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Top Customer Software In Zambia

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Having reliable customer support software that supports your day-to-day work reduces the load of tasks that have to be accomplished. In addition, using customer service software to manage customer relationships helps the business keep pace with client needs while giving a unique and excellent customer service experience.

Customer service software tools automate tasks, especially administrative manual tasks that need a lot of time. This helps to free some time for agents and reps to focus on more revenue-generating activities for the business. Additionally, using service software reduces costs since you don’t need to hire many sales reps and agents to do the work.

All you need is to understand the nature of your business, business goals and your clients’ needs and then find appropriate software suitable for your business to help you manage customer relationships to the maximum.

The Best Customer Service Software In Zambia

1. Monkeypesa

Monkeypesa is a customer support software catering to multiple arms of your business - from sales marketing, automation and customer support. With the spirit of helping small and medium enterprises grow and thrive in business, Monkeypesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy to interpret dashboard makes it simpler for the users.

MonkeyPesa Features:

  • Team collaboration

  • 360-degree view of customers

  • Livechat software

  • Ticket routing

  • API

  • Automation

  • Community forums

  • Self-service portal

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Live Chat

  • Bulk SMS and email management

Monkeypesa has a live-chat portal that allows customers to interact with a customer service agent right from the company's website. Clients use this chat-enabled service to reach out to the company for inquiries. The service is very pertinent for businesses and companies relying heavily on their websites for traffic and customers.

It is important to note that clients do not want to be stranded for long waiting for replies. Therefore, employ a large team or use multiple software such as chatbots to automate some chat interactions. Live chat software enables agents to solve customer issues in real-time and from wherever they already are. It makes the process comfortable as it is instant and doesn't need a physical meeting. Here, the reps can catch issues instantly during the conversation.

Email management is another crucial aspect of MonkeyPesa customer support software. Email interactions are notorious for being slow, especially if few monitoring agents and a high volume of emails daily. Customers may need a response faster than some email service strategies can provide, especially when the conversation requires more than an initial email and a reply.

Any capable customer service team should possess a central and accessible knowledge base to simplify simple inquiries. MonkeyPesa lets you build a knowledge base backed up by well-written articles for customers to peruse through searching for answers. Without the articles, there is no knowledge base. A knowledge base is the end product of collecting and organizing that information into a usable form. This feeds directly into the self-service portal. This is the ultimate test for your customer support. This section is filled with an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) database and a knowledge base that contains other information like product specs and case studies. Customers can easily comb through these and find answers from queries of those before them.

Social Media is a very relevant tool of sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, Direct Messages. Accessible Communication is a giant step into maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and can even reduce business expenses.

2. Userlike

Turn your website visitors into purchasing customers. Userlike customer service software helps you nurture customers across different messaging platforms. There is no better way of communicating with your customers other than using Userlike. The software is primarily used by support staff, sales representatives, sales agents and sales managers when speaking to customers.

Userlike service software keeps track of customer interactions and documentation. This helps teams to know who the customers are while engaging them.

Why should you use Userlike service software?

  • Gives customer satisfaction

  • Creates customer loyalty

  • Gives customer feedback instantly

  • There is service efficiency

  • Generates leads and conversions

Userlike features include;

  • all-inclusive button integration

  • forward with context

  • operator skills

  • sticky chat

  • smart customer profiles

  • CRM integrations

  • chat rating and feedback

  • pre and post-chat survey

  • proactive chat

  • widget routers

  • on-page guidance

  • chat slots, analytics

3. Mint Service Desk Software

Mint Service Desk Software is a tool that every entrepreneur needs to grow their business. The software provides functionalities of enterprise-size platforms for a reasonable budget. In addition, the software is a cloud-based solution that aids enterprises in monitoring and keeping track of records and exchanging information about resources with the responsible stakeholders.

Mint service Desk has ticket designs that help you manage incidents in the most straightforward manner possible. This helps to find quicker responses and solutions to existing customer concerns. Additionally, the software has an instant chat which allows you to connect with customers efficiently in a live chat function. Mint Service Desk Software is suitable for businesses that are comfortable using on-premise installed software on their company premises.

The software is a knowledge base and helps agents to make actions hence simplifying their work. For example, the software makes different ticket forms for each request; this enables you to split tickets between service requests and incidents. In addition, the software has various custom forms for service. These collect information that business analysts need from your customers.

Mint Service Desk Software also personalizes communication to reach individual customers via social media or email integration.

Mint Service Desk Software features include;

  • Agent interface

  • automated routing

  • availability management

  • asset categorization

  • change management

  • asset library, CMDB, asset sharing

  • configuration management

  • asset tracking

  • contract or License management

  • incident management

  • email management

  • customizable branding.

4. Bitrix24

Bixtrix24 is a self-hosted cloud-based customer service software your business will need. Bitrix24 service software automates business processes and activities for both SMEs and big enterprises. This makes the management and administration of small, medium and large businesses easy.

Bitrix24 is a service software that can manage many services and applications in a single and centralized system that allows flexibility for your business to work in.

To harness efficiency in communication, Bitrix24 allows HD video calls and conferences, private chats and groups. Additionally, the software has an inbuilt online time clock that will enable you to start, pause and finish your working day on time.

The cloud-based sales management software offers tools for complimentary sales, promotion and customer management. In addition, Bitrix24 performs better with lead management, sales performance and tracking, pipeline management.

The customer service software offers invoices, telemarketing, sales automation, free documentary management, inbound and outbound calls, automating email marketing, and reservation of communication history.

The software is Web-based and mobile; hence you can freely have it installed on a mobile device like a phone, computer or tablet. In addition, there is a version for Android and IOS devices.

Features of Bixtrix24 include;

  • instant messages

  • calendar sharing

  • CRM

  • daily planner

  • company structure

  • bulk email

  • sales funnel

  • user profiles

  • time management

  • tasks

  • workflow

  • task reporting

  • email notifications and more.

Bixtrix24 pricing; For the first 12 users, Bitrix24 offers a free version; however, it also has packages that you can purchase, such as; start + is for $19 a month, CRM+ is for $55 a month, project +is for $55 a month while a business plan has two unique packages that are standard goes for $79 a month. Professional goes for $159 a month.

5. Freshsales

To accelerate and increase revenue through marketing and sales, you need to grow your customer service experience with the help of Freshsales. Good customer service promotes retention, which comes along with continuous support. In addition, freshsales customer service software increases a company's revenue through context-driven sales.

The service software has inbuilt tools, for instance, phone and email, dashboards, customizable visual reports, visual deal pipelines, intelligent workflow automation, artificial intelligence-based on lead scoring. The tools help you best with managing customer relationships. In addition, the service software allows customization of client engagements which eases the sales cycle and promotes the growth of the business.

Features of Freshsales are;

  • sales sequences

  • integrations

  • territory management

  • deal management

  • bulk emails

  • formula fields

  • mobile app

  • email integration

  • sales analytics

  • sales sequences

  • workflow automation

  • sales activity management multiple sales pipeline, web forms and more.

The software gives you a complete view of customers' interactions to deliver a personalized experience. This allows you to close deals faster with a 360 degrees view of your customers. In addition, the software promotes efficiency by aligning the sales process since most time-consuming activities are automated and more time is spent on selling.

Freshsales service software reduces business costs due to automation, boosts adoption, is more straightforward to use, is easy to implement, and boosts employee morale to deliver.

Freshsales gathers all the essential customer information and details under a single depository to make it accessible. In addition, Freshsales customer service software uses AI automation to boost teamwork, enable communication, chat with leads, understand customers’ behavior and close deals.

Freshsales, the customer service software, serves companies of all sizes, including; finance and accounting companies, insurance companies, telecom companies, retail companies, consumer electronics, professional services, real estate, education, health care, e-commerce, technology, and many more others.

Freshsales customer service software integrates with other applications such as; Pure360, LeadsBridge, MSB, Docs, 3CX, Microsoft dynamics 365,, Hubspot CRM, Mailchimp, Freshdesk and many more.

Freshsales customer service software pricing: Growth is for $15 per user per month, pro goes for $39 for each user per month, while enterprise goes for $69 for each user per month, but there is also a free version for trial.

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