• Ssemujju Lewis E

The Boda Boda question (Uganda)

The novel coronavirus spread has affected everyone in one way or another and the Boda Boda cyclists in Uganda have felt the pinch much much more.

Cabinet passed to take them off the road on 21st March and since then, they resorted to service delivery with many lamenting that transporting people was more lucrative for them.

Before that argument, let us appreciate the fact that the service delivery industry thrived in the initial lockdown and kept the economy surviving.

With the contact of a person minimized, the vitality of motorcycles to make deliveries became even clearer. These cyclists became the middlemen between manufacturers, service providers, and customers remotely based. Super App Safe Boda and its multiple products like product delivery, restaurants, and shops – moved on from human transit to linking services to customers. It was a ready market.

With them allowed to resume human transit again, they were welcomed by angry law enforcement on Monday, barring them to access certain areas or risk losing their motorcycles.

This question is economical, technical, and developmental.

Urban planners argue that the city needs to be rid of motorcycles if we’re to go forward as a capital city. Many people in Kampala prefer to move about on motorcycles because they help them save time and the prices of matatu transportation made them even more desirable.

There is the security issue – with security organs suggesting that lawbreakers find it easy to maneuver the law with the help of motorcycles to evade capture.

Do you see your business in Kampala surviving without motorcycles? Service delivery and human transit both considered.


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