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Top Customer Service Software In Tanzania

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Customer service software is a standalone trouble ticketing system implanted into broader customer relationship management. Managing a considerable number of customers sometimes tends to complicate. That is why companies choose to use customer service software to scale up and engage all their customers.

Managing customers’ contacts manually or traditionally using spreadsheets and excel is tiresome especially when the number of customers has outgrown the service team. This requires more specialized customer service software with features that can help you manage the contacts more excellently.

Customer service software helps businesses improve their effectiveness and efficiency, address issues faster and consolidate their databases.

Why is it essential for businesses to use Customer service software?

  • Accuracy in accountability

  • Boosts coordination of accounts

  • Improves asset management

  • Develops infrastructure scalability

  • Issues get resolved in a more intelligent and faster manner.

A customer service software that aligns with the nature of the business, the goals, affordability, ease of usage and simple to understand would be ideal for your business. Though many times finding one becomes a challenge for most entrepreneurs.

The Best Customer Service Software In Tanzania

1. Monkeypesa

Monkeypesa is a customer support software catering to multiple arms of your business - from sales marketing, automation and customer support. With the spirit of helping small and medium enterprises grow and thrive in business, Monkeypesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics, easy to interpret dashboard makes it simpler for the users.

MonkeyPesa Features:

  • Team collaboration

  • 360-degree view of customers

  • Livechat software

  • Ticket routing

  • API

  • Automation

  • Community forums

  • Self-service portal

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Live Chat

  • Bulk SMS and email management

Monkeypesa has a live-chat portal that allows customers to interact with a customer service agent right from the company's website. Clients use this chat-enabled service to reach out to the company for inquiries. The service is very pertinent for businesses and companies relying heavily on their websites for traffic and customers.

It is important to note that clients do not want to be stranded for long waiting for replies. Therefore, employ a large team or use multiple software such as chatbots to automate some chat interactions. Live chat software enables agents to solve customer issues in real-time and from wherever they already are. It makes the process comfortable as it is instant and doesn't need a physical meeting. Here, the reps can catch issues instantly during the conversation.

Email management is another crucial aspect of MonkeyPesa customer support software. Email interactions are notorious for being slow, especially if few monitoring agents and a high volume of emails daily. Customers may need a response faster than some email service strategies can provide, especially when the conversation requires more than an initial email and a reply.

Any capable customer service team should possess a central and accessible knowledge base to simplify simple inquiries. MonkeyPesa lets you build a knowledge base backed up by well-written articles for customers to peruse through searching for answers. Without the articles, there is no knowledge base. A knowledge base is the end product of collecting and organizing that information into a usable form. This feeds directly into the self-service portal. This is the ultimate test for your customer support. This section is filled with an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) database and a knowledge base that contains other information like product specs and case studies. Customers can easily comb through these and find answers from queries of those before them.

Social Media is a very relevant tool for sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, and Direct Messages. Accessible Communication is a giant step into maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and can even reduce business expenses.

2. Talkdesk

Unlock the potential of enjoying a more remarkable customer experience with Talkdesk. Talkdesk provides a path for businesses to grow and offer a fantastic experience to their customers.

Talkdesk is a web-based software that aids businesses and business owners to connect with clients quickly. To help your business grow extensively, Talkdesk is simple, has a user-friendly interface with advanced features, comprehensive reporting and easily connects with other tools and applications. This is aimed at helping sales, and customer service teams have customized communication with respective individual clients.

Talkdesk software works best with customer-centric businesses and those interested in growing customer relationships and experiences via customized and data-driven customer interactions.

Through innovation and commitment to serve, Talkdesk has spread across the globe through a multitude of channels. This is aimed at helping businesses worldwide acquire better customer experiences hence causing greater client satisfaction, cost savings, profitability and growing more revenues.

Being innovative software, Talkdesk has end-to-end solutions that aid clients keep ahead of their expectations. Industries that consume and use Talkdesk services include; communications, media and entertainment, financial services and insurance, government and education, healthcare and life sciences, retail, e-commerce and consumer goods, travel and hospitality. Talkdesk pricing starts at $65 per seat per month.

Talkdesk features include;

  • workflow management

  • queue management

  • progressive dialer

  • predictive dialer

  • performance metrics

  • lead management

  • knowledge base management

  • alerts

  • call center management

  • call monitoring

  • call recording

  • call scripting

  • CRM and call transfer.

3. Act!

Act! Service software is a tool that your business needs to develop and widen its customer base. Act! service software gives its users everything needed to market and gets more sales. The software converts prospects into buying clients and helps businesses win lifetime supportive clients.

Act! service software serves mainly small and medium-sized businesses providing them with rich functionality, unparalleled flexibility and exceptional value that gives a perfect fit for clients. Small and medium enterprises that want to develop and grow; Act! CRM is the proven and ideal software for your business.

Act! Pricing plan: pricing starts at $15 for each user per month, but a free trial version is available. Other pricing plans include; Act! CRM essentials for $15 per user per month, Act! CRM Standard for $30 per user per month and Act! CRM Expert for $45 per user per month. Act! allows on-premise installation for windows and Linux.

Act! Features include;

  • interaction tracking

  • email marketing and management

  • AB testing

  • ROI tracking

  • calendar/ reminder system

  • campaign management

  • contact database

  • dynamic content

  • drip campaigns

  • customer database

  • document storage

  • data import and export

  • customizable Call To Add Actions.

4. Apptivo

Apptivo is a web-based customer service software that aids businesses in managing sales, marketing and customer service. The software gives you a 360-degree view of your clients through a complete suite of tools used.

Apptivo service software has lead management, opportunity pipeline with intuitive dashboards, flexible workflow tools, and marketing automation. In addition, the software integrates with other tools and applications, for instance; office 365 and G suite.

Why should you use Apptivo?

  • The software incorporates small businesses and treats and them with respect and dignity.

  • Immensely scalable features

  • Very easy to work with

  • Quick responses to customer query through online customer char

  • Awesome customer service

Apptivo is an all-in-one CRM and service software solution with CRM, project management, online invoicing, web help desk, expense reports, field service, procurement and email marketing. Additionally, the software is compatible with devices of all types to help you connect to your favorite services while engaging your customers.

Apptivo pricing starts with $10 per feature per month; however, there is also a free trial version.

Apptivo features include;

  • interaction tracking

  • automated routing

  • calendar/reminder system

  • client management

  • contact management

  • forecasting

  • email templates

  • email marketing

  • customer database

  • email management

  • document storage

  • customizable reports

  • data import and export

  • activity dashboard and customizable templates.

5. Bitrix24

Bixtrix24 is a self-hosted cloud-based customer service software your business will need. Bitrix24 service software automates business processes and activities for both SMEs and big enterprises. This makes the management and administration of small, medium and large businesses easy.

Bitrix24 is a service software that can manage many services and applications in a single and centralized system that allows flexibility for your business to work in.

To harness efficiency in communication, Bitrix24 allows HD video calls and conferences, private chats and groups. Additionally, the software has an inbuilt online time clock that will enable you to start, pause and finish your working day on time.

The cloud-based sales management software offers tools for complimentary sales, promotion and customer management. In addition, Bitrix24 performs better with lead management, sales performance and tracking, pipeline management.

The customer service software offers invoices, telemarketing, sales automation, free documentary management, inbound and outbound calls, automating email marketing, and reservation of communication history.

The software is Web-based and mobile; hence you can freely have it installed on a mobile device like a phone, computer or tablet. In addition, there is a version for Android and IOS devices.

Features of Bixtrix24 include;

  • instant messages

  • calendar sharing

  • CRM

  • daily planner

  • company structure

  • bulk email

  • sales funnel

  • user profiles

  • time management

  • tasks

  • workflow

  • task reporting

  • email notifications and more.

Bixtrix24 pricing; For the first 12 users, Bitrix24 offers a free version; however, it also has packages that you can purchase, such as; start + is for $19 a month, CRM+ is for $55 a month, project +is for $55 a month while a business plan has two unique packages that are standard goes for $79 a month. Professional goes for $159 a month.

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