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Top CRM Software For Tours And Travel

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Tours and Travel companies are knee-deep in keeping up with new leads, deals and managing their marketing. Given the volume of this work, it is only fitting for you to use the right CRM software for tours and travel to be ahead of the competition.

Travelers, campers and tourists are an inquisitive bunch by nature. Therefore, keep up-to-date with the inquiries from your clients and arrange the different leads with the use of CRM Software.

Depending on the clients' needs, Travel CRM will help you with ticket booking management, travel coordination, accommodation, daily plan management etc. However, instead of individually managing these tasks differently, the travel CRM software lets you combine these different tasks on a single platform.

1. MonkeyPesa

MonkeyPesa CRM is an all-in-one automation tool. MonkeyPesa is a cloud-based CRM Software with inbound and outbound marketing, sales marketing, automation, or customer support services. The pricing, features, analytics, easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal for you.

The CRM aids businesses to get prospects, insights, converts more leads to become customers and manages with customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

The services offered include; Sales pipeline management which helps companies to sell faster and get more prospects into the business. The invoicing and billing system allows track time, generating invoices, Pro-forma invoices, quotes, and getting much more money faster. And the real estate system helps real estate companies to acquire property, landlord management, tenant and the necessary automation.

MonkeyPesa CRM Features:

  • Team collaboration

  • Contact management

  • Pipeline management

  • Data security

  • Insights, analytics and reports

  • Human Resource and payroll

  • Inventory and stores

  • Bulk SMS and emailing

Accessible Communication is a giant step into maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and reduce business expenses.

A closed buyer is just as vital as a new lead. MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to create charges based on a prospect’s information, schedule calls for them at any point in time, take notes based on our interactions, and easily save and organize that data for future use. In a nutshell, you are moving a sales lead, or prospect from one stage of your sales funnel to the next.

The MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to add contacts manually or upload files. Because the goal is to have streamlined communication in the sales process, you do not have to open another platform to make calls with your clients and prospects. The dashboard enables calls. In addition, all these interactions are captured in case you need to make clarifications and references.

It is a catch for small and medium enterprises, from social networking tools, project management to CRM, document management, calendars, team management, email marketing, phone management, and flawless lead management.

Social Media is a very relevant tool of sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, Direct Messages.

2. Less annoying

Less annoying sales and marketing offer value for Small and medium businesses via providing flexibility and extra performance. The software majorly focuses on helping start-ups small and medium businesses flourish.

The software has an easy-to-use interface with great features and a suitable platform while focusing on the needs of small businesses. Less annoying sales and marketing are cost-effective, but high-performing software can get businesses running quickly. Less annoying is an easy-to-use software with a modern and intuitive web-based solution that can be adjusted to fit varying workflows.

Less annoying CRM’s user interface has a main menu bar on the right-hand side. Also, the software has a universal search box with different sections and quick links to help open up a multitude of contacts and self-help options. This lets you know the rate at which the users’ issues are being resolved.

Less annoying software provides workflow tracking in the form of pipelines that help manage leads. The pipelines give lead management tools that work best for small organizations and groups. In addition, the software integrates with popular SMB apps. The apps include; Google, MailChimp and Microsoft Office.

The software has a mobile solution that doesn’t require downloading and works directly with Smartphone mobile browser. Small and medium businesses commonly use the solution. The software manages access to the workspace section on a smaller screen while still offering access to the navigation and page menu buttons to be easily accessible.

Why should you use less Annoying sales and marketing?

  • The software has a more intuitive interface

  • Has a wide range of help and support options

  • Has great mobile website implementation. However, the CRM has basic reporting features.

Less annoying pricing; the software has only one price plan where each user is charged $15 per user per month. In addition, the plan has unlimited contacts and a 30-day, easily accessible trial, which doesn’t force one to enter payment information.

Features of Less Annoying;

  • customization

  • document and content management

  • user, role and access management

  • desktop integration

  • activity management

  • opportunity and pipeline management

  • contact and account management

  • email marketing

  • lead management

  • knowledge base

  • customer support portal

  • data import and export tools

  • mobile user support

  • dashboards

  • reporting and analytics.

3. Maropost marketing cloud

Maropost is a web-based marketing software that provides a unified hub for web, mobile, email and social marketing. Industries commonly use Maropost in ecommerce, entertainment, media, travel and tourism.

Maropost is ideal for brands looking to craft and maintain brand loyalty since it allows users to connect to customers using various channels to build content. The software provides email marketing automation tools that help you develop and deliver customized messages for unique email campaigns. This allows your brand to gather several segments of target customers to send emails and promotional messages depending on the clients’ interests and buying behavior. In addition, the software suggests the appropriate sending time to have successful email batches in your campaigns.

Maropost has tools for boosting email deliverability rate, for instance, spam checker and deliverability score. The software compliments email marketing functionality with mobile marketing solutions, which helps to enhance productivity. It also helps identify and segment your market before sending scheduled messages in your SMS campaigns. In addition, the software allows setting up in-app messages that deliver personalized deals and discounts and push notifications triggered by in-app events.

Maropost has an integrated journey builder that can help you leverage divisions and individuals on the contact list; this helps to align the digital marketing process. Furthermore, the software builds custom workflows that account for email and mobile marketing, and a host of triggers such as; clicked links, subscription details, total revenue and many others.

Given customization, you can map out a customer’s journey using the software’s drag and drop interface and the automation features. In addition, customization and automation reduce manual work, which helps to improve productivity.

The software has an acquisition builder which can draw the customer journey and convert website visitors into potential buyers and subscribers. Using drag and drop customizable lightboxes, you can organize your workflow by building your subscription templates for customers to feed in their email addresses and any other contact information.

Maropost can craft dynamic and customized landing pages to build pages with features such as; web forms and surveys. More so, the software allows you to get leads and gather their information from Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the software allows to divide audience from the different social channels depending on how they came through and from which channels, either from organic marketing content or paid ads. This helps you know where your biggest supporter comes from to focus more energy there.

The ecommerce module controls features such as conversation time optimization and real-time analytics in building effective campaigns. Travel accounts for various locations around the globe and clients’ check-in experience while the media module aids to convert readers into subscribers and manages the re-engagement of previous readers via acquisition builder.

Maropost software provides multichannel support and integrates many third-party applications like Salesforce, Shopify, Zapier, Netsuite and more. The software also has email marketing, mobile marketing, audience management, and customer journey automation modules.

Maropost features include;

  • AB testing

  • SMS campaigns

  • advanced reporting and analytics, and more.

The software also has marketing intelligence tools for monitoring products, revenue and customer behavior.

Maropost pricing details; essential costs $1.25, professional costs $1, while enterprise costs $0.80.

4. Talkdesk

Unlock the potential of enjoying a more remarkable customer experience with Talkdesk. Talkdesk provides a path for businesses to grow and offer a fantastic experience to their customers.

Talkdesk is a web-based software that aids businesses and business owners to connect with clients quickly. To help your business grow extensively, Talkdesk is simple, has a user-friendly interface with advanced features, comprehensive reporting and easily connects with other tools and applications. This is aimed at helping sales, and customer service teams have customized communication with respective individual clients.

Talkdesk software works best with customer-centric businesses and those interested in growing customer relationships and experiences via customized and data-driven customer interactions.

Through innovation and commitment to serve, Talkdesk has spread across the globe through a multitude of channels. This is aimed at helping businesses worldwide acquire better customer experiences hence causing greater client satisfaction, cost savings, profitability and growing more revenues.

Being innovative software, Talkdesk has end-to-end solutions that aid clients keep ahead of their expectations. Industries that consume and use Talkdesk services include; communications, media and entertainment, financial services and insurance, government and education, healthcare and life sciences, retail, e-commerce and consumer goods, travel and hospitality. Talkdesk pricing starts at $65 per seat per month.

Talkdesk features include;

  • workflow management

  • queue management

  • progressive dialer

  • predictive dialer

  • performance metrics

  • lead management

  • knowledge base management

  • alerts

  • call center management

  • call monitoring

  • call recording

  • call scripting

  • CRM and call transfer.

5. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a customer service software commonly known as “the gold standard for great customer relationships.” The software helps businesses get prospects, follow up with customers, generate more sales, increase profits and earn more revenue. This is a soul aim for the majorly of the businesses.

Currently, Zoho serves over 250000 countries in more than 180 countries and is trusted by some of the biggest brands around the globe. Zoho customer service software collects information regarding sales, marketing, and customer service activities and centralizes it in one place, which helps to align business activities. Furthermore, the software captures and records critical customer information, which may be helpful while doing a follow-up or any other engagement reasons.

Zoho customer service software can be personalized to meet the demands of every business irrespective of the nature and the size of the company. Both startups and large businesses use Zoho CRM. The software caters to all modern industries, including; real estate, healthcare, insurance, media, legal, restaurants, banking, travel, tax, freelancers, profit and non-profit making companies.

Zoho service software features include;
  • lead management

  • deal management

  • contact management,

  • workflow automation, and more.

The software integrates with other applications and tools like; Evernote, MailChimp, Google Apps, Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.

Zoho service software pricing: Zoho has a free version that lasts for the first 15 days, but paid packages go for; a standard package is for $12 a month, Zoho Begin is for $7, professional goes for $20 a month, enterprise goes for $35, Zoho ultimate goes for $45 while the unlimited edition goes for $100 every month.

Benefits of Zoho customer service software:
  • Its products and functions are easy to use

  • Suitable for sales organizations, primarily those with the complicated B2C sales cycle.

  • Refunds customers who are not satisfied with their services

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