prospects and leads to convert them into paying customers.

  • Delighting paying customers into promoters and referrals who will bring more clients to your business.

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Core channels to use if you are targeting inbound marketing

· Blogs

· E-books

· Case studies

· Guides

· Social media posts

· Opt-in emails

· Videos

· Webinars

· Reviews

· Press releases

· Podcasts

· Websites

Marketing has different meanings to different people, such as consumers, a shopping trip to the market, a farmer, etc. To a farmer, marketing may be associated with loading a product onto a truck for a trip to urban centers. On the other hand, middlemen such as retailers, wholesalers, and processors may see marketing as a process of gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors, increasing their market share and customer satisfaction.

For this time, we shall define marketing as the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers or manufacturers to consumers or final users.

The marketing process begins at the point of production and continues until a consumer or customer buys the final product or services.

All in all, it is marketing, and the good thing about it is that it all aims at attracting and bringing customers into your business; this is the major aim of marketing, whether inbound marketing or outbound marketing, but today’s focus is majorly on inbound marketing so now let us get to the essence of inbound marketing and why would businesses opt for inbound marketing.

What is the importance of inbound marketing to a business?

1. By inbound marketing, a company can attract potential customers interested and searching for the services that a company is offering.

2. After all, if there’s a need for relevant information from companies or service providers. The company should create content that lines up with its customer’s desires, and it can also attract near- or in-market visitors to its website.

3. Another advantage of inbound market is to help a company, or a business set a target on how your company can provide useful and actionable content and build widely known brands by providing numerous values through inbound marketing content.

4. Allows advertisers to target only the audience they select, which is the main reason why online advertising is such a popular method for lead generation.

5. Inbound marketing can also be used by a business to measure success, as advertising campaigns attribute dollar amounts to sales to simplify ad tracking.

Success strategies in inbound marketing

1. Make use of good search engine Optimization; a good SEO is a driver to the success of your business because when customers search for your products from Google, a good SEO will appear on the first page of Google, thus improving your chances of being found through Google.

2. Invest in your content and make sure that it is of value; to attract a good audience through inbound marketing, you must have outstanding. Your content must be bearing the information that your target audience wishes to see or content that will help them address their issues.

3. Deploy the consistent use of social media; as you have already seen above some of the inbound marketing channels, the use of inbound marketing literally calls for massive use of social media to advertise and attract leads or prospects.

4. Have content for each selling stage; you should have content for different stages of selling with inbound marketing; the content you use to generate leads must be different from the content you have to use while closing a deal.

5. Know your customers' journey and what they want; before you help a customer address their problem, you must first find out what he or she wants; otherwise, you will solve something that is not of your customer’s interest, and of course, a customer will render it as a waste of time.

What is the ripe time for you to use inbound marketing?

  • When you are sure that your product is highly considered and appreciated.

  • When you are ready to accept the fact that sales won’t happen overnight

  • When your products are of a high value with a long sales cycle

  • When you have already spend lots of money on lead generation

  • When you are ready to make your customers experience the best of all

  • When you have something different and unique from what your other competitors have.

Here are some of the issues that inbound marketing can help you fix;

1. Little or no existing brand awareness of your products and services; inbound marketing can help you solve issues rotating around brand awareness on the market. When you use inbound marketing, you need to have the right content and the perfect SEO, which will help you get found easily on Google.

2. Improving brand preference; because you are pulling customers closer to yourself exactly, they will tell you what they want from you, give you a few of their tastes and preferences, and that will guide you on knowing where to concentrate and focus most and perhaps your customer’s area of interest and that will help get right with brand preference.

3. Limited budget; with inbound marketing, you really don’t need dollars to get it started because most of the leads are generally organically without investing any single penny.

4. Lead generation; as earlier said, when you are to go in for inbound marketing, you must recognize that making sales doesn’t just happen overnight, and so goes the same as for lead generation. You can’t just generate leads in one or two weeks; this requires you have a bit of patience because inbound marketing is a long-term investment that builds itself over time.

In conclusion, there is a lot more to discover about inbound marketing and what it can do for you as a businessman in the future; we will tackle more about it.

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