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The Evolution Of Marketing

Marketing refers to the process of promoting and selling products or services of a company to get more traffic, sell more, get more profits and generate more revenue for the company.

Alternatively, you can say marketing refers to the process of getting people who are interested in your products and services. Marketing is referred to as a process because it involves researching, selling, promoting, and distributing the products and services of a company.

Marketing majorly focuses on understanding what customers want are, their interests, and the research done should be focused on finding out and knowing more about customers so that you can provide services that are in line with the expectations of your customers and also avoid messing up by availing what clients hate, doing good customer service builds brand loyalty.

Marketing is essential for your company’s growth; however, you need to use several marketing techniques to aid you in achieving your marketing goals. For any business to explore as a business owner, you must look at the marketing key.

Activities involved in marketing include;

  • Making marketing/ business research and development

  • Product distribution

  • Product development and creativity

  • Product promotion

  • Building customer experience

  • Finding target customers

  • Knowing customer’s interests and preferences

  • Designing and creating materials

Marketing is composed of four key considerations commonly referred to as the 4Ps, and these are;

  1. Price of the product being put out on the market

  2. Product to be marketed

  3. Place, this concerns where the product has to be marketed and where to find the target customers.

  4. Promotion involves actions that have to be done to let the product get known on the market.

To have all the four key marketing considerations met, we must employ strategies and appropriate plans to follow to have your marketing goals achieved or met.

These are several strategies, for example;

  • Having a draft of a marketing plan and a final marketing plan

  • Recognizing the value of digital marketing

  • Understanding what direct marketing is

  • Understanding the contribution of email marketing

  • Knowing what mobile marketing is all about

  • Understanding how performance marketing works

  • Discovering more about inbound marketing

  • Recognizing the availability of viral marketing

Are you wondering why you would struggle with marketing? Put up different marketing strategies and know what considerations are needed to put across before going for marketing. All this is done because marketing has its relevant advantages like;

  • Driving crazy traffic for your product and also your website

  • Increases brand awareness of a company’s products

  • Generates much more revenue for the company

  • It helps to keep track of metrics

  • Crafts trust in a company’s brand

Here are some of the types of marketing that you may need to put into consideration before you bring out the marketing strategies you intend to employ so that you can attract a big market and also generate more revenues;

  • Internet marketing

  • Search engine marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Blog marketing

  • Print marketing and video marketing

Let us dive deep into the understanding of the evolution of marketing.

Marketing started way back in the 14th century, it went on developing slowly, and this development took place within several stages; these have been put into action. It is said that marketing began before 1920, perhaps around 1450, when the need for efficiency and effectiveness in performance and in making profits became vital for the excellence of any other company; this happened so because most of the European economies were struggling financially. During this very era, sales were introduced, including “the first pitch of sales,” and still now sales go on; however, they are getting more advanced each day that goes by.

It is said that from 1450-1900, there was printed advertising where there was a printing press, there were books and copies, magazines were looked at as means of communication, and posters were being used a lot as means of marketing, especially in London however these were later made not to be acceptable.

Between 1920 and 1949, there came new media that radio advertising was ushered in. By then, at least about half of the United States America’s population had radios fully owned in their homes.

1941 saw the coming in of television marketing. Of course, this was accessible to a small population in the world that is only about 4000 houses, which was only in America's united states. By 1946, most people in the United States of America had already got access to phones meaning that marketers could easily contact people and do some marketing and selling with them.

From 1950 and onwards, now marketing became a thing. Also, businesses started recognizing the value of marketing and getting their products out there in the market and known to customers. It didn’t end at just having to put products on the market for customers. Still, they also started minding about and considering people’s choices, preferences, and likes so that their products could easily move. It is for this reason that business research got a platform to shine up since companies had to produce goods and services that are in line with their favor; therefore, marketing research became a necessity for companies to realize the needs and wants of their customers, this too gave a platform for the development of new products and services to keep in line with the changing needs of clients, this is an essential aspect because it keeps companies moving and selling.

By 1954, had started doing radio ads and television ads, and it was observed that television marketing was fetching much more money than advertising on radios and magazines; thus, televisions took up the market; however, contacting people directly on phone calls as a way of marketing was also growing and a higher rate and the first cell phone call was made in 1973. By 1972 there was so much outbound marketing that saw the exhaustion of print media.

In 1981, IBM's first personal computer was launched, and three years later, Apple launched a brand new Macintosh. Between 1990-1994, there was the introduction of advanced 2G technology, and it saw the introduction of mobile television and commercial spam through e-commerce.

The notion of marketing ushered in the concept of valuing customers first, and it is said that by the 1990s, most companies had adopted that methodology of considering customers as individuals first rather than considering the whole market, this emphasized good customer relationships for continued, expected referrals from friends and future support rather than simply selling.

After accepting customers as the first individuals and building strong relationships with customers, marketing companies then resorted to taking on societal marketing. Several companies started putting customers at the center and putting more focus on customer satisfaction and appreciation.

The era of 1995 and onwards ushered in digital marketing, search engine marketing, and optimization as well social media marketing, including the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and so many other social platforms; however, most of these social media platforms were introduced in the 2000s.

However, of late, companies have started appreciating the fact that marketing has started going digital; this is happening so because there is the immense growth of technology as well, and this has forced several businesses to shift from physical marketing to online or internet marketing, thus replacing the traditional methods of marketing.

Business enterprises have realized the importance of digital marketing, for example, building online relationships, hiking sales, motivating brand awareness, continued online presence, and more other continued benefits; this clearly shows why companies are into digital marketing.

In conclusion, marketing has evolved from advertising using a printed press like books, copies, posters, and magazines as means of communication, advertising, and marketing to digital marketing/ online or internet marketing, which involves using social media marketing like the use of social media platforms. This kind of marketing has proven to be working for most companies, and that’s why the rate of usage is increasing daily.

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