• Ssemujju Lewis E

The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

Updated: Nov 16

Sales involve the engagement of reps directly with leads and prospects to explain further the importance of a business's products and services to convert prospects or leads into customers, call it closing deals. In addition, marketing speaks out to the public, lets the public know about the goods and services of a business, and also attracts people to the goods and services of a business.

You can now realize the difference between those two functions; they perform almost similar roles and have the same revenue, profits, performance, productivity, and expansion goals.

These two are interdependent. Therefore, one can hardly operate without the other; with the two functions working together, trust me, your business will be effective and will perform better than those without the two functions; however, most businesses have one and not all the two, and this happens to be causing the rate of expansion and growth to be slow for most businesses or startups. (State of Inbound Report 2018)

These two functions can work together, and most importantly, they always have the same goal: attracting prospects and leads and turning them into clients.

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Let's understand the two business functions, what they do, and how they work together, and finally, we will unveil the difference between these two operating functions.

Marketing involves getting people to pick interest in your services and goods. Marketing includes executions or actions that aid in convincing people to determine interest in the kind of goods and services you sell. First, through comprehensive business research and analysis, marketers get to know people's interests, likes, and preferences. Then, marketers run ad campaigns to pull people's attention toward liking the goods and services of your business or towards loving a particular business brand; marketing usually targets the entire public.

Sales include all actions that involve the selling of goods and services. Sales reps usually bring in sales, and this happens only when a client is convinced about the goods and services you offer and then makes a purchase deal. Sales reps are company representatives who control administering and maintaining good business relationships with clients by providing quality goods and services that translate into a sale when a purchase is made. The sales department is supposed to ensure that prospects and leads are made part of the company as clients by buying goods or services; sales reps/ people usually aim at closing deals and always engage small groups of people.