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Tips On Providing Excellent Customer Service

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Offering your clients an excellent customer service experience makes you stand out. The feeling and the environment a customer finds when they come to you determines whether the buyer is more likely to return.

A bright welcome and goodwill you portray to customers to help them find services to make them reconsider shopping with you. A salesperson who helps customers find their best products while factoring in their budget and allows customers to address any queries in the selling process usually wins more sales and customers' hearts. Excellent service makes the customer happy, satisfied and amazed at how they were handled. Such wonderful customer service and experience keep customers coming for continuous support/ purchases, thus resulting in more sales.

Customer service experience refers to how a brand communicates with its clients at every step during the customer’s journey. As competition evolves, you must find strategies to make customers shop from you repeatedly. Sales can be improved dramatically by boosting the customer service experience.

Tips On How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

1. Meet clients on their terms

A personalized approach to a customer makes them feel unique. And as a business owner, you must interact with your clients to learn more about them and improve your relationship. In addition, every single day, customers' demands, expectations and habits change. This means that you have to keep engaging them to find out what their new needs are.

Customers love to approach and contact businesses in different ways. While some prefer using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, live chat, emails and LinkedIn, others prefer making direct calls to speak to a customer service representative. You must communicate with your customers through their preferred communication channels to meet their needs and build a more significant customer service experience for your e-commerce business.

2. Surprise your clients

By nature, most people love to be surprised, which is one way of growing and improving the customer service experience. You can bring surprises in a customer’s purchasing process to excite them and enhance their experience with your business. One of the most recommended ways of surprising your clients could be; offering them free shipping or an incentive to complete the purchase and inform them during checkout. This motivates a customer to support your products again and again continuously and also brings in more referrals.

3. Be organized

It would be best to organize your entire business to have a successful and outstanding customer service experience. If you lack a highly organized team, things will keep flopping. Being organized involves maintaining and following up on customer interactions and helping couples find tools to enable cooperation so that teams can keep working together and be on the same page.

Being empowered helps customer service teams address customers' concerns in a manner that is efficient, structured and highly effective, which promotes a good customer experience for your e-commerce business.

4. Customize client experience

Customization is now the thing. Therefore, what is not personalized is not given attention. Emails that are not personalized are ignored by clients most time. Because people have a lot of work and are busy, they read only what has been directed to them or a message meant to be theirs. And one of the easiest ways of letting a customer know that the news is theirs is by personalizing it.

You have to customize a customer’s journey depending on the variables. You can use recommendation engines to get personalized product recommendations. You can find suggestions based on location, shopping and browsing history.

Additionally, you can use exit-intent pop-ups, abandoned cart messages and discounts to excellent your customers and improve their experience.

5. Enable self-service

To promote good customer service for your e-commerce business, ensure self-service. Most consumers prefer automated self-service, for instance, using websites and mobile apps to run simple customer service tasks. In addition, the research puts it that 77% of customers have used self-service support portals. They prefer the Knowledge base to create and publish answers for customers to decrease customer support volume.

Giving customers the power to do certain things for themselves empowers them and improves their experience with your business.

6. Provide an omnichannel customer experience

If many people know your company, you have customers in several regions and social internet channels. The presence of your customers all over the internet requires you to ensure that you deliver a successful omnichannel customer experience.

Omnichannel presence helps to harvest more conversions. It is also advisable to always make your contact details and email address available on your website page. This becomes easy for website visitors who would like to contact you directly or send an email message.

Additionally, you can add a live chat on your website for customers—this aids you in communicating with customers in real time, 24/7. Chatbots have been invented and could do their best to ensure full-time availability. Therefore, you must avail chatbots for your customer service function to ensure general time availability. Chatbots also automate responses for FAQs.

7. Build a community of fans

Having a community of fans is one of the most significant measures that can help you improve the customer service experience for e-commerce companies and businesses. A community could mean several or groups of people who are ready to stay and support your products. Everything you do represents and stands for your brand; for instance, community people will advocate for your products if your brand is good. The most commonly used platforms for building social communities are social media and emails. This also makes it easy to have peoples’ thoughts from the different channels by asking customers to leave reviews, ratings and comments.

8. Use content marketing to build an impactful strategy

Content marketing helps your brand get known all over, which allows you to get more conversions into sales, giving an excellent customer experience. In addition, content marketing helps customers address their most significant challenges through video or image demonstrations. Therefore you can include blog posts, tips, interviews, videos, GIFs and animations in your marketing content about the products and the services you sell and how customers can use them to address their biggest challenges.

This attracts more sales and gives customers a feeling of having a great experience. By trying it on the content calendar, you can plan what to include in your content marketing.

9. Engage on social media

Social media channels allow e-commerce brands to project their unique brand voice. You can find a social media manager to help you run your accounts and respond to people's queries and comments. Ensure that each question is answered satisfactorily.

Respond to all questions positively, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Be mindful of the language you must use, especially when responding to some of the negative comments from the audience. Ensure that your reply is not causing more harm but rather solving a problem.

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