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Update Your Privacy Policy Or Lose Your Account - WhatsApp Says

It is no longer a secret that WhatsApp updated their privacy policy and almost got away with it had it not been for more than a few woke users.

Originally, users had until February 8 to accept the new terms. This deadline was extended to 15th May 2021, and WhatsApp has indicated that users may not access their WhatsApp accounts if they do not accept the new terms and agreements.

There should be a grace period for users to adjust, but that too shall end, and you will either be getting on board or lose your WhatsApp access for good.

According to Whatsapp’s FAQ section, by May 15th, Whatsapp will offer limited functionalities to users who do not agree to its new terms and privacy policy. Users will be “able to receive calls and notifications,” but they “won’t be able to read or send messages” anymore. During this period, Whatsapp’s policy related to inactive users will apply.

The policy states that a user’s account will be available for 120 days, after which Whatsapp will automatically delete it.

During this period, users will agree to the new policy or export their data from WhatsApp or even go ahead and delete their WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp’s updated policy says that it may share your information with its family of companies to “facilitate, support and integrate their activities and improve our services.” They have been doing this for a while. This saw Tesla's Elon Musk recommend another Messaging App, Signal. Telegram is the other substitute for WhatsApp that's been making rounds.

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