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What Is A Sales Matrix?

Updated: Jul 7

Sales prospects are different in behavior. Therefore, they need special and particular attention. Opportunities are at different stages and need to be pursued.

The better way to assess the degree of urgency in dealing with a particular prospect is by employing the sales matrix.

What is a sales matrix?

The easiest way to understand a sales matrix is that it is a tool used to help you determine the seriousness and viability of sales opportunities. The sales matrix helps you assess the level of interest that prospective customers have in your offering. The customer’s level of interest determines how much attention they will be given.

While assessing the fit for your company, concerning interest, you categorize a client based on industry, size, location, or some combination; you should be able to fit them into your matrix and match them with the preferred solutions.

The relevance of a sales matrix

Traditional prospecting is more intended for finding out if individual companies are a good fit for your product.

Strong sales skills can help you close deals, build relationships, and increase overall productivity in the sales process. A sales matrix can help you build and assess these skills. An individual can use a sales matrix as a self-assessment tool. It is an indicator of performance and can show you where improvement is needed. On a larger scale, managers and business owners can use the sales matrix to gauge and compare the performances of the different sales personnel.

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There are tells from which you can know that these companies are interested in your product, and an excellent place to start is the website visits. If you can track and identify these visits, you can tell who is interested and what exactly they are looking for. It can be as simple as the more visits to the website, the more willing to buy what you are selling.

Types Of Sales Matrices

A variety of matrices exist, each designed to track different aspects of the sales process.

  • Lead tracking matrix: A lead tracking matrix is used to track prospects that have been identified as potential customers. It