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The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

Whereas sales involve the engagement of reps directly with leads and prospects to explain further the importance of a business's products and services to convert prospects or lead into customers, call it closing deals, marketing speaks out to the public, lets the public know about the goods and services of a business, and also attracts people to the goods and services of a business.

You can now realize the difference between those two functions; they almost perform similar roles and have the same revenue, profits, performance, productivity, and expansion goals.

These two are interdependent; therefore, one can hardly operate without the other; with the two functions operating together, trust me, your business will be effective and would perform better than those without the two functions; however, most businesses have one and not all the two, and this happens to be causing the rate of expansion and growth to be slow for most businesses or startups. (State of Inbound Report 2018)

These two functions can actually work together, and most importantly, they always have the same goal: attracting prospects and leads and then turning them into clients.

Let's understand the two business functions, what they do, how they work together, and finally, we will unveil the difference between these two operating functions.

Marketing involves getting people to pick interest in your services and goods. Marketing basically includes executions or actions that aid in convincing people to pick interest in the kind of goods and services you are selling. Marketers get to know about people's interests, likes, and preferences through comprehensive business research and analysis. Marketers run ad campaigns to pull people's attention towards liking the goods and services of your business or towards loving a certain business brand; marketing usually targets the entire public.

Sales include all actions that involve the selling of goods and services. Sales reps usually bring in sales, and this happens only when a client is convinced about the goods and services you offer and then makes a purchase deal. Sales reps are company representatives who control administering and maintaining good business relationships with clients by providing quality goods and services that translate into a sale when a purchase is made. The sales department basically is supposed to ensure that prospects and leads are made to be part of the company as clients by buying goods or services; sales reps/ people usually aim at closing deals and always engage small groups of people.

Much as people say that marketing and sales functions are the same, they are different and perform different roles; however, they share the same goal.

Let us check out how these two functions differ in terms of the operations, processes, goals, tools and resources, the strategies used to get customers.


  1. Marketing aims at obtaining new prospects.

  2. Marketing aims at getting new leads and prospects.

  3. The goal of marketing is to enlarge the picture of the business and to promote it. It doesn't end at promoting the company alone and the products and services and the brand in general. Marketing goes ahead to talk about the price of the goods/products and services, explains how the product brings customer satisfaction. Additionally, marketing goals are mostly long-term goals and go for a long time or months.

  4. The marketing function has strategies; however, these depend on two things, i.e., the campaign type and the customer. The strategies include; video marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, print marketing, and blog marketing.

  5. A marketing plan portrays the product being sold, the price of the product, target customers and where the product will be promoted or where it will be sold, social media platforms and channels that are going to be used for advertising, and also the estimated budget for the entire campaigns that will be running.

  6. Marketing uses social media or other social channels to promote content.

  7. Marketing tools are way different from those used by the sales. Some of those tools include; content creation tools, project management tools, search engine optimization tools, data reporting software, and conversion rate optimization.


  1. For the sales teams or individuals, they are aware of their prospects.

  2. Sales function aims at following up with the leads and prospects and converting them into pay customers.

  3. The sales goals are mostly short-term goals: achieving daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, or even quarterly goals to increase the volume of sales. Sales goals can be defined over time, and then the head of sales and entire department determine how much is required to have their sales goals met, whether at an individual level or as a team.

  4. Just like the marketing function, the sales function has selling strategies; however, these vary depending on a few factors like; industry, target customer, market, and products. These selling strategies include; the Sandler system, spin selling, the challenger sale, solution selling, N.E.A.T selling, MEDDIC, inbound selling, conceptual selling, customer-centric selling, and SNAP selling.

  5. Sales plan portrays the whole sales process, structure of the sales team, the people or the market to be reached out to, goals of the sales team, the action plan of the entire team or individuals, the tools to be used during selling, the number of resources required to ensure that the set targets are met.

  6. Sales use social media as a social selling strategy

  7. While marketing tools are very different from sales, sales also had their own tools to generate more revenue and profits. Some of these tools include; email management, invoicing software, inventory and order management software tools, meetings, and documents.

We have explored the difference between marketing and sales functions. At the end of the day, one has to support the other. They share goals that are generating revenue; therefore, the need to keep working together is vital.


1. Streamline communication for both teams

Marketing and sales teams should use the same information, especially when they are convincing clients. They should all say the same thing about your products and services such that clients gain that sense of trust. Otherwise, it would bring contradiction if the two teams were giving varying information, and this would cause clients to think otherwise.

2. Be clear about the roles and responsibilities of each function

To avoid contradiction between the two teams, specify the roles for each function. Let the marketing function know that they are supposed to generate new leads for the company and promote its content and brand. Same way, let the sales team know that they are supposed to close sales deals.

3. Make sure that both teams approach people at the right time and in the right place.

Find out if both teams are aware of the people they should approach, when, and where?

4. Service Level Agreement

The other way to emphasize the performance and effectiveness of sales and marketing functions is by signing a service level agreement that binds the partnership of the two functions. In the agreement, roles and responsibilities for each function should be clearly stipulated, the overall goal to be achieved, how performance review will be done, etc.

5. Make sure that both teams are kept up to date

To do away with contradictions and any sorts of varying information, keep both teams informed to feed the same information to clients.

Final thoughts and conclusion

We have seen that the two functions are different, and they perform different roles and responsibilities. However, they share the goal of driving revenue for the company. Although they differ in roles, it doesn't mean that the two teams can't work together for the business's success,s their alignment is so important.

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