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Top FinTech Companies In Kenya

Financial evolution is now the thing. Of course, this has not left Kenya behind; financial technology companies are evolving in Kenya, targeting Kenya’s growing population, especially those who don't use banks. The fact that several people in Kenya don’t use banks; has favored the explosion of these financial technology companies.

In Kenya, financial technology companies are increasing day by day. So far, they seem to be a threat to the traditional banks as most people seem to be abandoning banks while concentrating more on financial technology companies and are becoming more popular in Kenya.

Financial technology companies in Kenya seem to be so convenient to the population. They are creating several financial solutions, such as mobile money, investing, lending, paying bills, buying insurance, and investing in the stock market. Online payment processing and doesn't require having a bank account. Fintechs have addressed more lagging gaps within Kenya’s banks and the financial sector as a whole.

According to MonkeyPesa, Fintech means financial technology which refers to the technology used in delivering financial services without using the traditional banking methods.

Top 10 Fintech companies in Kenya

1. Abacus

The 10-year experienced fintech licensed by Nairobi Securities Exchange as a data vendor is an agent for Genghis Capital Limited, Sanlam, and Old Mutual Limited. Abacus goes ahead to offer a better life to Kenyans by advising them to save and invest in places that give the best returns for their money.

Abacus fights for the rights of all Kenyans and wishes them to grow; therefore, they have quite several products and services they offer to Kenyans to help them grow and explore, for example; stocks(having shares in companies that you know and love), bills and bonds, unit Trusts, pension funds, foreign currency, and cryptocurrency. Abacus can deliver all those services incorporations with Kenya’s largest financial institutions.

2. BitPesa

The eight-year-old digital foreign exchange and payment platform was the first blockchain company licensed by the UK’s financial conduct authority. BitPesa leverages blockchain settlement to significantly lower the cost and increase business payments speed to and from frontier markets.

BitPesa operates in most African markets and has opened quite a several opportunities, payments, and trade between Africa and the rest of the world. BitPesa allows you to send money to several countries like; Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many others using mobile money or banks. Currently, BitPesa has offices in several countries, including Lagos (Nigeria), London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Dakar, and many more. For further information and inquiries about BitPesa, you can contact them through their website; info@bitpesa.co.

3. Branch international