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Top Capsule CRM Alternatives To Use

Capsule CRM is a sales and marketing software that supports developing SMBs by helping them become innovative and collaborative around analytics. Capsule sales and marketing software is an innovative and powerful tool that allows for managing the business’s customer relationships and expands as the business grows.

Capsule sales and marketing software cater to the needs of small businesses and teams while improving organizational efficiency and growing sales. The software integrates with several tools and has great functionality. The objective is to resolve minor to midsized businesses' customer contact and management challenges.

Capsule sales and marketing software have good analytics and marketing automation; this could help both midsized and small businesses perform better in sales. In addition, capsule sales and marketing software provides customization features for SMBs and has mobile apps for IOS and Android users to access website functionality.

Capsule sales and marketing software integrate several products to work together; for instance, the integration of Quickbooks can sync contacts from the accounting solution. Other integrations supported by capsule software include; Freshbooks, Cash flow, Xero, Sage and Free Agent.

Capsule features include;

  • contact management

  • tasks functionality

  • calendar functionality

  • sales pipeline tracker

  • comprehensive reports and more.

Capsule sales and marketing software pricing details; there is a free trial for up to two users with access to 250 contacts. However, other packages include; a professional tier for small teams that costs $18 per user monthly with about 50 000 contacts. This package has business requirements that suit startup businesses and SMBs and has unlimited cases, tracks, custom fields, and sales opportunities. The software allows premium integrations with G Suite, Xero, MailChimp, Wufoo and more.

The sales and marketing software allows users of IOS and Android devices access for activity and sales reporting.

Top Capsule CRM Alternatives To Use

1. Monkeypesa CRM

MonkeyPesa CRM is an all-in-one business automation tool. From sales marketing, automation or customer support. With its devotion to helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), MonkeyPesa is a user-friendly tool. The pricing, features, analytics and easy-to-interpret dashboard make it ideal.

The CRM aids businesses in getting prospects, and insights, converting more leads to become customers and managing customers across several channels. At the same time, they go through the selling process.

The services offered include; Sales pipeline management which helps companies to sell faster and get more prospects into the business. The invoicing and billing system allows tracking time, generating invoices, Pro-forma invoices, and quotes, and getting much more money faster. And the real estate system helps companies acquire property, landlord management, tenant and the necessary automation.

MonkeyPesa CRM Features:

Accessible Communication is a giant step toward maintaining good relationships with clients. Strong relationships generate more sales and support, improve client satisfaction, and reduce business expenses.

A closed buyer is just as vital as a new lead. MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to create charges based on a prospect’s information, schedule calls for them at any point, take notes based on our interactions, and easily save and organize that data for future use. In a nutshell, you are moving a sales lead or prospect from one stage of your sales funnel to the next.

The MonkeyPesa CRM allows you to add contacts manually or upload files. Because the goal is to have streamlined communication in the sales process, you do not have to open another platform to make calls with your clients and prospects. The dashboard enables calls. In addition, all these interactions are captured in case you need to make clarifications and references.

It is a catch for small and medium enterprises, from social networking tools project management to CRM, document management, calendars, team management, email marketing, phone management, and flawless lead management.

Social Media is a very relevant tool for sales and marketing today. Every passing day, there is a new social media channel your clients and prospects sign up for. MonkeyPesa provides a centralized location for all your social media interactions — tweets, posts, reels, videos, comments, replies, and Direct Messages.

2. Autopilot

Autopilot sales and marketing software is a platform that eases your customer journey. The software gathers client data, your audience, the marketing channels, and analytics together into a single platform, making monitoring easy. Autopilot integrations include; Shopify, stripe, WooCommerce, recurly, salesforce, and Facebook.

Autopilot helps you access client data, giving you a 360° view and understanding of a customer. Knowing each customer independently helps you plan for them accordingly and provide what is relevant to their needs. This doesn't only give a customer a good experience but also enhances retention.

Autopilot sales and marketing software help to deliver highly customized right messages to the right people within the right time through several email marketing channels and campaigns. This enables the growth of the clients’ journey. In addition, autopilot sales and marketing software allow you to know customer insights generated from customer data with reports and dashboards. This helps you to know channels that create revenue and related activities.

Autopilot features include;

  • customer data platform

  • customer journeys

  • security and privacy

  • data sources

  • reports and analytics

  • pop-ups and forms

  • email marketing

  • SMS marketing and more.

Autopilot pricing plan details: silver goes for $49 per month; gold goes for $149 per month, while platinum goes for $249 per month. If a business has contacts above 10, 000 the quotation is provided based on the database size.

3. Less annoying

Less annoying sales and marketing offer value for Small and medium businesses by providing flexibility and extra performance. The software majorly focuses on helping start-ups and small and medium enterprises flourish.

The software has an easy-to-use interface with great features and a suitable platform while focusing on the needs of small businesses. Less annoying sales and marketing are cost-effective, but high-performing software can get enterprises running quickly. Less annoying is an easy-to-use software with a modern and intuitive web-based solution that can be adjusted to fit varying workflows.

Less annoying CRM’s user interface has a main menu bar on the right-hand side. Also, the software has a universal search box with different sections and quick links to help open up a multitude of contacts and self-help options. This lets you know the rate at which the users’ issues are being resolved.

Less annoying software provides workflow tracking in the form of pipelines that help manage leads. The channels give lead management tools that work best for small organizations and groups. In addition, the software integrates with popular SMB apps. The apps include; Google, MailChimp and Microsoft Office.

The software has a mobile solution that doesn’t require downloading and works directly with Smartphone mobile browser. Small and medium businesses commonly use the key. The software manages access to the workspace section on a smaller screen while offering access to the navigation and page menu buttons to be easily accessible.

Why should you use less Annoying sales and marketing?

  • The software has a more intuitive interface

  • It has a wide range of help and support options

  • Has great mobile website implementation. However, the CRM has basic reporting features.

Less annoying pricing; the software has only one price plan where each user is charged $15 per user per month. In addition, the plan has unlimited contacts and a 30-day, easily accessible trial, which doesn’t force one to enter payment information.

Features of Less Annoying;

  • customization

  • document and content management

  • user, role and access management

  • desktop integration

  • activity management

  • opportunity and pipeline management

  • contact and account management

  • email marketing

  • lead management

  • knowledge base

  • customer support portal

  • data import and export tools

  • mobile user support

  • dashboards

  • reporting and analytics.

4. Hubspot

This is one of the best CRM software tools that serve all businesses, from startups to large business ventures. In addition, Hubspot offers free tools for teams and best manages customers’ contacts well.

Hubspot CRM enables you to do many valuable things with your contact base, such as centralizing all contact information (including internal notes) and automating different reminders.

Hubspot CRM is software built for marketing and sales companies that want to use proven techniques for ushering in new clients and customers, especially businesses that generate customers via online marketing and sales.

In your quest to identify a CRM perfect for your business, chances are high you have come across HubSpot free CRM. You can store up to a million contacts in your HubSpot database with the free CRM. Furthermore, an unlimited number of your team can access your database, Integration with Gmail and Outlook, Email and Meeting Scheduling, and Capture, Store, and track sales leads.

Hubspot’s CRM is a tool that teams find friendly to use, and more so, it automates the number of administrative tasks to concentrate on. In addition, Hubspot gives visibility into the sales pipeline in real time through the visual dashboard.

Hubspot CRM allows you to access real-time sales performance reports and individual performance. This allows business managers to review and identify potholes so that teams can lay strategies for achieving success where it has failed.

Hubspot has solutions for small, medium and big businesses. However, Hubspot works better for everyday business transactions since it is easy to use, captures customers, manages data, records calls and meetings, manages sales pipelines and also aids sales reps in monitoring contacts with customers and deals. In addition, Hubspot aids managers in getting an insight into the sales activities, marketing tools and activities.

Small businesses and startups commonly use Hubspot and medium companies and serve large enterprises. Hubspot provides a free trial version that supports small businesses and startups through their growth stages. Packages that can be accessed at a cost include; a starter package for $45 a month, a professional package for $450 a month, and a package for big enterprises for $1200 per month.

Hubspot is one of the CRM software commonly used by businesses in Rwanda. It has unique benefits to its users, such as; being easy to use, a free forever trial version, and cheap packages.

Hubspot features include;

  • Free CRM software

  • Free versions of sales Hub

  • Combination of Gmail

  • Outlook calendars and Email

  • Deal stages

  • Pipeline and opportunity tracking

  • Website chats and bots

  • Email tracking

  • Reporting and tracking meetings

5. Sendinblue

From France, Sendinblue is a marketing-first CRM software. The company thrives on automation as its core advantage:

Pricing: $25 - $100 with a custom package for large enterprise users.

Launched in 2012, it has been one of the most powerful tools you can lean on for all your marketing needs.

It comes with SMS marketing tools to autoresponders to aid you in linking up or speaking to new clients and crafting new relationships. In addition, Sendinblue attends to email marketing while nurturing leads and conversions.

Sendinblue has a free version, unlimited contacts, and a free CRM service. Still, a paid version can help you send transactional emails, such as order notifications and invoices unavailable with HubSpot.

Sendinblue prices are as follows; there is a lite version of Sendinblue that costs $25 monthly and comes with the ability to send out 100,000 emails daily, while premium costs $65 monthly with more exciting features like 1 million emails, marketing automation, and very many other packages depending on what your business needs are.

Here is what makes Sendinblue a strong contender:

  • Good customer support and marketing holdup

  • A good range of emails and SMS

  • A/B testing functionality

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