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Top CRM's to use in Africa


CRM is a short form for Customer Relation Management software. CRM software's are tools (Web, Desktop, and mobile) that help us track interactions with clients, leads, and suppliers (In some scenarios). To effectively manage, analyze, and improve your customer relationships, you need a comprehensive set of cloud solutions that supports every step in your customer’s journey.

CRM's are used across several departments, including Marketing, Sales, and customer service. They help track every stage of the customer cycle, right from the initial contact to any made sales.


Africa's CRM Case:

When it comes to Africa, the business landscape is different. It integrates several currencies given the fact that Africa has 54 countries (all with different currencies). The continent is also home to the largest number of start-ups in the world.

What does this mean?

a) They are price sensitive: Given that the bulk of companies are small to medium enterprises.

b) Localization is required. To factor in different local African currencies and local languages from all over the continent.

c) Simplicity: Africa is just getting onto the internet for the first time. What this means

Which is the best CRM software for Africa?

1) Hubspot

Built-in the US, Hubspot is ideal for startups. They have an amazing free version that can get you through your entire lifeline as a startup. The only major drawback is the pricing when you are upgrading.

Pricing: $50 - $3200 per month depending on the features being used

Link to pricing: Marketing Software Pricing | HubSpot

2) Zoho

Built-in India, Zoho provides an affordable CRM. It ranges from $18 - $55 per user per month depending on the package


a) It is quite affordable


a) UI is quite confusing after logon. They provide so much so quickly to the user, which makes it hectic for a new user

b) It gets expensive when the users are many

Zoho CRM intro video

3) MonkeyPesa CRM

MonkeyPesa CRM was built with Africa in mind by African's for Africa. The company will be launching an affordable CRM for the market. The company is building the tech on one philosophy, simplicity. How do you integrate the way Africa does business in the CRM.

The platform will be launching in June 2021.

MonkeyPesa Video

4) Pipedrive

This is a sales first CRM software. Built-in Estonia, the small company has grown to earn the trust of many sales people across the globe.

Pricing: $15 -$99 per user per month

Website: https://pipedrive.com


It gets costly with the more users you have included.

5) Sendinblue

From France, Sendinblue is a marketing first CRM software. The company thrives on automation as its core advantage:

pricing: $25 - $100 with a custom package for large enterprise users

Website: Sendinblue.com


If you are in Africa, these are some of the best CRM software you can choose from.

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