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Top Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading

As a salesperson, you want to be improving your craft. The easiest solution is picking from the same playbook as the successful salespeople. They are reading from the sales blogs on the internet.

The more you learn, the more you earn - Warren Buffet.

If you are here, you should be going ahead to bookmark these sites because you will need these particular sales blogs to take your game a notch higher.

The best sales blog today

1. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a darling for B2B sales representatives.

Sales Hacker launched a community element for sales pros to ask questions, discuss tactics and more. Sales Hacker has fast emerged as a powerful hub of all things sales with content across blog posts, on-demand webinars, videos, e-books and more. The Sales Hacker B2B Sales Blog has content covering various topics from social selling, account-based selling to customer success.

2. MonkeyPesa

New kids on the block always make for a perfect story when they breakthrough. MonkeyPesa has an assortment of information - an entrepreneur's dream. The content is divided appropriately to cater to what the customer is looking for. A media arm with content that business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals trust to make business decisions, an academy where professionals trust the content on sales, marketing and customer support to make business decisions and business software: they are building a range of software to help you or your company do better at marketing, sales, and customer support.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot has long been a juggernaut in the marketing content space. That’s not surprising coming for the company that basically helped bring content marketing into the mainstream.

In recent years, Hubspot has turned its well-oiled content machine toward sales and quickly became a must-read top sales blog for sales professionals. With a wide variety of topics and a high volume of content, we guarantee that a stop at the Hubspot Sales Blog will deliver a new tip or resource.

4. Salesfolk

If you’re looking to improve your sales email skills, the SalesFolk blog has you covered. They provide cold email examples (and not just the good, but also the ugly), suggestions, and new ideas.

They even have a category called “Hall of Shame” where they share the worst prospecting emails (ouch!). Just ensure you don’t make the same cold email mistakes.

5. Buffer

All social everything! What to love the most about Buffer is their transparency. They are not afraid to share their data, what they’ve failed at, and what they’ve learned. They have a buzzing community of people who want to discuss what they’ve learned from the Buffer blog. Chat with Buffer’s content creators and grow in a fun, exciting community! They encourage those who have been successful in sharing tips on how the rest can be helped.

6. OpenView Venture Partners

OpenView Venture Partners is an expansion-stage venture firm with experience in investing and building sales teams for early-stage software companies.

They share insights and actionable advice for sales managers on their blog, including using metrics to ramp up your sales team, selling to enterprise customers, product-led growth, and more.

7. Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue, founded by Aaron Ross, is an outbound success company, helping companies – like Uber, Oracle, SAP, and startups – avoid expensive mistakes in building outbound programs. The Predictable Revenue blog covers topics such as building scalable and predictable revenue teams, nailing your niche, hiring and people issues, business metrics and building a scalable outbound prospecting program.

8. Heinz Marketing

This marketing and sales blog provides insights and resources that can benefit marketing and sales professionals alike from inbound to account-based sales and prospecting. It also has several unique recurring series like “How I Work” and “App of the Week” and comes in various formats, including video and podcasts.

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