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Tips On Improving Your Sales And Marketing

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. And so do two teams. You should know that when teams are united, there is always a bigger achievement than a single team.

In this case, we are looking at marketing and sales working together, what and how much they can actually achieve and how we can actually get these teams to work together.

Sales and Marketing teams work towards fulfilling the same goal: securing business by making more sales and revenue and helping the company grow through increased profits and expansion; however, the way they execute their duties is what differs.

How do you understand marketing and sales? Do you know the difference between the two? Let us break these two words down and explain each of them differently as we proceed to this article's main topic.

Sales refer to a direct contact in which the sales representative engages the customer in a conversation that motivates and encourages them towards making a purchase. This could be in person or face to face, over the phone call, or it could be done while using digital communication media channels like email or social media where people can easily exchange a conversation like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even YouTube.

The selling process could be long while discussing at different times and days as the sales representative learns or gets to know about the behaviors of the customers, their preferences, interests and likes while showing them how their product could be of help in respect to addressing his or her needs.

The selling process can also be short in a way that the prospective client could have been looking for that certain service or product. Therefore no need to first elaborate how the product or service will be useful to them because they already have prior knowledge about it; thus, selling to such a client would be a single conversation, then the sales representative lays out the terms of the deal processes the sale.

Marketing is designed to increase awareness of a brand or product to the target consumers or individuals. Marketers don’t usually deal with people or customers face to face; instead, they employ methods that reach out to many people as possible.

There are several methods employed by the marketing teams, and some these include;

In many companies, marketing and sales teams don’t work together but instead, operate independently. This has been a big stumbling block to so many companies for quite a several years.

Here is a list of the major challenges that disregard proper alignment of sales and marketing teams.

· Inaccurate shared data regarding accounts and prospects

· Poor communication between the two teams

· Differences in metrics used

· Defaults in processes

· Bad accountability

· Differences in reporting

If companies want to achieve an awesome and substantial improvement in performance, they must unite the two teams to work together. According to Sujan Patel's research, Proper alignment between sales and marketing could lead to a staggering 208% jump in marketing revenue, as well as 38% higher win rates and 36% better customer retention.

Additionally, it is reported that companies with marketing and sales teams that align together get an average of 10% more of their salespeople meet their quotas compared to other companies, according to CSO Insights.

Here is what you can do to get the sales and marketing teams on the same page working together.

1. Contact meeting and letting the two teams interface with each other

Knowing each other is key and important, especially for the people working together and more so for people in different teams that need to work together to succeed. Usually, when peop